mom / son / incest

I'm a 42 year old divorced woman, and I went out for drinks with my girls and we had s great time laughing it up in the bar. I had a little too much to drink, and passed out when I got home. But I woke up in the middle of the night to my 15 year old son standing over me jerking his HUGE cock.

I've since measured it, and its 10.5 inches long, and almost5 inches around. Now, incest porn has gotten me off before, the old Taboo series, add liquor and a hung son, and I lost control.

I put my hand around him on his ass and pushed him toward my mouth. It stretched my lips out and made me gag, it was too big to deep throat, at the time.

He came fast but I kept sucking until I knew he wouldnt go soft on me. Young boys are amazing like that. I took my mouth off him and asked him do you want to fuck mommy? He got on top of me and had to force that beast inside me. He stretched me out and made me bleed a little by the end, but holy fuck was it good. I started craving my sons dick all the time. Since I work from home his summer vacation became 3 months of fucking the shit out of me. When he went back to school he would always leave a load inside me before he left.

I say such nasty shit while he's in me, like fuck mommy, mommy wants her boy to cum inside her, you're mommys good little boy, stuff like that.

He's a devious little hornball though. One night he got me so drunk and exhausted I couldn't fight back as he basically destroyed my ass. I heads that telltale noise of lube being rubbed on a fat dick, but the room was spinning and I was too tired to do anything. I just laid there helpless as he tore into me, all 10.5 inches right into my asshole. He ended up tearing what he calls the taint and I had to get stitches, but it was so hot being taken control of.

If I wake up first, he wakes up with a mouth on his dick. If he wakes up first, I get a fat cock shoved inside me as my alarm. If we are watching tv I will start sucking him off or he will take off my shirt and play with my tits for a while.

Mommy loves her special little boy, and loves it when he comes inside her.

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1. I fucking love your story. I'm a similar age to your son with a cock like his too at 10 inches. I'd love to put it in u or my mum. But my dad and kid sister are here. Also my mom is a goody two shoes who wouldn't dare have me. If only u were my mom. I'd drill u so hard. Me and your son would ruin u

2. Lol, 10 inch dicks all over the place! I don't buy a word of it. Seriously. Get a ruler and look at the size you are claiming, it's beyond most pornstars. You people are liars. A torn taint, lol. These confessions are only getting weirder.

3. Soo hot... i have been wanking over the thought of cumming inside my mum for a while now.. how do i know if she would b into fucking her son?

4. Liars and freaks all...i dont get the mommy and son, or the daughter and father sex, or fantasies, whatever they are, too weird

5. The first lie was 10.5 inches,thereby making the rest of the story a lie.

6. I'm gonna use my bullshit card on this one...I guess there are 10 inchers out there, but not attached to 15 year olds.

7. You shoulda seen the one that got away!

8. BULLSHIT. And. if it is real, your disgusting. Get some help

9. Bring home some frinds and gang fuck her

10. I worked in a swimming pool. I`m not gay, but I`ve seen some big dicks. One guy was easy 10", maybe bigger. His cock hung down to his knee cap and must have been 3" across. So while not common, they are out there.

11. Yeah but 5 inches around?????????????????????? I think not

12. not overly long, a teeny bit under 7 inches, but im so thick i cant fit my fingers around my cock without squeezing. I call it the space shuttle, cause the head is the smallest part and gets thicker as you get down the shaft to my balls. Id like another inch or so of length, but im very pleased with my thick fat cock.

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