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25860 - My mom and her boyfriend fuck a lot. Our rooms are right next to eachother. The way she moans makes me so wet. Whenever i hear them i sit by the wall and fuck myself with my vibrator. Hearing them fuck always makes me cum and i want to see the action in person, maybe even be a part of it.


25859 - I want Eric to brake in tonight, i'd be so scared I'd be shaking..I wish he'd grab me form the bed and be just quick enough to throw me to the floor before I crumbled into a begging ball of submission. Then Kevin would come out with that damn smirk, and start undoing his belt. He'd laugh handing it to Eric but Eric would say no you go ahead with command giving him confidence. Kevin says strip I say "wha.." Eric raise his fist and look at me while addressing Kevin "Just keep going he's gonna listen or he's gonna get smacked.." I quickly strip and my erection is noticed, Kevin's wearing sandals his pale white feet are moist, I go to them and beg of mercy, the begging is met with Eric's foot on my head and simultaneously Kevins belt in succession multiple times across my back my ass and thighs. Im on rock it noticed, my shameful erection is met with initial disgust then a mutual look of "lets fucking ruin this nigger' between the two white boys. Eric kicks me onto my back Kevin lashes me over the abs, my cock jumps excited. Kevin spits it lands on my cheek, then Eric shows him how its done he hauks a big one and aims for my face SPAT. Im bucked with a lugi and its only a sign of the worst to come. The fist appearance of a cock came when Kevins dick got hard. He was aroused at the power he had over me in this moment. He wanted to laugh but was too excited, he whipped it out, and as if mutually understood so did eric. They began pissing over me. Im in shock but I dare not say a word. Kevin's cock is growing harder and harder and he's stroking it. I know what I want to be next, but I don't know what he want. Whatever he wants is his newfound right, and I only have the right to remain silent and take it. Eric give him a nod, and he kneels straddling my body and climbs out of his pants barely acknowledging his boney knees hurting me. He crawled up my body making it his ladder or his escalator, it was no longer a body it was just his utensil to get to his next demonstration of dominance over me. I knew exactly what he wanted, it was exactly what I wish I wasn't begging for in my mind. When his pale grundle filled my vision I immediately began reaching my tounge up and under and all round his superior crotch and wrinkled pink balls. Then I felt pain, it was at first a stomach ache strange. I quickly realized the pain was my own testicles being carefully pressed into the ground beneath Eric's superior WHite Foot. Kevin began smooching his pale manhood into my brown face marking his territory. I almost reached fro my nuts out of protective instinct but they were kicked out before i could think of it. I raised them and the one time Kevin would comply was when he raised himself just enough to allow my hands to be prone as I put them up over my head like I criminal who'd surrendered. I caught his face turn to Eric and look up likely smiling that they were right. I am a nigger faggot who knows his place. Kevin's pink nuts returned to my mouth I slobbered them feverishly servicing them. While Eric abused my nuts owning them hurting me for no reason other than to keep his White feet busy, while he did this I did my nigger best to please Kevin's nut sac as it dragged its way up into my nostrils back and forth between my mouth. I was drooling wanton for his White Superior Cock. He raised up one more time to spit into my face and bitch slap me, pausing momentarily, when i insticively said, "thank you" my gratefulness was rewarded with his skinny pale White Power Rod parting the sea of saliva in my mouth and making its way directly to the back of my throat. From my throat to my lips and on up to my face, i was officially Kevin's Cock's property. He humped his newly conquered nigger face with no concerned, I gagged, and tried to get a glimpse of his WhiteManhood as it dominated me and eventually let out a pumping frothing goop of sperm into my mouth, he puled it out and began jackign hard just above my neck pointing his White cock toward the nigger face he now owned. I closed my eyes and open my mouth, but a back hand amidst the words "Look at ME boy!!" format eh teenager nixed that immediately I opened my eyes, only to have them filled with his Cock syrup. My vision was completely gone but I kept my tearing eyes open as ordered by my moths new owner. I felt more and more cum hitting my forehead and the pain in my nuts relieved yet replaced by Kevin's hand uppercutting my chin as he gripped his wildly ejaculating Manhood. I wanted to see but i dared not move my hands. He sat a while on my chest but i could feel what I knew was Eric moving towards his new nigger cum rag.. Kevin smacked my faced lobster style and said good boy moving as Eric took his place...I smelled permanent marker, then pressure on my forehead, I could tell what Eric was writing.. those letter ae unmistakeable. NIGGER.. I accept it and Erics impeccable timing was perfect. I thanked him and took a deep breath after another lugi my mouth was quickly filled


25858 - Last week I was at home cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, getting my husband off to work. After breakfast my teen son, Jon, went off to the spare room to play a computer game before getting ready for work. Soon I heard the shower running. When I walked by the bathroom, I could hear what sounded like moaning. I listed and it sounded like he was really going at it. Oh young boys can't keep their hands off of themselves.

After Jon left I went to the spare bedroom I bumped the computer desk and the monitor turned on. I was shocked to see pornography on the screen, but explained Jon in the shower earlier. I sat down and started closing out several screens of MILF porn according to the titles of the sites. Then I started to see nude pictures of a woman on a bed. OMG they were pictures my husband had taken of me. Was Jon looking at them?

That evening, my husband called me to the bedroom. He was standing there with nothing but a towel on and his camera in hand. I closed the door and he snapped several pictures as I got undressed. He took several pictures of me spreading my pussy open...before long he had his little cock inside me. Next thing I knew he was cumming and pulled it out and shot the rest on my pussy. He quickly took some pictures of my cummy pussy.

My husband went into the spare bedroom and was downloading the pictures from earlier. I went to bed and quicky fell asleep.

The next day was just like any other. I went to Jon's room and he wasn't there. I walked by the spare bedroom, the door was slightly open and Jon was glued to the monitor. He didnt know I was there, he stood up and pushed his pants down to his knees exposing his very thick, erect penis. He sat back down in the chair and began stroking his penis. I wanted to know what he was looking at, I felt my pussy begin to tingle. He started jerking faster and was repeating "I want to cum on you" I moved my hand inside my robe and started rubbing my clit. My pussy was so wet. All the sudden Jon arched his back exposing his entire penis and started shooting streams of cum into the air. I quickly gathered myself and went to my bedroom. I couldn't believe how turned on I was watching my son jerk off and shoot his load.

I heard Jon get in the shower. Once he did I went to the spare bed room and turned on the monitor. The pictures my husband took of me the night before were on the screen. My son was jerking off to pictures of me. I waited till I heard the shower stop, opened my robe making sure my pussy was exposed and walked towards the bathroom. As soon as I opened the door, Jon was standing there drying off with his nice thick cock exposed.

"Oh sorry hun, I didnt know you were in here" I said.

"Its ok Mom, I was just about done" Jon said.

John wrapped his towel around his waist and left the bathroom. He was staring at my pussy the entire time. His cock was much larger than his fathers.

As soon as he left, I went to my room and began masterbating, slowly rubbing my clit at first then I began fingering my soaked pussy. Gradually I worked a second finger in my pussy. I started screaming "Jon" as I started cumming.

That evening when Jon got home I dressed in a revealing shirt with no bra and a tight pair of yoga pants. My husband had gotten called out of town for an emergency with his job, I decided to make my move. When Jon got home he immediately went to the computer room, I knew what he was up to. I went to the door to listen, I could hear him taking off his clothes. I immediately did the same. I waited for a few more minutes and I opened the door and walked into the room. Jon was masterbating his thick cock and tried to hide it.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" I said

I walked over to his chair and could see my pictures on the screen. "Do you want to do that to mommy?"

"Oh god yes mommy, please" as Jon started stroking his cock at me. I quickly moved to straddle him on the chair as he started to rub the head of his penis on my soaking wet slit. I began to push down taking more of his cock inside of me. Jon began thrusting pushing himself deeper inside me. Jon reached down and began stroking my clit with his thumb as he fucked me, it made me cum almost immediately.

"Yes Jon, keep fucking my pussy my baby boy"

"Dont you meam fuck my hairy pussy son?" he replied as he reached up and startedpinching my nipples.

"Oh yes Jon, fuck mommys hairy pussy, fuck mommys hairy pussy son" I screamed

"Mom you are going to make me shoot" Jon said as he grabbed my hips driving his rod deeper into my pussy with each thrust.

"Yes baby cum inside my pussy, make me pregnant Jon" I screamed

"Oh MOM"

I felt his cum filling my pussy as he rammed his cock as deep as he could inside me. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I jumpped off of him and tried to get dressed. What happened next is another story. Kokomo,IN


25857 - Am a Natural Long hair Blonde

I have a lab, and my husband left me, now I was alone and needed a man cock in me badly.
My Lab would some times sleep at the foot of my bed, other times he lay where my ex slept at. I walked a round naked in my home, while sitting at the kitchen with my legs wide a part. Un-aware my dog was under the table. He came up to me and gave me a sniff, I shoe him away with my hand and continued to eat my cornflakes. Then he gave my pussy clit a big long lick, I about jump out of my skin. I wanted to stop him, but didn’t, he continue to lick me more furiously and in no time I squirted my juices onto his face.

I stood up and walk to my bedroom to try some thing with him. I knelt down and rested my stomach onto my bed, with my knees bent and my ass was there for him to enjoy. He came up to me and sniff my ass, then I felt his pressure on my bed, he was trying to get his penis into my pussy. I had to guide him into my pussy.

Once he was in I was in awe over the size of his penis, it had to be longer then eleven inches, and rounder then any man penis. It fit very tight in my vagina, and I loved how he was pumping himself in me. I did not stop to think if I could catch anything from being fuck by a K9...all I wanted was to be fuck with a big cock.

My Lab began to pump me faster, and faster, humping in and out of my cunt. I grab a hold of my sheets and held on for this wonderful fucking I was getting from my K9 lover. He shove his cock into me the full length of his cock, Pounding me harder, and harder until he shot his full load into me, I was knotted by his huge knot inside of me, I tried to pull away, but could not, I had to wait. Finally I was free of him, I look at him licking his penis. I went in and had a long shower. Sitting naked at me computer, I search Goggle for this kind of enjoyment.

Now I knew what I had to do, wash him off very good down between his hind legs, clean his penis, and make sure not to wipe off my pee. He has to smell me, and being a big dog, I did not have to get low for him. I made sure alll my shades were shut, all dors were lock. And turn my phone off.

The next night I was ready for him, I was on my hands and knees walking around, he come up to me and sniff my pussy, I stop and let him have his way with me. This time he was wearing socks on his front paws. I did not want him to claw me again. Right there in the hall way leading to my bedroom, he mounted me, I felt his penis looking for my pussy. I guided him in, now he was ready to screw me. He fuck me, I made sure he was not going to knot me again.

My K9 all I had to do was feed him his doggy food, I never had to worry about him leaving me, nor would he ever tell anyone about us. I have been having my K9 screw me for six years now, and I love having him fuck me every day, and night. On weekends he wants to screw me seven times. I let him take me when ever he wants me.
I am 38 years old, I stand 5' 3" tall, I work out to stay fit, also I am a 34/24/38B, long natural blonde hair. I have a Beautiful figure, Great ass, and Hips all men want to hold, while fucking me. But I don’t give them a second look, as I am in a hurry to get home to my K9 lover.

By Patty M.


25856 - Why you fucking Indian bitches soo fucking spooky? Get a life.


25855 - Pulling a Train! Have you ever pulled a train. I did not know what "pulling a train" was until a couple of the black guys at work started teasing me about how they would like to pull a train with me. I finally caved in and went to their house with them to do some drinking and whatever. There were three of them. I was pretty woozy when I agreed to go into the bedroom with one of them. I had not much more state having sex with him till there were others in the room. It looked like about 6 more watching us. We were really into it when my lover shot his load then he left and another immediately got on me and started. wow I loved that a lot them before it was over all 6 had sex with me. I was leaking sperm all over the bed. I was so damn tired I just went to sleep and when I awoke the next morning I had dried paste all over me.
That is what pulling a train is. It was really good.