I watched my dad suck a big black dick and swallow his cum.

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1. My wife got me to suck her black lovers cock and I liked it. Now I suck any black cock she tells me to. I even had sucked my daughters black bfs cock while they watch.

2. It started for me when I would clean my wife's pussy after some black guy fucked her good. She then asked me to clean him. Now I suck him and sometimes he pulls out and cums in my mouth. I have cleaned my wife's pussy and both my daughter's after they been fucked by black cock. For some reason the guys enjoy watching me clean their pussy's. All three have gotten preg by black so I didn't get it all.

3. My dad watched my black buddy fuck me like a bitch one night, he was 17, I was 18. Dad told me about it later, he said he didn't use a condom, and he didn't pull out, so now you're his bitch for keeps.

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