My brother used to tie me up. I loved it. When I was 13 he was 16 and he did it almost the whole year. We both were sexually active with his father (my stepfather). We both liked being with him but our playing together was our way of being normal.(I know, weird). He would tie my arms tightly with soft white rope on our pool table legs. I loved it when I couldn't move my arms at all. He would secure my legs to my fathers rowing machine. I was a figure X. He would make me lick his balls for a long time, and then suddenly stick his thing in my mouth, and ejaculate. He ordered me to swallow, and I loved that. After tasting his cum, I was very close to orgasm anyway, but he would lick my little pussy and I would cum hard. He never hurt me, but I never knew. Once he let our dog lick my pussy after putting sour cream in me. He made me suck his hard dick and tell him when I was cumming and when the dog's tongue got me off I told him and he shot his sperm in my mouth. I loved that so much. Before he would untie me, he would suck on my nipples then put his dick in my mouth to suck the rest out.

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1. Damn that sounds like a lot of fun. Did he ever penetrate you? Or had the dog ?

2. He would sometimes put it in my pussy then make me lick my juices off and stick it back in but he always would shoot his sperm in my mouth. That was my favorite thing. I love the taste of cum.

3. Damn I wish you were my daughter. What did you like the most, the dog or the dick.

4. I liked sucking his dick but he tied me up with my little butt in the air and had the dog stick his thing in me and I had to let the dog finish by licking me clean. I liked that a lot. Its been two years but I still like being tied up and being told to suck a dick and drink cum. I don't want to be hurt but I like not knowing what I will have to do. I like older men to tell me what to do.

5. Mmm so fucking hot i love dogs kicking my wet pussy they just seem to no what works my german shepherd gives the best head

6. I used to let my dog lick my pussy and one day he fucked me in the butthole. I was a 11yo and had no experience and had the most pleasure ever. He was my good boy!

7. Very lucky man nothing better than a young wet pussy can't wait to have another

8. Do yous all stay in the u's i am in the uk and our girls are not so open to what they would like or would try . But good on yous and thanks for the thoughts i have now .

9. Your brother got you started on your life of slutdom. Do you suck and spread them for anybody? How much do you charge?

10. What corner are you working, whore? Take my cum, bitch!

11. You got it right, Brit. American girls are taught to be whores from a young age. By the time they are 12 or 13 they are all sluts sucking and fucking like there is no tomorrow. The USA - Land of the Cum Dumpster.

12. You want to sleep with your brother. And start having sex with him regulary.

13. My sister regulary used to tie me to the bed. And she would suck and fuck my cock. Then jump off when i was going to cum. And she would suck all the cum out of my cock. One night she just kept on fucking me when she was cumming. And then she collapsed on top of me. I was so horny and turned on i squirting loads of cum up her. Pumping away inside her pussy like a water fountain. It dripped out of her pussy for hours as she lay on my bed.

14. You want to practice sucking and getting fucked by the dogs cock. My sister likes doing it to our dog every day. And she even lets me sit and watch her getting it on with our dog. I like helping the dog to get its cock right into her pussy hole. And its good just sitting watching it fast fucking her. And watching as it gets its knot stuck inside her. Then as it turns around hanging away from her before its cock slips out again. But what i love the best is to watch as its cum drips out of her hole and it licks it up. Then it jumps back on her again for another ride.

15. My sister used to tie me up to the bed first. Then she would get fucked by our dog while i watched. When the dog had finished and pulled out of her she would get up and sit on my face. And i had to lick the doygs cum out of her pussy. Then she would pull and suck my cock till i cum in her mouth.

16. My sister loves her doggy style sausage and pussy sandwiches.

17. I let my dog lick my pussy and ass it's so good they really like it when you cum and finger yourself at the same time:)

18. Wow i guarantee that some old pervert made this story and every comment on here was just to satisfy another pervert. Gross yall need to get a life

19. Maybe not, my sister made me cum when we were kids once, and I guarantee if i had been born a girl, i would have had the dog fuck me. I used to make my dog lick my balls when i was a kid

20. Oh yea dog cum is so sweet. I love it. Sometimes I'll let a little dribble out of my mouth so it gets on my tities.

21. Did the brother ever beat the shit out her? He should have brutally beat her with a brick or a tire iron.

22. When I was 13,my brother was 11.When our dog had puppies,we used to let them suck our cocks.They would tug and sucked us to orgasm.One day my bro could not cum,but I did and the pup gulped it down.I fed them for weeks.

23. Its nice to see you and your brother are enjoying it and are keeping each other happy. Long may it continue. Thats what family are there for.

24. I luv to let my dog lick my pussy!!!!! I cum so hard over and over again!!! I want a boy dog to fuck me!!!!!!

25. One day i fuck my dog pussy it feel so good

26. You Need Jesus, Close Your Legs And Open A Book.

27. One nighti let my female put bull sleep with me I always sleep naked with only a t shirt on I fell asleep and I woke up to a dream of some one pleasuring me I woke up and saw my pitbull eating me out I had 3 organisms in 1 min it was the best I ever had

28. One nighti let my female put bull sleep with me I always sleep naked with only a t shirt on I fell asleep and I woke up to a dream of some one pleasuring me I woke up and saw my pitbull eating me out I had 3 organisms in 1 min it was the best I ever had

29. I had a dog lick me it feels so good.i love it.

30. Thats awesome! Kik me enoch03

31. Thats hot! someone of you girls have a kik and snapchat?

32. Oh im sooo hot and horny and want to be fucked by anything that moves

33. Fuck me now or tell me how to play with my wet pussy

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