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25329 - My wife and I have been married for 40 years. We met while I was in collage and she was still in high school. I was the first for her. She has had a lot of female problems through the years and for over 3 years we haven't had full insertion sex. I asked her if she would object to me finding a serogate lover. She told me that if I was getting a new lover then She should also get a new lover. I then asked her if she would consider joining me and we will be swingers. She reminded me that she can't have insertion. I then explained to her that she may be able to swap as a Light or Moderate Swapper, and I will be a Full Swing Swapper. I said I will do some checking since this is new to us. I'm hoping that there are current swing lifestyle members who can shed some lite on this situation. Are there any people who have experienced swapping where the wife is a Light or Moderate Swapper and the husband is a Full Swap Partner ?


25328 - "My first real exhibitionism happened when I was around 13 years old. I was raised by my grandparents and my grandmother had a friend over one night. I was already in my pajama bottoms and nothing else when my grandmother and her friend knocked on my bedroom door. She wanted to give her friend some clothes that she thought I had outgrown. I told her that some of the pants she was taking still fit and she did not believe me. She told me to change into them so she could see. I waited for them to leave but they just stood there waiting. So I thought screw it and pulled off my pjs. They were shocked that I had on no underwear but did not turn. As I was putting the pants on I got that 13 year old erection that can break diamonds. It was not going down but I still had a couple more pairs of pants to try. Off came the ones I was wearing and my boner was just bobbing up and down in front of these two older ladies. My grandmothers friend said "He sure isn't shy." My grand mother just laughed. That was when I realized that this is very much a turn on and I then tried on quite a few pairs of pants all the while hard as a rock in front of them.
I continued to flash my grandmother through my teen years. In the evenings I would go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I would then strip down and then gather my clothes to take them to our laundry room. To do so I would have to walk past my grandmother since she was usually in the living room or kitchen.
While in the laundry room I would fluff up to a full erection before returning to the bathroom to take my shower. Sometimes I would just go straight through but I usually would come up with some question I could ask her in order to prolong the exposure. I think she enjoyed these talks because she sometimes called me back with some mundane question or two. The entire time she would be looking from my erection back to my face. There was even one time we got into a long discussion that must have lasted at 45 minutes. I was hard and standing next to her the entire time. I do remember her commenting that my penis could stay up for a long time and I said that just happens some time. Those were fun days.
After finding out how much I loved being seen I continued to flash her friends through my teen years.
We had an older black maid that used to come about every two weeks to help out with the house work. She had been coming for about two years before I found my calling. Once I did she saw me many times. It started with me seeing that she was in the laundry room ironing some of my clothing. I decided to take a quick shower and wrap a towel around myself and to go into where she was to find something to wear. I grabbed the smallest towel I could find and held it shut right in the front so that when I walked my dick showed through the opening. I went in and began to look through the finished pile while making sure I was exposing myself for quick views. She was always nice and she began to ask me how school was going and other topics like that while I was letting the towel open more and more. As I answered her questions I felt myself getting harder and harder and the towel was now closing back without covering my boner. She took it in stride and said "You are sticking out." while looking directly at my hard dick. I said sorry and turned sideways (so she could see better while it looked like I was trying to be discreet) and opened my towel to readjust it. When I turned to face her the towel was closed with a big bulge underneath. I then said sorry again and continued to root through the clothes. While looking for whatever I started to poke out again until my full erection was on show. I was loving this because she was looking directly at my young dick. After a fun minute or two she then said "Do you need a bigger towel." I was turned towards her and looked down and acted surprised that I was showing again and said "I guess it would be a good idea. This was all that was in the bathroom that I could find." She grabbed a towel from the dirty pile and handed it to me. I took it from her while "trying" to hold the one I had shut. Needless to say that did not work. The small towel dropped and now I was standing nude right in front of her as hard as I could possibly be. I did everything that I could to stay like that as long as I could but eventually wrapped the larger towel around my self. I then went back to the bathroom to relieve myself.


25327 - We were pretty broke when we were first married so my ex and I lived at her mother's house for a while. My ex was not modest around me or her mom so she would walk nude quite often when it was hot or she was changing.
I thought that was a good idea since the temp was 90 plus degrees so I quit wearing clothes when I was in our bedroom. Her mom came in without knocking one day, saw me but continued to get what she was looking for. I am there with my dick in full view while she starts up a conversation.
Not sure how to handle the situation I tried to cover up using my hands while answering her questions. As I was talking to her I became aroused and soon I was no longer able to hide behind my hands. My full erection was exposed to her. She looked down and said she would call her daughter in to take care of that for me.
After that I decided that nudity was not a problem for her so I would be nude quite often. I was nude around her as often as I could be. Usually with an erection.
Nothing ever happened sexually between my MIL and I. There was one time that I came in front of her. I had been nude all day at home. Not caring where I was walking or who in front of. My wife had also decided that clothing was not an issue so she was walking around nude and as a 22 year old male I was constantly hard.
After about two hours of that erection I could take no more unless some "Stress" was relieved. I whispered in my wife's ear that I had to take care of my problem. As soon as I said that she grabbed my hard on and said "This problem?" That second I began spurting like only a 22 year old can. Her mom was standing about three feet away watching. She saw the full boner ejaculating a full load. That is and will always will be one of my favorite memories.


25326 - My boyfriend kept bugging me to do anal so I said yes but it hurt so much I told him to stop but he said no I'd already said yes and it hurt so much I cried but he just kept doing it and after he just said sorry but that it felt so good he couldn't help himself


25325 - I'm 18 yo and have had rape fantasies for years. When I got to college I posted on craigslist and found this frat guy who was interested. We emailed for a bit, I said I'd want a safe word and he said that was cool so we ended up meeting up. He got me drunk and we started rape role playing. Part way through one of his frat brothers came in. The guy who was fucking me said no worries this bitch has a rape fantasy, wanna join in? Her pussy feels so fucking good. He was a bit hesitant so he told him to look at his emails and he had up the ones talking about my rape fantasy and how I wouldn't mind being gangbanged like the dirty slut I was. His friend soon joined in, the trouble was I forgot the safe word, I told them to stop and said no but they just said take it whore and fucked me and throat fucked me, I tried telling them I forgot the safe word and they just laughed and said what's this bitch talking about. Part way through the first guy left and got the rest of his housemates. 8 guys ended up raping me that night, it was horrible, I had fantasies of being raped but not like that. I was crying and they all just laughed and kept fucking me saying how they knew i liked it really. Two of them even put it in my ass. By the end I was bleeding and had cum all on me and coming out of me I had spit and piss on me my nipples were sore from being twisted and i hurt from being hit smacked punched and choked. After they just left me there laughing about it


25323 - I have this weird desire to get raped by my ex girlfriends dad! I just want him to tie me down and fuck me in the butt like he owns me and he shoves things up my ass and just uses me! And he just shoves his thing down my throat after its covered in shit and he has his friends come over and fuck me like I'm just a slave so bad!! Is this normal?