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24110 - I used to have sex with my sister when we were kids. It started when she was 11 and I was 13. We started just looking then touching then oral and quickly progressed to full on sex. That summer we fucked all over the house while our parents were at work. We were both naive and didn't know much but what we lacked I knowledge we made up for in enthusiasm. We tried everything we could think of or imagine.

Our relationship went on through the summer and into the school year although we had to be more careful when school was in session as we had less time alone. We still managed to have sex a few times a month and were able to do a lot of touching. I will admit that I received more oral than I gave but it was easier to get a BJ than to get her pants down and lick her. I did finger her frequently and she never complained about it.

The following summer a got ahold of a friends older brothers penthouse magazines. Our sexual adventures began again the first week out of school only this time we had the wisdom of 1980's penthouse to guide us. We tried everything that summer. We eve tried anal but she wasn't too enthusiastic about it at first. She eventually grew to enjoy it but really prefered vaginal intercourse.

Our sexual relationship continued until I was 17 and we were caught by our mom. Our parents freaked but didn't want shame on our family so they sent me to live with my uncle in Oregon. I finished high school in Oregon and joined the Army. Nothing more was ever said about it.

Fast forward a few years. My sister and I never really talked about it and our parents never brought it up. She got married her freshman year in college and have two girls. I married after the Army and have no children but got divorced after 5 years.

I'm now 43 and she is 41. A few years ago she found out her husband was cheating on her so she filled for divorce. While going through the transition she came and stayed with me for awhile with her girls. One night we were up late and drinking wine after the girls were asleep and we started talking about our experiences. The sexual talk got to both of us and we ended up having sex. The next day we talks about it and neither of us felt the least bit guilty about it. We agreed that we weren't hurting anybody and should continue or sexual relationship if we wanted which we both did.

After her divorce finalized she moved to my town and we have been continuing or sexual relationship when ever possible. I think our parents are suspicious but we don't care. We used to hide our activities from our parents but now we hide them from her daughters. Although I think Julia, who is 16 and the oldest, suspects something. She walked in the house once just after we had been having sex. I barely had my clothes on and her mom jumped in the shower. She hasn't said anything or let on that she suspects but she is a bright girl and I reeked of sex.

There is more if anyone is interested.


24109 - I’ve been sexually involved with a nymphomaniac for several years, right after I got my first apartment is when I met Marion. She lived in the same building one floor below me and I first seen her over at the swimming pool, I liked to go for a evening swim around 9:00 PM and would usually stay until just about closing at 10.00 PM. This is when I seen her when we started exchanging small talk she told me she was from Germany that was evident because of her accent. The first few times I seen her at the pool she wore a dowdy swim suit that covered her up body, when we finished swimming both of us would go into the coed sauna together. once in the sauna liked to Marion sit across from me. The next evening I seen that Marion was wearing a bikini that showed off her very attractive athletic body. That evening when we sat in the sauna Marion coyly asked me if I was offended by the sight of women who didn’t shave, because in Germany were she was from it wasn’t the custom for women to shave when I told her I wasn’t Marion smiled flirtatious and added “I don’t like to shave, I like the natural me.” then she stepped over toward me so I could see her better then she demurely asked “Well what do you think, should I shave or not?” as she slowly turned around so I could see for myself. Now that she was closer to me I seen that as a matter of fact she didn’t shave because her legs and bikini area were covered with fine natural body hair I could even see that she didn’t bother shaving her arm pits either. I was some what amazed at her uninhibitedly displaying herself in this way and told her “Oh I like it, I think its sexy! you’re a very attractive woman,” she was pleased at my remark and told me “Oh, thank goodness, your not displeased with seeing a natural woman, were I come from in Germany women don’t shave, we think natural is so much better.” now that she was standing directly in front of me I could also see that there was a small tuft of her pubic hair peeking out above the waist band on her bikini, when she seen I was staring at her she modest remarked “what do you like so much?” then she put her hands on her belly and looked down at herself and see that a little tuft of her pubic hair was exposed this is when she realized I was staring at. Marion smiled coyly used her finger to fluff up the little tuft of exposed pubic hair as she teased me “there how does it look now,” I told her “Oh my, very sexy,” Marion must have liked my sexist remark and candidly asked me “Oh you like my hairy pussy?” when I told her I did she demurely whispered to me “Oh my its getting so warm in here I wish I had a beer now, but I’m all out." I told her “If you want you can stop by my place I’ve got a few beers in the refrigerator,” I seen a sexy twinkle in Marion eyes as she told me “Only for one, but first I have to shower.” I quickly went into the mens showers and as soon as I was done I met Marion in the hallway, both of us were wearing our robes and slippers and were carrying our wet swim suits wrapped up in our towels, as soon as we entered my apartment Marion made herself at home on the sofa while I opened up a couple bottles of beer for us. Then as soon the two of us were settled I seen that the belt on Marion’s robe was untied, then as we sipped our beers Marion moved a little closer to me and I put my hand on her leg and started kneading her thigh. A few minutes later Marion got up and stood in front of me and put her hands on her hips, this caused her untied robe to start to come open and I could see that just like me she wasn’t wearing anything else but her robe. So I stood up and put my arms around her and pulled her toward me pushing her robe off of her shoulders, Marion smiled passionately allowing me to unveil her naked body, right away I seen that her nipples were hard as they protruded outward from her wonderful breasts. Without any words we started exchanging sexual foreplay with each other playing sexually with each others most private body parts, as Marion got even more sexually aroused she whispered to me suggestively “I want you to lick my pussy!” so i had her sit down then I got down on my knees in front of her as she spread her legs apart making vaginal area available for me so I could give her oral sex, as soon as she felt my tongue make contact her clitoris she moaned aloud in a truly guttural sexual sound, as she pushed my face deeper into her crotch as I performed cunnilingus on her wet cunt Marion pumped her hips and pushed my face downward, only a few minutes later Marion experienced a such screaming sexual orgasm I though she was going to faint. Finally her climax abated her knees were weak and she was so thankful for what I had done to her I knew she’d be back for more.


24108 - I'm a 21 year-old woman, a lesbian, and I just married my best friend. I love her so much, but I confess that I feel like it's my fault her family disowned her.

We meet when my family moved into the house next door to her's and we became best friends instantly. We were around 10 though she was 10 months older and a grade ahead, but that didn't matter. I was an only child and she had and older brother and sister.

My parents are fairly liberal, and realised I was probably a lesbian since I was in the 2nd grade, maybe the fact that I always wanted to play the princess in shining armor to save the beautiful maiden (who was usually played by my future wife), but they wanted me figure it out on my own. I was never the butch type though. Her family was the narrow minded type, but you probably guessed that.

Her parents assumed I was playing the prince because there were no boys who lived nearby, her brother was about 18 and didn't have time with all his church stuff (I always thought he was creepy anyways).

As we grew up, we started sneaking out of the house on non-school nights to meet in our tree house. We would talk and cuddle, half the time we'd fall asleep.

By the time we were 13, I knew I liked girls and had a crush on my best friend but I was afraid to tell her I was in love with her because I thought she would hate me, because I knew how the rest of her family felt about homosexuals. Long story short, she ended up confessing she loved me, and we spent to next year keeping our relationship a secret from her family, and my parents were happy to help.

As you can guess her parents found out, her sister caught us kissing (that was as far as we were going. No sex, perverts). Accused me and my parents of corrupting her, and were moved away in a week. Can't imagine the heart break.

I had a few girlfriends in the years that followed, but they never lasted long. On my 18th birthday, I got a knock at the door. It was her. She never forgot me, and she had been waiting until I turned 18 to leave her family, who only moved a town over.

Apprently they had become way too aggressive in keeping her from other girls. She was never even allowed to hang out with any if her parents weren't along. She played along, even had a fake boyfriend, who was straight but knew what was going on wanted help, he's since become a very good friend.

She stayed with us and we started dating again, not exactly picking up where we left off, but we still cared about each other. I asked her to marry me, and we couldn't be happier. But sometimes, late at night I feel guilty that she had to give up everything to be with me.

Thanks for listening to my long and probably boring story


24107 - I am a queer with a small cock. I meet men from the internet. As we get undressed they check me out. Some look disappointed but I know that others get a real kick when they see my little dick. They got a nice guy, cute ass and they are definitely the big cock in this set up. No trouble from this little cock guy. I think it makes them feel like a stud and gives them the confidence to be assertive and treat me like a girl. I love it when i get to handle their big ones and they like it when i masturbate us both with one hand around both dicks and they can see how much bigger their cock is alongside mine. i like to suck them off and if you heard the term 'cock worship' that is what a guy with a big dick gets from me. I lose myself with a big dick in my mouth. i slaver all over cock, balls and love to lick and suck ass. I get completely carried away. Then after a while i just want to submit completely to him and have hime take me in my ass. I don't like the ones who are out to just to hurt but i do like to be dominated and fucked hard and well until it hurts good. I like to be sore afterwards. It reminds me that i am a slut for big dicks and that this slut got it good again last night.


24106 - I seen my dad stroking his cock under the sheets on the bed in the morning when i was 7. i was with him. i knew it was big.


24105 - Here it goes..
I want to cum in my mother in law's mouth hard.
I want her to stare at my dick while i stroke it and then cum hard in her mouth and face.
One day i was wanking at a bedroom in her house and i had the door slightly open, she came stood at the door and instead of leaving she stayed there and was watching me stroking my dick.
I want to approach her and make my dream a reality but i m afraid and i don't know how to make it happen.
If anyone has any ideas and hints please reply.