My wife Christine is one hell of a horny bitch for cock. She is almost twenty years old and has sucked everyone from the young boy who mows the lawn, the nest door neighbor and even her uncle. She gets off sucking jism almost as much as the coffee addicts enjoy their fix. She is one of the sexiest women I know and I have no problem when at a party, she disappears with one of the guests and comes back with a smile on her face. The times I have heard her say 'I needed that.' is mind boggling. I have had the added pleasure of watching while she encourages a guy to cum off in her pretty mouth or spray their stuff all over her stiff nipples and watch as she rubs it in. Twice, I assisted by rubbing the guys pre-cum over my wife's black stockings and her pussy as he shot his load. Christine loves wearing short skirts and during the course of the evening, showing the men that she has left her panties off. I know that some of you guys might find our way of living to be strange, but both Christine and me are more than happy with the life we choose and look forward to many more encounters with the 'white stuff.'

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1. Not strange at all. My 46yo wife is also a born again slut, just like yours, & she regularly sucks or fucks other guys.... friends & far aged from 18 to 73, including my best mate, & the horny son of friends of ours. She loves cock & cum & isn't likely to stop soon. Power to sluts!

2. After 12 years of marriage I found out that my wife loved to pleasure the neighborhood guys. Actually I found it arousing for me. She loves to show them how to have a good time and one boy tells another etc and that is how it goes. I have always worked the night shift so it has been easy for her to keep the secret. The first time I caught her, the plant was down because of an electrical problem so I was home around midnight and found her in bed with a young neighbor boy. I was there just as they were having an orgasm and it really made me horny.

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