I confess I love to Sniff My Stepdaughters Dirty Thongs.I have A panty Sniffing Fetish.I have a stepdaughter who is 22 yrs old,she`s a 5`8" tall American Indian,gorgeous,she likes to wear yoga pants alot ,tight fitting,and short t-shirts,And wears thongs,I got to confess I love to seek out her panties when she`s not home.She wears the same panties for 3-4 days oh man her aroma is intoxicating I love to sniff and lick her dirty panties everychance I get.i beat my meat til I`m sore sniffing her sweet dirty thongs.They are usually stained and crusty by the time she takes them off,with the smell of pee and her pussy aroma,and usually there are at least 5-6 light brown pubic hairs stuck to the crotch.I like to get in the bathroom right after she showers and changes her dirty thongs,I like the smell of her panty fresh off her pussy,ummm she smell heavenly.I masturbate all over her fresh dirty thongs.Imagining her sweet pussy is in my face.I love it when she wears short shorts she sits with her legs open I usually get a good glimpse of her sweet pantied pussy,when that happens I go to the bathroom find her freshest dirty panty sniff it and mastubate.

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1. Mm that sounds hot! Over the summer I grabbed a lovely thong that my sister-in-law had just taken off, it was still warm and had a blob of creamy pussy ooze in the gusset. I licked and sniffed and jerked off to her lovely cunt discharge!

2. I resently started sniffing my stepdaughters dirty panties and can't get enought. I sniff and rub her sweet panties all over my boner. I am excited to see she bought her first g string and I can't wait to find them in the dirty laundry, I wanna taste her and blow me load all over a clean pair.

3. The aroma is so intoxicating - it's like a freaking drug - the scent of that young pussy. I'd wear her panties on my head all day if I could.

4. I am so glad for you i just wait for my step daughter to bring friends home so i can sniff their panties love it

5. I want to sniff her pussy - hell I want to fuck her pussy but for now I have to be content with sniffing her panties and getting that aroma of pure sex. I'd like to wear a mask with the smell of her cunt all day.

6. I sniff my stepdaughters panties every chance I get. She's 19, but I've been doing it since she was about 16. She's Black and flipping gorgeous! I've seen her naked a few times, I installed a program on her laptop before I gave it to her that allows me to remotely access the webcam. Ive seen her naked dancing, getting dressed, playing with her boobs, but never those sweet lips. I also stage situation for her to see me naked... She has seen my dick so many times, she even saw me jacking off once... man I want to see and smell her lips!

7. I loved sniffing my gf lil sisters panties she was so hot and I used to sneak them out the washin basket and when she went out on weekends drinkon shed come bk sunday and I'd sniff them while wankin licking her weekend jucies I'm sure she was fucked that weekend aswell nawtyy slag u are dayna ;)

8. I sniff her panties all the time fantasizing about having my stiff cock in her tight teenage pussy. I can just imagine pounding that hot twat with my dick and then rolling her over and fucking her shithole too. God I bet it's tight and hot waiting for my cum.

9. ....Been there - Done that....Would most likely do it again !

10. I used to get high and get my stp girls panties out of the dirty cloths & stuff them into my mouth,sucking on the fresh nasty tastes & wack-off or pound my A-hole with a dildo,or whatever...:It was Soooo delicious !!!

11. I find that very hot my boyfriend smells mine

12. You r all sick men that need help these poor girls andtheir poor mothers i hope u get caught i just caught my partner doing this to my 22 year old daughter he has yet to know he is busted i have suspected it for awile i set a trap for him and he took the bait now i know he is quilty i have three daughters and dont even want him around them the saddest part is they love him and consider him a father ???? i think this is borderline molestation ....get help this is not ok

13. I guess to each it's own don't read these stuff it you dot like it

14. To each thier own you must not have a daughter !!!!! sicko

15. Make sure you cum in her panties as much as possible

16. O , how I luv cummin in her panties, she wears thongs.. she just turned 17 ..I have notice she started to have lot more cum spots on them... Nice and crusty after 3 days wear.. I usually.just lick them and they r all sticky and brings the aroma back... I get so hard.. I cum several times on them !! What a feeling !! Then I get one of her clean bras and cum in it till its soak.. that way she has my cum on her all the time...I've seen her naked before.. got so hard... Had go beat off....luv to Fuck her ... I've touched her pussy while she was sleeping... She doesn't no it but she has tasted my cum... I have never came so hard in my life !!!!

17. I first started when i was a young boy around 11 or so. I was the only boy and had an older sister that was 16 and a younger one that was around 6. And it first started with smelling and then tasting my moms panties from the dirty laundry basket. And then began to really like it so i started sniffing and licking both of my sister's fresh dirty wet panties. Started tasting my wife's little sister's when she was 13 til now she is 18. And also have a daughter that is 9 that I've sniffed and tasted too. And now as a result of me and wife talkin dirty and kinky when we were drunk, she knows about all of them and now tries them with me, including her sis and our daughter.

18. Just got denya,s dirty knickers out the wash basket ,she is thirteen she is my partner,s grandaughter ,they just gone out ,I'm so hard they smell so musky I've turned them inside out ,on the gusset I can see denya,s. Slit stain I licked it a lot crusty I bite some off it goes soft in my mouth with her musky strong odour I cum hard !

19. My stepdaughter Wendy Williams is only fourteen ,her mother was away on holiday ,Wen,,dy came home we drunk ,one night she grabbed me then I grabbed her ,I soon had Wendy,s jeans off and her dirty smelly blue knickers ,I buried my mouth in her ginger musk cunt ,I licked her out ,she suddenly sqirted in my mouth o m g ,this made me more excited I then got between Wendy s soft thighs and fucked her tight ginger slit ! Joy

20. I adore having my knickers sniffed...while I'm wearing them. It turns me on...then I pull my knickers to the side..I also love a nose directly in my pussy, rubbing around my clit sniffing and nuzzling...mmmm :-)

21. My husband takes my dirty knickers out of the wash basket most of my pants are white or white with small pretty flowers ect. He puts them on he's head to smell the dirty yellow pee and fanny stinking gusset then while smelling them he pulls he's white yfronts underpants down and pulls he's Willie until he shoots spunk all over he's undies the dirty sod. Sometimes though I smell either my own smelly knickers or he's dirty pee stained underpants and wank my self to a smelly wet Orgasm.

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