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26462 - I live in london and pull alot of hot women. i pulled a girl on saturday night about three weeks ago and it was probably the worst time for her and me. we started fucking when we got in and after about an hour decided to do some coke. she got pretty wasted after the coke even squirted on the sofa. fucking for a few more hours i was about to she got on her knees and i put my dick in her mouth. she was deepthroating my dick so well and just as i was about to cum i pulled my dick out her mouth and... she vomited all down herself and started crying. i couldnt stop and came all over her face aswell. i came so hard as she sat there. she got cleaned up in the shower and needless to say i have not seen her again.


26461 - My youngest daughter has beenpesteringmeto take her on the back of my chopper now for weeks. we live in arizona and i am part of a harley davidson motorbike club, so we are out on bikes a lot, although i have not let my youngest on with me yet as itmay be a bit dangerous for her. after a long day of constant asking i relented and took her to the garage she was very excited. i jumped on the bike and she jumped on behind me. we moved away nice and slow after i started moving a bit faster i heard her make a very strange high pitched sound then she started grinding her hips back and forward, it stopped after a few seconds but pulled at me and said daddy we need to stop i wet myself. she kept apologising as we returned home, i think i know what happened, and when i spoke to me wife she confirmed that she had orgasmed before on the back of the bike. and it must have been that. I will not be taking any of the girls on the bike again.


26460 - I am greatly embaressed about what i have done. my step brother is 19 and 18 months older than me. we hav lived together as a family for 5 years now but i have always secretly been turned on by him. the only thing we have ever done together was a few years ago, he pulled my bikini aside and licked my pussy underwater in our backyard swimming pool after he did it a couple of times i then went under the water and put his penis in my mouth. I know that night he lay in his bed masturbating thinking about it. recently tho i walked in to the bathroom and he was standing jerking his dick. i walked in and pulled my pants down turned around and spread my pussy apart. he slid it inside me and came instantly i could feel it dripping down my leg. he was embaressed and left quickly. i sat on the toilet and spread my legs then rubbed his cum all over my pussy till i came. i still get wet listening to him masturbate through the walls.


26459 - Lastweekend my stepdaughter had a bunch of friends stay the night. at one point in the evening they were all in the living room with my wife and i and they were all sat on the floor painting their toenails different colours. My wife knew this would be turning me on as she knows i have a foot fetish. my wife looked at me and she knew i was hard. she got up and said ok girls the winner gets ice cream daddy and i are going to be the judges i didnt know what she was doing. she said once all your toes are painted you all have to line up and let your dad and i determine who has done the best job. sure enough all the girls lined up and were excited to have their toes judged. my wife and i made our way down the line of girls admiring and judging alltheir little feet. my wife then picked a winner but got ice cream for everyone. when we got through to bed that night she jerked my dick and asked if i enjoyed the toe show she then laughed and i shot cum on her face. thats a good man she said but now you owe me one.


26458 - I hae been seeing a girl now for a week or so. last weekend istayed at her flat. when we wokeup he had to get ready for work but told me i could stay till she got back. after she left i was lying in bed with a hard dick and decided to masturbate while she was gone. I looked around for something to cum to. ifound nothing except a crappy clothes catalogue. I sat on the sofa with the catalogue open on the table and started masturbating, as was i was flicking through looking at the diffrent women. I kept turning the pages and ended up looking at very young girls modeling bikinis at the back. i shot my load all over the pages and was very embaressed at what just made me cum. I heard the door and through the magazine under the coffee table.


26457 - I have worked as a housekeeper in a large hotel(wont name) in nyc for the past two years. I am a 26 year old male. There area lot of different guests including celebrities staying at the hotel and i had never done anything like this before. a very famous celebrity (again wont name) booked in one weekend in the summer. I cleaned her room on the second day and as their was no one in the room i looked through her suitcase which was open. I found a pair of panties which i sniffed as i started jacking my hard cock. i wrapped another pair of her white panties around my dick and kept jackiing. I jizzed all over a pair of her panties which were now soaked. As soon as i came i put everthing back into her bag including her dripping panties tidy'd the room. I never told anyone.