I am a married 28 year old white guy with a realy hot wife. we both love kinky sex and we play the cuckold game a lott. i cam home from work last friday and my wife was nude and laying on our dinningroom table with a big black man between her leggs he was shoving a hotdog up my wifes ass he called me a bitch and told me to watch him do it so he pulled me down so i could see the footlong going up her ass after it was all in but about one inch he told me it was my supper and i had to eat it as my wife shit it into my mouth while she sucked his black cock. as i was finishing my supper he shot his cum on my wifes face and titts then made me lick it off and his cock my confession is that i fucking loved it

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1. It's a shame the guy did not have a nice sharp machete that he could have used to slice your balls off. A loser like you doesn't deserve to have any nuts. I wish I knew where you lived - I would put a bullet in your head.

2. So right #1. A mother fucker like this needs to die in the most painful way. I would fucking torture him for a week before I let him die.

3. # 1and #2 would you both fuck my wife? or just have me suck you off. you fucking losers don't know what your missing by having those sticks up your ass.

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