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26165 - Last night I fucked my neighbor. we live in a mobile home park. it started with her walking around her house naked when her husband is gone. and she would leave her blinds open on the side that faces my place. she alittle on the heavy side by about 50lbs but she look really good. I told her that she needed to be careful because I could see her. she said oh ok. then she stopped for a few days then she would do it again I had to hide the fact that I was getting turned on by it from my wife.
well my wife went to take care of on of her daughters from her first marriage. I went out to take the trash to the dumpster and saw her walking around naked. I cant stop looking at her huge ddd tits that almost defy gravity just then she see me and waves for me to come over. so I walk up to the front door and she opens it and tells me to come in quickly. when I come in she closes the door and tells me that she is so horny and wants to fuck.
I look at her and tell her that I am old enough to be her dad I am 62 and she is 29. she said she didn't care and she knew I had a big cock since she and my wife would talk. by now my cock is fighting to get out she grabs my hand and we walk to her bedroom. she drops to her knees and unzip my pant and pull them and my underwear down to my ankle my cock stand out rock hard all 10 1/2 inches uncut of it she tells me to sit while she get my shoes off and tell me to take my shirt off.
she then takes my cock in her mouth and works it like no tomorrow. she get me to where I almost peak and stops and tell me its her turn. she climbs in the bed and lay on her back I give her a deep kiss and the start to suck and nibble on those huge melons. I slowly work my way down to her bare pussy to find a huge clit I start to suck hard on it, she moan and ask me to suck on it harder I start to nibble it as I did she moan even more when I slide two finger deep into her super hot and wet pussy she started to shake. then she started to squirt I lapped up every bit of her juices I continue to do what I was doing till she had to beg me to stop that she could not go any further.
I let her ay there for a bit then I climb up to where my cock was at her opening I slowing moved forward as my cock slide in she was so tight I had to go slow till I was deep in her. then I started to ride her fast and hard til I was ready to cum and I told her I was going to cum to told me to just fill her pussy with it all she wanted to feel it in her. the closer I got the more she meet me as I rammed my cock deep into her. then I shot my load deep into her she screamed and started to orgasm again. we fuck three more times.
when I left she told me she wants more and I was her when ever I wanted. I told her that would be hard to do when the wife is around. she said we would just have to figure that out some how. then I asked her what she thought about a three some, she said she up for anything as long as she could fuck me. I told her we could fuck till my wife gets home then I would ask her if she was up for it my wife is 54 and is bi. so I cant wait till she get home and I can get them both.


26164 - My sister 15 and I was 14 when we started to explore each other body our dad was gone and are mom worked two jobs. so we pretty much did everything together. one day I found an old video tape my dad had when we turned it on we found out it was a home made porn of our mom and dad. we watched it all the way I got a raging hard on and was trying to hide it from my sister. she turned and asked if my dick was that big I told her I didn't known, I must had turned red because she pulled the pillow I had in my lap off to see my shorts tented by my rock hard cock. she said let me see it or she would tell mom that I watched the video. so I pulled down my shorts so she could. she goes wow that is big then she reached over and grabbed it when her warm hand touch it made me jump because it felt so good.
I told her to take her pants off so I could see her pussy and touch it. she said ok she took off her pants and her top. she stood there naked and all I wanted to do was to kiss her tits which where 36cs I found out later. her pussy was naked of any hair unlike our mom. I took off my shirt and she sat down close to me and started to play with my cock. I told her let do what mom and dad did so we started the video over again. she started to suck my cock like mom did it was so great that it didn't take long before I shot my load in her mouth she just kept sucking and I kept shooting till I could not anymore she swallowed every bit she told me I tasted so good. then I laid her back and started to suck on her tits and lick her nipples that stood out like small fingers about half an inch, she started to moan as I slip two finger into her wet pussy. then she begged me to lick it like dad did so I moved between her leg and started to it tasted so sweet after a few she started to shake and she started to squirt I locked my mouth on her pussy so I could get every drop o f her sweet liquid and I kept it up till she begged me to stop. I moved dup till my cock that was still hard was at her pussy.
she said put it in after a few tries I was finally able to get it in she let out a small scream that made me stop dead in my tracks and ask what's wrong. she told my I really big and it hurt but she wanted me all the way in so I took it slower when I hit a spot I could not go any further I told her she said that it was her cherry and just push hard and then stop. I did she screamed again I was all the way in and I just laid there feeling her pussy tight around my cock then she said it was ok for me to move then I pulled back then pushed in she moan and said just keep doing what I was doing. it didn't take long before she and me both started to orgasm. the rest of the day with a few breaks in between we did everything that was on the video.
my sister started her period and our mom put her on the pill so that if and when she had sex she would not get prego. little did she know we where fucking. we fucked daily till she left for college the following year I went to the same college and we got an apartment together so we could continue to fuck she wants to have a baby by me but I told her I am not ready to have kids. but maybe I about 4years once we both are secure in are jobs and we can move to somewhere not as sister and brother we could try we do fuck others but our love for each other is to strong to be with anyone else.


26163 - This is my first confession here but for months my mother has been on this site telling some of our stories. My mother and I have been in a relationship for almost four years since I was 23 and she was 43. We have done everything sexual together that we could think of and this past summer I convinced her into glory hole sex with other. I know she enjoys her new found lifestyle and is open to any more I can think of. I'll keep you updated.


26162 - I have memories from when I was about 8 of being sick. My dad would come in and say that Vaseline would help my breathing and help me sleep better. So he would either take off my top or open up my pajamas and rub it all over my chest. At first he would just rub it on the top part of my chest, and then his hands would slowly start to rub wider and wider. At some points (I think at this point he thought I was already sleeping) he would start to rub my nipples. He would just molest them for what felt like forever. It always felt nice when he would pinch them and roll them between his fingers. It tickled when he would flick them really fast.


26161 - I have a cousin that lives in Oklahoma. They always came to Texas to visit every summer and she was hot as hell even when we were young. She had big tits and let me suck on them when they came to visit. She was 6 months older than me and her step sister was less than a year younger than me.
The summer she was 14 we were camping on the River with our Families like every summer and she showed me her pussy while we were down the river away from every one and she told me to play with it then wanted me to show her my dick. I have always been a little gifted down there and once she saw it she said wow that's a big one and she said she wanted to suck it and told me it was a lot bigger than her boyfriends.
Damn she sucked my dick so good and I never warned her at all because it felt so good I wanted to cum in her mouth and she didn`t mind at all and swallowed every drop. She took her time still on her knees sucking and licking on my dick looking up at me with those big sexy eyes stroking me and sucking on my nuts.
She told me she wanted to get me nice and hard because she really wanted to stick my big dick in her wet pussy. She said we could fuck but I couldn`t cum inside her. Damn I was ready and when she laid back on our clothes and spread her legs and spread her wet pussy she looked at me and said " Come on stick it inside me I want to see if it will go al the way in"
She was dripping wet and tight as hell and her pussy felt so good stretched around my long fat dick and she was moaning like crazy before I got all of it inside her then she locked her legs around me and told me to fuck her. I fucked her good and she loved it then I pulled out she sat up and put her lips tight around my dick just behind the head and looked right at me as I shot a huge load in her mouth and she looked right into my eyes while she swallowed every drop.
She wanted me to fuck her from behind after that and after sucking my dick getting me nice and hard I fucked the hell out of her and her big tits swung around under her then she put her tits on the ground reached back and spread her ass open wide and told me to cum on her ass. At the last second I pulled out and jacked off right in the crack of her ass.
I got this wild idea that I would push my cum up her asshole with my dick and she let me try it but said I was too big with the head of my dick inside her tight ass. In the heat of the moment I pushed he down flat on the ground and told her lets try it again and she said it`s too big. But she reached back and spread her ass open and said Ok but if it hurts too bad you have to stop.
I got the head of my dick inside her and she said it`s too big it hurts too bad but I slowly pushed and eased my dick into her asshole. She kept saying it hurts take it out and she started to cry but I slowly eased my way deep into her ass and it was so tight and hot and listening too her beg me to take it out and her crying and trying not to scream and yell out to loud in pain she took it all in her tight asshole.
She was kicking and screaming saying it hurts over and over but I thrust it up her ass several times just to hear her scream out in pain. I stayed on top of her with my dick balls deep inside her ass and kept telling her I was going to fuck her in the ass and it wouldn`t hurt if I came in her ass.
She quit telling me to stop or take it out and I started fucking her and she started to cry again but I fucked her ass with my hands under her squeezing pulling and rubbing on her huge tits pinching her nipples and before long still crying she was begging me to fuck her ass. She said it still hurts but it feels good too.
I was fucking her ass hard when she started asking me if I was really going to cum in her ass and I said I was and she started begging me to cum in her ass. I raised up a few times enough to see my big dick fucking her tight asshole and it was pretty hot to watch. I had her legs spread wide my hands still on her tits and I was fucking the hell out of her then shoved my dick up her asshole as hard as I could started to cum deep in her asshole and she went crazy screaming out for me to cum in her ass and that made me cum even more.
The rest of the week she and I would sneak off and have sex and she wanted her ass fucked every day and I was more than happy to help her out and I kept her ass full of cum all week and it got easier for her as the week went by and the harder I fucked her ass the better she liked it. I loved fucking her tight pussy but couldn`t cum inside her and she could really suck my dick good and loved to swallow but that hot tight asshole really felt good and I didn`t have to pull out.
Two summers later they came back to visit and we were all over each other but I got the surprise of my life when the hot ass step sister wanted to join us and then another shock when they let me watch them go down on each other and we had some very wild 3 way sex together both took it in the ass it was great!


26160 - When I was 14 my 12 year old sister and I were at home alone during the summer and I exposed myself to her. Thinking she would scream and run to her room scared to death. Instead her eyes got big and she just stared at my hard dick.
Without a word between us I walked up close to her and she just kept looking at it and never backed away at all. Finally I asked her to touch it. She didn`t at first and asked me why a few times and I kept telling her it would be fun to play with and told her to just put her hand around it so she did.
Once her hand was around it I told her to run her hand up and down on it and she did. It felt good and she seemed to like doing it and I started telling her not to ever tell anyone about this and I told her it was OK to do this but we would get in a lot of trouble if any one ever found out.
She said OK and kept jacking me off and I pulled up her T-shirt to expose her small little tits and she didn`t seem to mind me rubbing on them so I kept doing it and started telling her about how if she kept playing with me I would cum. She asked what that was and I told her it was just something that happened when I got excited.
She said she wanted to see it and I said OK and asked her to stop and stand up for me so she did. I told her it was a lot better if we had all our clothes off and she let me take all her clothes off and then I took mine off and she said she liked it and I slowly pushed her to her knees and told her to play with it again.
She was using both hands and her face was close to my dick when I told her it tastes good if you lick it and with one hand I pulled her face closer and told her to lick it for me and once she licked it she kept licking it and when I told her to put it in her mouth she did and seemed very willing to follow my instructions so I told her to suck on it and before long she was sucking and licking my dick trying her best to please me.
I was just about to cum and told her that there was something about to come out of me and for her to take a little taste of it. Well I don`t think she was expecting anything like what happened and after the first shot of my cum went in her mouth she yelled and moved back spitting and started to cry as I jacked off on her face and chest as she kept backing away.
I took her in the bathroom to wash her off and talked her into taking a shower with me and I enjoyed her naked little body in the shower and got her to try it again and she didn`t seem to mind at all to suck my dick. I played with her tight young ass. Rubbed her little pussy played with her nipples and thought about what else we could do that day.
I told her to not put no clothes on and she said OK I like being naked with you and it feels good to me. I went and got one of the dirty magazines out of our Parents closet and got her to look at it with me and I got her to lay on her back and I spread her legs and licked her smooth little pussy like the pages in the magazine. She didn`t cum but it felt like she did a couple of times and she didn`t want me to stop.
In a few days she was letting me cum in her mouth and would swallow some of it. I fingered her and gave her oral sex several times a day. Jacked off on her pussy and ass and several times stuck the head of my dick just inside her pussy lips then took it out to cum on her.
Just before school started I tried to get my dick in her ass several times. It hurt a lot at first but after trying it several times a day for over a week I finally got it in her tight little ass with the help of some Vaseline. She was crying a little and telling me it hurt but I went very slow and it took a very long time but she took it all.
I just laid on top of her with my dick in her ass down to the nuts. Her young asshole was so tight and hot that I couldn`t hold back and I told her I was going to cum inside her but it would be OK. She begged me not to over and over but I held her down and pushed my dick up her ass all the way and shot the biggest load of my life deep in her hot ass.
She began to moan and move her little ass around and pull at the sheets with both hands. I stayed hard and fucked her slow letting her get used to me inside her then tried long full strokes real slow then as she got used to it I got faster and harder and her ass was full of cum that kept her tiny little hole nice and slick and she was starting to like it and telling me how much she loved me and how good I made her feel then she started asking if I was going to cum inside her again. When I asked her if she wanted to she said yes you can cum in me because I know it makes you feel good and I like it too.
She said it still hurt a little but it was getting easier and I fucked her tight little ass pretty good and came in her again. Later on that day she came to me and asked me to do it to her again. That day I fucked my little sisters ass 4 times and countless times after that. In our 50`s now she still lets me when we can.