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26915 - I'm looking for people to trade videos with. I have lots of pics and vids that are very hard to find including stuff like the stories on this site. I'd prefer to trade with a girl but I'll trade with anyone. If you're interested my kik is othermoose


26914 - I want to share my first time,long story short my dad worked nights,mom never wore panties only nightgown and was a heavy sleeper.wont say my age at the time but I just reached the point where I could cum,I accidentally heard my mom and dad one night I woke up and peeked out my room and saw them banging and got hard and so wanted to see how doing it as my curiosity grew over next month or so I found dads porno and watched it,curiosity grew more,one night I woke up for some water,walked through the living room headed to the kitchen,but stopped midway once I saw mom sleeping on the couch,she had a sheet over her but it was in a way that was up and her legs were spread and her pùssy was I stopped and stared at it,over next few weeks I made it a habit to wake up and hoped to get a peek of her perfect peachy lips,so one night it happened again,spread eagle completely naked and just a sheet twisted up half exposed with crotch and 1 tit exposed,I stared with a hard on and couldnt take it,I brushed her tit,no movement so I gave it a squeeze and few minutes later gave it a lick,sound asleep still so I pisitioned myself between her thighs just inches from her opening and gave it a lick and it was heaven,I did it for maybe 10 minutes and she was so wet I had to try to go all the way,carefully I positioned myself between her legs,pressed the head against her lips and rubbed it up and down,and with one push the head was in,scared out my mind she would wake up but in love with the feeling of a hot wet p?ssy,not to mention it was my moms,I slowly pumped carefully for maybe 10 minutes,still asleep I felt my virgin díck about to explode,then I came with the best nut ive ever had and the hottest memory I have,I never mentioned it for 10+ years til after my dad died,then one day I confessed,she didnt believe me,but I grabbed her tits,she resisted at first but 15 minutes later we were fùcking like rabbits,we had that going on for years til we stopped.I still miss that hot sex we had and my hottest sex memory ever


26913 - Who has a dog I can blow in the eastern part of Pennsylvania? I'm a bisexual male with thoughts about it happening again...


26912 - I have been involved in incest since I was 7. I am a male and have been with my mom grandmother and grandfather. I have had sex with each many times. I had sex with my mom up till I was 30. And had sexual relationship with grandparents till they both passed away.


26911 - Am a lover of oler women that are mostly large fat tall and dark. But if you not any of that still feel free to connect its fine. Add me up on bbm 292ba2FC


26910 - After my first experience with my 82 year old lover, She became very adventurous and regularly horny. When she got horny she used to pull her tits out or give me a pantie plash or something. this night she pulled her night dress up and pulled her panties to one side and said I have an itch darling could you fix it for me? I stepped over to where she was sitting and unzipped my cock, and she said woa, your ready already. She spread her legs apart and then her pussy lips apart really widely opening up her pussy, saying it is time for you to thrust inside me and I want all your cum. I moved closer to her and got down on my knees and gave her a good licking. She said I want you inside me, I want you inside me now! I said yes Grandma soon. I continued to work her clitoris,then she said I am horny, horny for some fucking. I kept working. She said When you put it in, I want you to thrust into me as hard and as fast as you possibly can, I want you to fuck me so hard that I faint when you cum inside me. I moved my lips up to her breasts and inserted my cock, I did as she requested, and started to thrust away, then as I got faster and harder, she said this is what I want. I was thrusting into her so hard and fast, that the chair she was sitting on moved closer to the wall, until it touched the wall and as I was banging into her the chair made a thumping noise on the wall along with the rhythm. Grandma was enjoying it so much she grasped both my ass cheeks and started yelling that's it fuck me. fuck me hard. I was now making so much movement that I was worried I might punch a hole in the wall with the back of the chair. By this time though I was about to come, so I said I'm coming, she said don;t you dare pull out, I want you to make my insides melt. I stiffened and shot my load inter her and then collapsed onto her chest. After a while she said that was fun for starters. She said oh yes, this is just the start. I have a surprise for you. Oh yes what it it Grandma? She said I bought a home video unit, I know you are doing photography as a hobby. Thanks Grandma I will cherish it. Don't cherish it too much my boy, I want to see you use it. I want you to film us. Us I said. You watch porn movies don't you? I said I have a couple of times. Well I want to make a porn movie and have a hot movie of us. I said what if someone finds the tapes? Don't worry about that I have a safe hidden, not even your parents know. She said I had a pretty dull sex life in the past, I have probably only got ten years on this planet and I want to go out with a bang,if you get my meaning. She said I want you to Fuck the daylights out of me, in every place in the house and in every position. I want you to cum on me, on every part of me and inside every part of me. I want you to cum on my tits, bum, pussy, back, belly, face, hair and sometimes I want to jerk you off when I feel in the mood, and I wan't you to cum over every part of my cloths. panties, bra, pants, skirt and blouse or pullover. And most importantly I wan't you to film it so I can watch it over again. My mind was blown as to how horny my grandma was or had become and just what a vivid Imagination she had, I fully intended to comply. Now that you have recovered from that chair ride, can you assist me to go down the street I want to buy some things. I did and we set off for the mall and she did some shopping, after we had finished we were on our way home, she said can you drive out to the interstate highway only for about 10 miles out from town, I want to visit a place there before we go home. The town was small and the highway soon got rural and she said turn off here dear, I wan't to show you a place on a side road. I did and as we were going along this secluded road, she said can you maintain speed? Yes, can you steer straight? I said that's an odd question but yes I can. She then lowered her head onto my lap and unzipped me and said I have always wanted to give road head,which took me by surprise, because I was not aware she even knew what that was,but I was hard in seconds and she started, it was a job to drive like I was alone in the car to any possible distant observer and stay on the road. I managed and after about 5 minutes of driving, I blew down her throat, she lifted her head, turned her face towards me and gave a big gulp, then said that's another one off my bucket list, thank you darling that was great. I did a u turn and we went home, had a wonderful dinner and after dinner we put the TV on and then she said and now for desert, she raised up her dress and said you can make the desert. I want cream pie please. By the time we had finished for the night I had blown cum into or onto her 4 times that day.