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26680 - My confession is, I started dating this girl and had sex with her mother before having sex with her.
We had only just met and hadn't had full sex yet, fingered her a few times that's about it, she invited me to met her mum, before meeting her I was told what she doesn't like and what she likes, that all went out the window when I saw her, she was incredibly attractive, amazing figure and dressed so sexy, she had a tight fitted dress, high heels, her chest was bursting out the top, her nails perfectly manicure she looked amazing.
Conversation started, hope your going to look after my daughter treat her nice and so on, after an hour my girlfriend said I'm just going upstairs to quickly change, we was going out for something to eat.
She went upstairs and her mum said, the reason I asked you about looking after my daughter is because I don't want her ending up how I did, she went in to say she met the wrong man at her age and ended up in all sorts of trouble, trouble I said, yes got myself pregnant, had three abortions and string of different men, this was all due to the man I met at her age, I said what about now, you seem to doing good now, she said, honey never judge a book by its cover.
My girlfriend came down stairs and said shall we go now, I said goodbye to her mum, she give me a little kiss and said take care, she smelt amazing, as we were about to leave her mum said, where do you live, I explain where I lived and said you can't miss it, I know it she said,
Off we went and my girlfriend seemed happy that she knew her mum liked me.
After something to eat I dropped her home and headed home myself, I had not been home 20 minutes and door went, answed the door and it was my girlfriend mom, she pushed her way past me saying, I told you to never judge a book by it's cover, I turned round and followed her, before she was in my bedroom she was taking her clothes off, come on she said, she was naked and her body legs and breasts looked stunning, she was sucking my cock before my jeans hit the floor, she then said come on let's get on the bed, I've never seen a pussy so smooth looking, within seconds in was inside that smooth looking pussy, it felt as good as it looked, she was acting like a porn start, legs wide open telling me to fuck her hard, make sure you fuck that pussy good, as I fucked her she didn't stop, that's it keep fucking that pussy keep going that's it just like that, all I wanted to do was cum, so I pulled out and went down on her, again lick that pussy keep licking that's it oh oh keep licking I'm going to cum, I kept licking and sucking for my life, just as she was about to cum she screamed, put that cock back inside my cunt quick fuck my cunt, I did just that and she orgasm like a porn star, legs shaking like mad digging her nails into my back screaming like mad, in all this time I had already cum inside her pussy, I cum the second she asked me to go back inside her.
It was amazing sex, every mans dream! She she left she said, don't you ever fuck my daughter like that.
I can now say her daughter is nothing like her mother, she likes it slow and intimate.
We are still together and never fuck her mother again.


26679 - My family always makes bets for just about any disagreement. We got a ping pong table and we were making crazy bets off of it. When my parents went out my sister and I kept going. I took about half of her money from betting and she wanted to play it safe and stop. But I didn't to. So I threw a couple games and she made some money back. I guess she felt so confident she it interesting. After 30 minutes of deciding what else we could bet besides money she decided we could bet our bodies. We bet licking and sucking each other for the first game and of course that was the game where I picked it up. I feel kind of bad for making my sister suck my U know what and lick my you know what. But she brought it on her self right?


26678 - Last summer my wife and I went on holiday for the first time with friends, Jim and Sara, the holiday was good, especially for me! the day after we arrived we agreed to meet poolside about 10ish when our friends turned up Sara was wearing a sarong and bikini top, when she took of the sarong I've never seen so many pubes protruding from her bikini bottoms, they we're so long, she is a really good looking woman with a nice figure but her pubes are unreal, over the week I couldn't keep my eyes away from looking at her pubes, she would lay on the sun bed in the most un lady like way! She would also came out of the pool and never bothered to re-adjust her bikini bottoms, you could pretty much see everything.
We had lunch poolside and I purposely knocked my folk on the floor so to look between her legs under the table, this woman is seriously packing some meat! Her cameltoe was massive, the wetness of her bottoms and how she was sitting had been sucked right up inside her pussy, when she would walk around poolside just about every person would have a look women included, you could see people's heads follow her.
My wife thought it was to embarrassing to say anything, towards the end of the week the bikini got smaller, just about every photo we took hard her pubes on show, I can't believe this woman thought nothing of it, even her partner was none the wiser.
Two days left and our friends said they wanted to go to the beach, join us they said, the beach was not great and was quite, quite as in there was enough space to pick where you want to go, we all got sorted, sun cream on and laying there, 30 minutes later I was getting hot, I turned round to ask if anyone want to go in the water and I swear to god she was totally naked, legs eitherside of the sun lounger reading a book covering the sun from her eyes, I'm ok she said, I came back from the water and stood next to her in her sunlight while drying myself, she had one leg up as if she was opening her legs to show me her pussy hole, I couldn't stop looking, she carried on chatting as if everything was normal, the sand was getting hot on my feet so I sat at the end of her bed, she moved her legs so I had some space and we continue to chat, I couldn't help but start to get a semi, I just wanted to bury my face in her pubes, my wife then said drinks anyone, I couldn't get up because of my now erection, as the wife got up Jim I will go with you, Sara and I continued to chat, then out of the blue I said, you have amazing pubic hair, as I said that she looked down at her pubes and said, do you think so, that's very nice of you to say, Jim wants me to cut them but I like them, I'm really pleased you like them too, like them I said, I've not taken my eyes off them all holiday, wow I never noticed she said, touch them she said, go on have a feel honest she said I don't mind, I put my fingers through the mass of pubes, I turned my hand around and brushed over the opening of her pusdy hole, she laid back and said that's nice, I continue to touch, I got my other hand and started to spread her pubes do I could see her pusdy lips, they were so big, I gently started pulling on them, Sara said that feels lovely Jim is a bit rough down there, I continue to play with her lips and keeping an eye out for my wife, as I pulled her lips apart more you could see her pusdy hole was glistening with wetness, I slowly slid one finger in, she pulled one leg up from enjoyment, then I slid two fingers in curled both fingers up inside her and started giving her a good finger, she let both her legs open wide, I had a massive erection, I looked up, I could see jim and my wife, I pulled out sucked my fingers and laid on my lounger, 20 mins later, Sara said fancy coming to the shops with me, yeah can do I said, do you want anything I said to my wife, no gonna finish reading my book, Jim said I'm not going anywhere.
Sarong on and of we went, as we walked off Sara said, I would like you to finish what you started, we went behind some rocks, she put one leg on the rock pulled me towards her and said give me an orgasm, I put both fingers back inside her already wet pussy, the closer she got to orgasm the tighter she held on, you could hear the squelching noise from her wetness, I could feel her insides tighten up and I brought her to a lovely smooth orgasm that lasted ages, my fingers were killing me! When I pulled my fingers out I immediately put my cock inside her pussy, within 10 pumps I pulled out, Sara grabbed my cock and watched me shoot my cum.
Nothing happened until we returned home, now I'm touching her pubes whenever I can!


26677 - I've got a name for myself, I'm obsessed with cum, every man I go with I'm only interested in his cum, I just can't wait to see it and feel it, I love playing with it in my hands, I've given pretty much strangers I've only just met hand jobs just to taste cum.
Locally I'm known for this, just about every man in my network of friends I have in some way had their cum in my mouth, I know I have a name for myself, just can't help wanting cum, I've had a couple of boyfriends, the sex was ok but they soon finished with me.
I'm now known at work for pleasing the men and the girls seem to keep away from me.
Any man that can shoot loads of cum over me I fall in love, I'm not liking the dribblers I just want to be covered in it.


26676 - Two years ago a friend of a friend asked if her friend could stay at my house for 3 months, I was not really wanting it to be honest but agreed to help a friend.
She arrived with just a backpack and her English was terrible, she was a Spanish 27 years old and not bad looking!
The first week was ok, she was very quit and kept herself to herself, from the second week onwards things were very different, she would casually walk around the house wearing only a T Shirt that just covered her bum and no underwear, I did everything I could to try a get a look, fourth week in she would sometimes sit in the living watching TV, trying to having a conversation was really difficult, she was still in her t shirt and on this occasion she put both feet on the sofa knees together and pull her t shirt over her knees as if she was cold, this did pretty much nothing to cover her pussy, when she got up you could see she had a really hairy pussy, she was dark skinned so you couldn't see any detail,
I was really enjoying seeing her wonder around the house like this.
Late one night I had just got out the shower, as I passed her room the door was open a bit and she said Hola, I put my head just inside the door and she was on her bed, one foot on the floor the other on the bed, she was painting her nails, I had an amazing view between her legs, you could see her pussy lips protruding out from her mass of pubic hair, I couldn't help but stare, she noticed I was looking, she looked down between her legs and said, oh sorry, and put her other foot back on the flood to cover up, I waved my hands and said no no no don't be sorry while smiling, she said you like pointing to her pussy, yes me like I said, you like Spanish girls she said, yes, me like English man me not been with man for long time.
Within seconds I was on top of her kissing, as I laid on top of her my cock found her amazing hairy pussy hole, I pushed in and within 3 / 4 thrusts she was wet, each time I pulled out I went back in deeper, she was talking in Spanish all the time I was fucking her.
We had sex every occasion we could until she had to leave, still to this day I get the odd email from her, after translation you can sort of get what she is saying especially the sex bit!


26675 - I am a white guy with a black wife and recently had the pleasure of watching her suck off another cock and dress up in a slutty little outfit of red 8inch heels and black thigh high fishnet stockings and a blonde wig and squat down on the floor and milk a huge cock while I stroked off and called her a dirty cocksucker. It all started when I caught her swalloing a fat cock while I was suppose to be at work and came home early and it really made me horny so I began insinuating how much I would enjoy dropping my pants lubing my cock up and watch her dirty black mouth work a horny cock off so now I get the pleasure of dressing her up in cheap motel rooms and letting random horny strangers use her filthy mouth as there personal cum dumpster regularly while I jerkoff and shoot loads all over her dirty black face. I must admit that Tina is one heck of a great cocksucker and the slurping sounds keep me Cumming back for more!