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25314 - I always had a thing for my ex girlfriends little sister. I would sniff her panties in the dirty hamper in their basement and put them on. Knowing that her soiled hole was now touching my made me rock hard. After I broke up with my girlfriend I was at the same party as her little sister. We ended up getting super high and hooking up. She only let me screw her ass though which I had no problem with. Mid thrust while we were hooking up I looked down and saw that there was poo on my co*k I told her I was going to clean it but she pulled me back and said that it was fine she'd clean it up after we were done. I don't know why but that turned me on so much I went back in her and we went another 20 minutes after I filled her up, she turned around and went down on me licking and swallowing all her filth. It was the filthiest kinkiest thing that I ever saw. We then slept naked and hooked up agin in the morning. About a week went by and I got a text from her asking me to come over to her house because she was alone. I went over and we went straight upstairs. She said that she had a present for me and pulled out a bag. She pulled out a strap-on and a butt-plug with a red jewel on the end of it. She said that it was my turn and told me to get naked. We got naked and I got super hard watching her put the strap-on on. She then took the butt-pug and put it in her butt and told me to get on my back put my legs in the air. She took lube and put it in me and on the strap-on. She then without hesitation rammed it up my butt while asking if I like getting it up the butt by a girl. I admit it was amazing a so filthy. She would grunt with every thrust and told me that she owned me. I told her i was about to cum and she pulled out and went down on me swallowing every last drop. Before I could get up she pulled out the butt-plug and put in up my butt and told me that I had to keep it in the rest of the day. She also made me wear one of her thongs so it would make sure that it didn't fall out and would stay deep in me. She was the one who completely changed my opinion of anal play and we do it as much as we can. I still use that plug every day and think of her every time. She is the best sex that I have ever had.


25313 - Hi guys I'm a 30 year old black guy from South Africa,I started masturbating when I was 13.I love it I do it all the time I think I'm addicted,love watching anal sex videos and I masturbate.I do it anywhere whenever I feel like shooting a load,I feel like masturbating right now I'm watching shemale pornography on my mobile phone.Let me wank,bye


25312 - One of my buddies from college had a group of us come up for the weekend last summer. He had a place on a lake. When we got there we met his mom. She was very sweet and we hit it of right away. In no time we were joking around with her.
The weekend was a blast, we went skiing on the lake, swam, played volleyball and even got in a game of wiffle ball. His mom and his girlfriend's parents fed us the entire time.
I called my buddy a few times over the summer to catch up but found myself talking most of the time to his mom. I thanked her multiple times for having us up and what a great time we had. She was very playful on the phone but I never read anything into it. One evening, I was home on the computer and was looking at personal ads on a dating website. I came across my buddy's mom profile. I decided to make a fake account and emailed her. Just hours after I sent it she replied. We ended up chatting within the site for hours. It didn't take long for her wanting to see a picture of me. I kept giving excuses until she offered to send me a nude pic if I would return the favor. I agreed and she sent one. She was no model, short curvy, saggy breasts, plump belly but she did look hot. Once I got the pic I logged off before sending mine. I masturbated to her picture several times. I did feel bad about no sending her my pic.
A day later, I apologized stating I lost my internet and asked if she still wanted to see my pic. She was reluctant to accept my apology. I decided to come clean and told her who I really was. She logged off and I didn't hear from her for a few days. The third day, I went ahead and sent a nude picture of myself to her... In hopes she would write me back. A few days past and nothing. It was early on a Sunday when she wrote me back.
We chatted for an hour and agreed to meet halfway to talk about what was happening. I drove two hours to meet her. We had a late lunch and agreed there was an attraction but she worried more about the age difference than me.
She got us a hotel room. It was insanely hot. We ripped each other's clothes off giving and receiving oral. We had sex on both beds in so many positions. In the shower, on the table, and in a chair. When we finished I was exhausted but she wanted more. I could barely keep it up. It was getting late and we both decided to head back our own ways in the morning. We slept naked spooning. This led to a few more times at the early morning hours. We went out to breakfast and we were saying goodbye when she asked if I wanted to spend the day together instead. I agreed, we went for a walk holding hands and kissing. We went to a movie where I got a blow job and she was fingered and felt up. We ate an early dinner and she paid for a very nice suite where we had sex in a jacuzzi and other places. When were about to leave she told me we could never do this again.


25311 - I am retiring soon and my wife told me that when I'm home all day I will need to leave to be "submissive" and do as she tells me. I balked a bit and told her I'm the man of the house. She said, "Well, we'll see."

She didn't let me fuck her for two weeks. I was good and horny and started to plead with her. She teased me and kept saying over and over, "You want my pussy? You want it? You wanna put your tiny little dicklet in me?" She ordered me to strip and to get in the bathtub. Then she took her pants off and kept teasing me. By now my cock was throbbing. She kneeled over my face and clamped my head between her knees. I thought she wanted to be licked, with her hot pussy just a few inches away. But then she started pissing. She was laughing like crazy and said, "Here's my pussy. Submit to me. Drink it!" She squeezed tighter and was pissing right on my mouth. She slapped me and screamed at me to drink it. I opened wide and submitted. I was completely humiliated, but now I know who's boss. I do everything I'm told.


25310 - Thank u so much Admin for your site. I came by this site by accident and has been hooked on it since. the incest stories (the ones that ring true) get me wanking my brown cock immediately. oh, how I luv this site. I will now share my current situation with the hope that it may help others who may be as horny as I and deciding their next moves - hope it will make them think of the consequence of their actions for better or worse.

my sister (32) has been sleeping with my dad, for how long, I don't know. they have never been caught more to the reason that we give them a blind eye, but their affair is wrecking our once beautiful family - and sadly they just wont stop. my beloved mum is now bedridden due to the related stress. for all she had sacrificed to raise my siblings and I through more bad times than good, she gets this. I am so thankful that through my care for mum now, she has a reason to keep living another day. but I carry the pain too. I do hope that for many who may be deciding or are wrecking their beautiful family in similar ways, can find the strength to take their fantasy / lust elsewhere and keep their beautiful family safe. xoxo...


25309 - It started on a dare from my friend Theresa while at the mall. I had always had a crush on her but was too scared to say anything. She suggested we go to a dressing room and I drop my pants for her. We went to Yonkers and found a dressing room. I unzipped my pants and flashed her.
I was starting to zip up when she asked if she could touch it. She slowly pulled my pants down and wrapped her hand around me. It made me very hard as she stared in silence looking at it. I cleared my throat and she quickly let go. She looked embarrassed, her cheeks were a rosey color.
It only seemed fair that I dare her to show me. She declined and asked to go home. I was put off a little and we hardly spoke until we got in my car. On the way to her house she reached over and started rubbing my crotch area. She took her belt off and leaned over my lap...unzipping my pants,pulling down my underwear. She pulled it out and began to suck me. It was very difficult to drive and I was a little nervous as we stopped at a red light. I tried hard to keep focused on the road as my head was spinning from what was happening.
As we got nearer to Theresa's house, I drove slower because I was so close. As I pulled in, I let go into her mouth. She pulled her head up quickly choking/coughing. Theresa's face was bright red and cum was on her chin. She wiped her face with my sleeve. Grabbed her stuff and left just saying goodbye.
I drove home in a blurred state, not sure if I stopped or ran a few signs on the way home. When I got home, I was feeling pretty good.