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The other morning I woke up naked in my bed and my dog was licking my balls. It felt great and in a minute I shot out a load of sperm that he lapped up hungrily. I'm going to do it again but is this too weird?

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1. Its only weird if you marry him. You're both males.

2. I would be curious to see that

3. Yoooo this is some edgy shit bro!

4. ...isnt that a scene in Ali G??

5. It's pretty weird, but if it feels good, go for it bro. If your dog likes your sperm, why not let him eat it? You could learn how to return the favor, it's pretty easy.

6. Whatever turns you on. I was fucked by a dog when I was 13, but never did it again. I enjoyed it, so sometimes I wonder why I did not.

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