When I was going through my adolescent years, I was shy about my uncut cock. I knew most boys had been circumcised and I always felt a bit odd about it.
One day I had come home in an especially horny mood and couldn't wait to get to the bathroom for some peace and quiet so I could jack my cock into some tissue and flush away my evidence.
I thought I had locked the door as I generally do, but apparently not. My Mom walked through the door and took one step before freezing. I looked up and froze with the look of shocked horror on my face and then time paused. My world changed that instant and my space was as violated as I felt at that moment.
She took one more longer step to clear the swing of the door and then pulled it closed behind her. The door locked.
I stood up quickly grabbing for my pants to pull them up and she spoke. "Leave those down." She grabbed for my dick as I cupped my groin with both hands to hide it from her gaze. I was hot with embarrassment. Flushed wasn't the word. Flooded and hot...my face felt engorged with blood like the head of my aching cock.
She pulled my hands away and grabbed at my dick with her right hand. I gave in, dropping my hands to my sides and feeling shame and guilt wash over me.
Instead of the guilt trip I expected, she started to tell me how to maintain myself properly. How to clean under my foreskin to ensure good hygiene and to always make sure I stayed fresh and clean and blah blah blah blah...her voice became a drone as I felt her fingers sliding ever so slightly back and forth with a section of my foreskin pinched gently between those foreign fingers. I felt my cock twitch and swell.
Mom noticed my cock was starting to throb and she stopped talking to me. She only now had taken notice of my glazed eyes and blank look. Realizing I was fully enthralled with the physical pleasure her hand was giving, she felt compelled...perhaps even obligated to keep on giving pleasure. I lowered my gaze to watch as my Mom in turn lowered her gaze to stare at my cock in her hand as she slowly stroked my cock and bathed it in her hot breath. I watched intently as she started to gently rock her body back and forth with her fist wrapped around my swollen dick. Looking down on the top of her head was giving me the most incredible rush I ever imagined. This was my Mom.
I saw in slow motion as she pumped my cock slowly back and forth. Her tits were slightly revealed to me through the gap in the front of her top. No nipples to be seen but I could see a good amount of her sweatermeat as it jiggled to and fro with the swaying of her body. On one pass her breath seemed so close to my cockhead that I swore it was almost in her mouth. On the very next cycle I felt her tongue gently swirl around my sensitive knob. Her hand was moving back and forth using the extra skin of my uncut cock as a sheath to slide it back and forth. She dipped my cock into her mouth this time and closed her lips around my cock. Her body stopped swaying. Her tits stopped their pendulum swing and time stood still once more as she kneeled motionless in front of me with her mouth closed around my cock. The first hard flick around my knob almost buckled my knees and sent me to the floor. I was close to screaming out when I caught myself from doing so. Close. Too close. I stood with trembling legs as my Mom sucked me to the back of her throat and tickled my nutsack with her outstretched tongue. She writhed her head back and forth from side to side as she slowly brought her mouth off my cock to a point where her lips were pursed into a kiss on the very tip of my knob.
She then engulfed my knob with her mouth and freakishly lapped at the underside of my cock until I could stand no more. I started to cum. She took my cock all the way into her mouth for my very first encounter with deep throating. I didn't know what a deep throat even was before that day.
I was overtaken by the most powerful love and warmth...respect and adoration for Mom from that moment on. I do not love Mom in a lover kind of way, although she was a terrific lover that day. She showed her son how to maintain himself and to always feel I am worthy. I've never had a day like that with Mom since, but have often fantasized about it. Were it not for Mom I might have never known how good life can be.
I know there are planty of you that will think this is sick and twisted. I respect your right to think that way, but encourage you to open your minds a bit. She raised a good boy. I am not a freak and nor is she. She gave herself to her son that day when she saw he was in need. Since that day we have maintained a traditional family relationship and I adore her enough to do anything for her. She is my Mom.
I'll save my Dad story for another time. Dad and I have a very special relationship as well. He has taught me alot of rights and wrongs. How to and how not to. What it is to be a man. And for that I will always swallow for him. Always.

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1. That was fucking hot dude. I used to get head from my older brother and jerk my canon to incest thought alot. This confession is right up my alley. Thanks for confessing. You're a very bad man. Very very bad man. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

2. You swallow for your dad? Your dad is just as fucked as you! And your mom! you need to light your house on fire with all of you in it. Freakshow.

3. Bad show, mate You get an F for content and an F for believability. Good fiction is based on the believable unless it is science fiction, ghost stories, SCI FI, etc. Didn't see any Martians or ghosts banging your mom in the story. You overdid it, dude. You definitely are not the Marquee de Sade. However, you are about as fucked up as the Marquee.

4. Actually...I am the writer...and I can tell you this...It's all true. Maybe I am sick...and maybe you are envious. Nonetheless this was a true tidbit from my childhood. Don't be jealous...it looks bad on you.

5. Lol number 3, it is the marquis de sade..a marquee is a big fucking tent isnt it? :)

6. Absolutely right, number 5. It's marquis, not marquee. I wrote that in a hurry and was a bit careless. I was so turned on by all these wonderful stories, I had to hurry my comment so I could go wank. haha

7. As wrong as it is,incest goes through my mind rather often.True or not,it gave me a boner...

8. Your mother's a whore. Did you do your sisters yet? I bet they're whores too.

9. My cock and i have enjoyed holding my own sisters graceful body. And i have tasted the forbidden fruit of her inner delights in the past.

10. I can tell this story is true A million gracias execpt the last part I dint like the part you swallow your dads jizz I will tell you one thing I don't always drink beer but when I do I drink DOS XX not my dads jizz....... Stay thirsty my friends.

11. So, BFD. Mine is uncut and has never been a problem or embarrassment to me and I display it proudly to any woman about to receive it. Actually, when I get hard, the head swells, pushes the foreskin back and the foreskin locks in the back position. The head is then fully exposed. A very thick 7" and never has failed me when it needs to get hard for an evening of fun. Some people worry about the dumbest things. As for the rest of the above story, it sounds like pure bullshit to me.

12. Just sounds like ANOTHER pile of shallow dribble to me.

13. I love sex and i live for that.I love watching at over 50 sex chat and live sex cams.I dream that one day i will fuck my mother in law,my sister in law,my aunts even my sister.I like to masturbate thinking at them.I dont have enought action from my wife.I am a sex addicted.

14. This is a post from a annoying twat. Just a waste.

15. U r a lier but u have wrirting skills

16. Those that are condemning the story and calling the author names were here reading the story. What does that tell you?

17. I believe you....my mom did the same to me...oh and by the way...I'm uncut also.

18. I love letting my aunt suck my big uncut cock 9" down my sect old aunts throat rubbing her 44dd tits in my hands letting her lick my ass

19. Hey I'm with you I've had a lot sex with my mom and my older sister and now I have sex with her 36 y old daughter I love it the sex is incredible

20. I had sex with my sister too when she's sleeping

21. Me and my own sister used to sleep together when I was 12 yrs old. she's 13 by that time. When she's fallen sleep I used to kiss her legs and bump and used to wipe my dick on her beautiful legs and bump.

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