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I was out running with my dog Oscar and when we got home I was hot and sweating so I took a shower. I forgot to put water in Oscar's bowl for him to drink.

He must have come into the bathoom looking for water just as I stepped out of the shower. He started licking the water off my legs, it tickled but I let him.

Then it stopped tickling and started feeling nice when he began licking the dripping water from my pussy. As he kept licking, I noticed he had stopped drinking the water and was more interested in what was between my legs.

I was confused by my feelings, I just didn't want him to stop, so I crouched down and spread my legs, he kept licking and when I laid on my back, he still kept licking but now he was pushing his nose into me and really licking deep.

I had an orgasm, enough to scare Oscar away which I didn't want to do, but after I thought about what I was doing I stopped, showered again and dressed.

I've thought about doing it again but I'm unsure what to think about it, even though it felt wonderful. When my parents are around, or if I have some girlfriends over, Oscar will try to bury his nose into my pussy, and it's so embarassing, especially if I'm wearing a skirt, he pushes right underneath and sniffs at my panties.

My mum is way cool, she's got a good sense of humour, she said once that I must have something "up there" that he's interested in!!! I never asked what she meant, it was embarrassing, I went bright red!

Oscar doesn't hump my leg or anything, but he really does seem very interested in my pussy, and I'm seriously thinking of letting him do it again.

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