My 11 year old stepdaughter came out of the shower and went to her room , i went in her room to get her towel and she standing there shivering in just her towel. I told her to dry off so she wouldn't be cold but she just stood there, finally i grabbed her towel and started to dry her off as my hands went toward her crotch she spread her legs so i started to rub her pussy and she never moved so i kept going after about 5 minutes i couldn't take it anymore so i got up behind her still rubbing her and pulled down my pants enough to get my cock out, then from behind i slid my cock between her legs and stated rubbing her pussy with it , she just stood there like nothing was going on, finally i had to cum so i just slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips and came, she still never even moved, i told her i was sorry and all she said was that's all right i didn't mind.

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