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25068 - Im the biggest slut. I don't count how many men I'v sleep with but I think it maybe around 250 and I'm only 24. It's insane the amount of men have been.

this year has been quite the sexual adventure.It started one day when i was really really horny. I had posted an add that i wanted to have sex with two guys. I emailed the guy for a few week and I backed out of it, He finally got me to do it. I went to this random house. The were really nice guys offered me a something to drink and were really laid back and said if I'm not ok some thing to let them know and not to be scared. One of the guys who told me lets go in the room so the both undressed me and one guy bent me over the bed and fucked me. the both took turns with me. Then one guy said that they had a surprise for me, A few minutes later i herd the dour opened and I see this guy getting undressed. Then another guy came they all fucked the shit out of me. I was so amazing.

I love fisting girls. This one guy forced me to take hes fist up me. He put a mirror In front so I could see him stretch me out. He was shocked that I still felt tight after
Latley I'v been having sex for money. I discovered That it wasnt my thing.

I also fantasize about a bunch of crazy stuff. I love reading story's about Daughters want to have sex with there dads and a bunch of other incest stories. I also love when there's real porn incest I also love watching bestiality porn
and read stories about it. I have a pretty fat pussy. I get so wet that it drips off my lips.I really really want a dog to eat my pussy and fuck me and knott inside of me. I'm getting wet right now thinking about it. I would love to also have 3some witha dad and daughter. I would never do any thing with my own family.

Is it normal to be this freaky. I dont know any one who is this much of a whore


25067 - Am 16 and I am granddaddy slut or as he says sex slave


25066 - My. Dad made me suck.him til.he. was hard I was 14 he sat on the. Toilet I sat on his uncut fat clock he filled my ads he. Pumped. For a few. Mins he told me to suck and lick it again swallow. It all he started to face. Fuck me he blow in my. Mouth. He toke me to the bed room he we made me wank while I sucked. Him. Again. He then got me doggie. Style he ducked me had still I felt his load he pulled out I sucked it. Clean we. Still Fuck last. Week. He and 2. Other men ducked me


25065 - So, im an officer of the K9 unit. I am married and have two children one 8 the other 4. What i need to confess is that my partner Thor, my German Shepard, became my lover. I cheated on my husband, he wasn't giving me any, so one day i was fingering myself and Thor happened by . . i noticed him when he started to lick me. he is 8 1/2 inches! my husband is barely 4 inches.


25064 - From when i was 12 to when i was 15 i used to have a sleep over all the time with a friend of mine. We would play with each others dicks until we both had cummed, and then we would clean each other off. But I knew he thought my sister was hot so one morning it was just him and I in the house so i took him to my sisters room and let him pick out a pair of her panties. He brought them back to my room and he instantly pulled his pants down and start jerking off with them. I took hold of his cock and helped him with it. In like 10 minutes he had cummed in my sisters panties and put them back in her room. The next day I saw her wearing them around the house. IT WAS SO HOT!


25063 - Today is Labor Day & it was around this time in 1980 that my pregnant newly wed wife met up with the teenage boy who lived next door to us and began a torrid affair that lasted several months. The boy, she told me, had a 9 or 10 inch cock, which was much bigger than my 7 inches. To begin with, she could not take all of him into her, possibly due to her being pregnant. After she had the baby tho, he could get all the way into her with that big thing of his. That probably stretched her hole good for him. He would usually come over to see her after school, before I got home from work, so they would have time for a couple of fucks. But one day I worked a double shift, so they had time to fuck all the wanted too. They had intercourse at least five times that day, and she said he really wore her out. He was still wanting to fuck some more when she finally made him leave. The next day, her cunt was so sore she could hardly walk.

My wife used to have dreams about having sex with her son when he was a teenager, and sometimes she would fantasize about incest with the son while she and the neighbor kid were fucking. She had planned to teach her son the facts of life by letting him fuck her later on. She had experienced incest with three of her brothers over a period of years and had finally ended up getting knocked-up by one of them. It was her brother's baby she was carrying when we got married, tho of course I did not know it at the time. She later on got to confessing all of her sexual shennanigans and fantasies, and even wrote some of them down. She was one well-fucked little harlot by the time we were wed. She was bi and had also had sexual experiences with other females. She had wanted her father to have sex with her, but, being a born-again Christian, he always turned her down. But he did not mind his sons screwing her all they wanted to, as long as they pulled out before they came. Of course, later on, one of them stopped pulling out and would fill her full of sperm every chance he got. Apparently, he decided he wanted to impregnate his sister. That is probably the only reason that we got married. I think her mother wanted her to stay an old maid and never leave home.

Now I too experienced incest in my teens. Being that my dad was gone off a lot, my mother turned to me for sexual satisfaction during his long absenses. We would take baths together and sleep together whenever he was away. She always insisted that I cum inside of her, so I now believe she was hoping that I would give her another child, Luckily, it never happened. I don't know how my dad would have taken her getting pregnant during his absense. But he was not faithful to her either, so he had no room to carp.