I was about 13 and I was sleeping. And like most 13 year old boys I had morning wood. And mother came in to wake me up for school and I didn't want to wake up. So since it was laundry day and I sleep just in my underwear my mom decided to wake me up by pulling the blankets off of me pulling my dirty underwear off to put in the wash. This may seem a bit strange that my mother would be pulling underwear off to put in the laundry of their 13-year-old son but being naked was not a big deal in our house. When she did this of course to revealed my hard cock I was still mostly asleep. Since she seen I had a hard on and I was still asleep she decided to give me a blow job. Of course I was asleep still dreaning to course my dream came about a woman giving me a blow job when of course it wasn't a dream it was actually my mother giving me that blow job. I awoke to the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced in my life even to this day and I am 47 years old. Have to say when I woke up and seen my mom giving me a blow job and swallowing my load. I was a bit turned on and embarrassed at the same time so I quickly turned over as if I were still asleep and my mom left my room came back a few minutes later and wake me up for school. Neither one of us said anything about it never happened again it is one of my fondest memories of my mother.

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1. Uh huh. Another bullshit fantasy on here. Fantasies are fine, but not too healthy when they involve your mom or other close relatives.

2. My Bullshit meter just broke. Haven't you put this same lame fantasy on here like 50 other ways. Come on.

3. My mother and I were nudists in our home. When I reached twelve I seemed to always have a hard on. Mother loved sucking me and I enjoyed eating her out. Shortly there after I started cumming in her and now she is very pregnant.

4. If I was you ,I would have fucked her right there.

5. You've hit the ball out the park! Increbdlie!

6. Dammit man!!!! Another lucky basterd the only way my mom would wake me up was with a belt fucking bich

7. Bullshit - A Total Fantasy.........................

8. Wish i had a mom like that.Wow

9. If i was you i would pretend to be sick one day and when everyone gets out i will go and fuck her no matter what she says or feel if she does that to me i would fuck her

10. Hahahaaaa..... I luv #6. yeah, most of us unluckys got the belt instead... lol

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