I am a 22 yr-old female and i am NOT gay and i don't even think i'm bisexual but i just constantly fantasize about women's breasts. Oh god, how i would LOVE to have a girl's nipple in my mouth! i just want to scream. i don't want to kiss a woman, don't want to go down on a woman, but i swear i would pay $100.00 to have a 1/2 hour alone with a set of huge natural tits. i get caught staring at women's chests all the time. i try to look down their blouses and dresses and if a woman doesn't wear a bra i will follow her for miles if i can. i can suck on my own nipples, and have for years, but i really want a huge chest right in front of my face. i think i could just touch the tip of my tongue to a nipple and i would probably orgasm. Lindsay Lohan? i would suck her nipples. Mariska Hargitay? i would nurse on her for hours. Jennifer Hudson? i would worship those beautiful breasts and do anything to suck those perfect nipples. My sister-in-law? i would suck on her in a minute. This fantasy makes me dripping wet. i would suck any cock - black, brown, white - if it meant i could suck their wives nipples afterward. i can't be the only woman out her who feels like this. i just can't.

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1. Horny girl! Tell you what you can suck my cock them my wife's very natural 34Gs! :)

2. G0ddd yesss!!! I feel the same n I'm 15 :-)

3. Girls let me tell you about the girl in my office, she is amazingly busty, she must be a 36H, big hips too and a cute face, red hair and freckles. I dream of having a feel and a suck of those tits! She normally dresses quite conservatively but this week she wore a low top, I swear just another half inch I would have glimpsed a soft pink nipple!

4. What's up i'll let you suck my girl's 38c big blond tits after you suck on my thick 8" white dick and cum all over your face.

5. I absoloutly love big boobs, seriously, lol

6. I have some nice boobs and I love when a chick suck on them I get wet that fast and my pretty brown nipples grow. I suck my own nipples.

7. I have a serious fetish for girls who suck on their own nipples. I love to suck on them while they are sucking on them, too! I tgets me off more than anything. I also love to rub the head of my cock on their nipples as they suck on them. And i love to squeeze my precum on their nipples and rub it all over their areolas and then lick them off with their help! Yummy! Anyone else into this? Girls?! Please respond.

8. I love to lick my cum off of nipples while she licks them off with me! The bigget the tits the bigger the areolas, the better!

9. Im a 19 yo female and i totally am your TWIN i love big soft milky tits i watch big tit porn all the time god i love tittes.the thought of sucking them gets me soo horny

10. I want my tits sucked! contact me!

11. I am a man from japan and i want to suck tits it is great desire to suck milk from woman tits any girl if can help me plz e mail me for further abdul

12. Gril i would love for you to suck my hug milky tits

13. I`m 16 && Idk but this making me horny right now . maybe we can get together && suck each others tits . but I gurantee it would lead to something more

14. Big milky boobs are attractive parts of woman.if a nurshing woman feels her heavy tits filled with milk and unable to lactate those take help of any neighbour-he may be office staff.such advantage i got once.i sucked the full fledged boobs with reddish nipples eracted with eroticsm.my hard on found by the co-office mate.she pulled me to the nearby lavatory and there pulled my pant,sucked my cock hard and became nacked suddenly ,i touched her pussy filled with water and then pushed the 9 inch hard cock inside suckling big milky tit both one after another.hot experience

15. You're not gay? I have news for you. You're as queer as a three dollar bill. You're a lesbo bull dyke, bitch.

16. I am a beautiful girl with huge boobies and I'm very attracted to gorgeous girl with great tits like mine...I always suck mine to reach orgasm but I craved to make love to another girl,but most of the girls around me do not ve those qualities...pls if u re wot I'm lookin for...halla......beautiful face,great body and huge boobs

17. So so badly want to lay a girl on my lap, take my bra off and just let her suckle on my nipple for hours while I rub her tits. and if she was up for it I'd love to get my boyfriend to do her while I suck on her breasts. When I'm out all I want is a women to come and latch on to my nipple & suckle it!! so horny for this! I'm 20 with 36E breasts help!

18. Iam the same way. I want just the brest suck on them hard and hopefully get milk out of it.

19. I want a beautiful girl with hot body especially huge boobies to leave her email for me......I'm a gorgeous girl with huge tites...would love to rubb,suck and lick tits

20. I would let u suck my size 38dd size titties in ya mouth for as long as u want like no gay shit

21. I want my titties sucked I am a size 38 dd and I would let any person sucke my titties for hours that shit is a major turn on and that shit just feels good if any body is interested contact me

22. I am a 22 year old woman. I am slighly heavy but pack it in all the right places.just like an hour glass. Mostly baby weight. I have 40 E breasts. With full and large nipples-areolas. I became so wet reading this.

23. I want my titties licked and sucked. I want oil rubbed in them and then played with hard.

24. My wife really likes it when a woman sucks her tits and I alternate between both of them fucking and eating their pussies. Her favorite is for the lady to lay under her, take her tits in her mouth and I ass fuck her while the other woman sucks her nipples and plays with her pussy. She goes wild when we do this. She once walked up to a beautiful young girl in the mall and just asked her if she would like to suck her tits while my husband fucks me in the ass. The young girl looked her up and down glanced over at me, took a step toward my wife and said "I will suck your tits til you cum on his cock and he fills your ass with cum". We did exactly that and more.

25. I just had a baby. My breast are full of milk. I want a girl who will suck on my breast. I would also suck on yours too. I haven't had any time of sex for over a year. I love it when my breast are played with. I can suck on my own tits. I am a 40 DDD.

26. You can suck on mine and I will suck on yours I love sucking on mine but I love big tits to but im not gay I just love tits

27. I feel exactly the same way! I have always been aroused by the sight of another woman's boobs. God I love titties! They're all I think of when I masturbate!

28. I'm the same I just wanna feel those nipples in my mouth an bite them all day if I could I just want to feel on some bare breasts for at least one time and suck on them

29. I love breasts I just wanna suck on them play with them bite them and I always in public end up staring at someones chest

30. Hi I have big tits and I love big tits too I just wish that there was someone like me to hang with in my town but there's not so if anyone that's a chick and wants to play with are boobs togethet let me know

31. Gurl,i wud luv u 2 suck on my big boobies,d féelin of swirlin ur tongue around my brown nipples...

32. I feel tne same way mutual breast sucking would be amazing. So sexy.

33. Youre not gay...maybe a little bit bi...but dont sweat it! maybe put an ad on craigslist...but be prepared for the chick to wanna do more...!

34. I also get so horney when I see large breast or nipples hard showing through clothes I want so bad to have mine sucked and to suck and feel another womans breast I am 42

35. Omg, I feel the same way! I'm married, but have long fantasizes about another womans nipples in my mouth! I just want to feel a nice hard nipple on my tongue and between my fingers. I'm wet with hard nipples right now thinking about it!! I love the word nipple-saying it over and over gets me going. I don't want anything but tits, to kiss them, lick them, feel them...and of course to have it done to me!! It would fulfill the ultimate fantasy for me. I love playing with my own erect nipples, but I almost can't take it anymore!! I've got to try it, tracing my tongue around and around some beautiful hard nipples, getting them wet...omg, I'm aching right now!!

36. Never had sex with a woman, would like to know what it feels like when another woman plays with nipples and tits

37. Me too I am a mature black woman with size 42c's I would luv have them sucked and play with by a woman or a man it just gets me going mmm, anyone interested.....

38. I too long for a woman's tits to play with, lavishing my mouth and tongue all over her nipples!

39. I want my nipples sucked for hours

40. Any girls in Swansea area who want nipples licked and sucked get in touch

41. I would love to have that done to me as well and do you

42. Id love for a women to my double d tits

43. I love tits too. I wanna suck some big tits so badly

44. I would let anyone suck on my beautiful 46DD titties for as long as they wanted. Girl or guy, don't matter to me, i love my titties sucked. I am sucking one right now and getting ready to play with my big fat wet juicy pussy.

45. Mmmmm,baby, you are SO not alone!! I don't want anything to do with another woman's pussy, but I would suck and lick her nipples for hours! I play with my own nipples all the time, and I would give almost anything to trade some serious nipple play with another woman. Ooooh, just imagining my tongue flicking a nice set of perfect erect nipples drives me crazy! My nipples are hard right now and I'm rubbing them, pinching them...if only my tongue could b satisfied! Give me your nipples baby...nipples...nipples...mmmmm...

46. You are so not alone, I am married and 44 years old and I love it when my nipples are sucked. I have big tits. Here where I work I sometimes get really close to my desk and I rub against it to my erect nipples and it drives me nuts because it feels so good. I feel my nipples hard and I adjust my bra and my nipples go hard everytime I do that.

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