I can believe I did it; I let my 18 year old grandson have sex with me several times today.

Tommy's mother die when I was 50 and he was 8 and his father was never known. Everything was fine until the Christmas holiday, when the heat went out in the apartment.

We slept in the same bed for warmth, but in the middle of the night I woke up and he was hugging me in his sleep and had a huge erection. I moved but he held on to me so I decided to go back to sleep.

The next night I woke up to and Tommy had slipped my night gown down and was touching my boobs. I said “What are you doing”. Tommy said he had never seen or touched a real tit and wanted to feel one. I told him stop, but he kept asking and asking to touch them, finally I gave in and took off my night gown.

We were facing each other, why was I doing this, naked in front of my grandson. He was amazed and started to masturbate, I said “Stop that right now” but he reached and pinched my nipple, then he came and with most of it hitting me.

I was in shock and could only say “Get me a towel”. It was dripping off me and I caught it in my hand. When I touched his cum to me lips, I tasted it. I licked more off, then quickly stopped, I had not tasted cum since my husband die 20 years ago.

The heat was not fixed for 5 more days and each night he wanted more and more, I gave in night after night to his demands first to suck my tits then, then to touch my pussy, then lick it.

After the heat was back on he came to my bed night after night with new things to try, by mid January I was let him undress me during the day. On the 31st, we were on the couch both naked, he was touch me and then took my hand and asked me to masturbate him. I said no but he held me and said “Play with it” and I did until he came. I went to the bathroom to clean my hand, and again I lick some of off. I was disgusted with myself.

From that point on he made me jerk him 3 or 4 times a day. Each time I would taste it,disgusted I had done it again, soon I was licking my hand clean, crying as I did it.

Then on this Sunday in the morning I was jerking him off, as he sucked my boobs, I was fighting the feeling as it made we wet.

Then her said “When I cum, swallow it”. I wanted this to stop, I started cry but kept masturbating him, he began rubbing my clit, and after a few minutes I arched my back against his hand and came. He smiled and then he took my head and pushed down. I felt the cock head against my lips, I wanted to turn my head but he pushed gently and I opened my mouth. A few sucks and he came, I held it in my mouth and then swallowed. The taste was so warm and sweet. I said this is wrong, but longed for more.

For the rest of Sunday, about every hour, I was sucking him and swallowing his cum. At 6pm, he was on the couch playing with himself and I went to him knelt down and began suck on my own. By 9pm I wanted to throw up from the amount of cum I had swallowed.

That night he slept without wanting anything, but he had set my body on fire, I masturbated think him.

In the morning I heard him get up and go to the bathroom be came back and saw I was awake and said go to the toilet now and come back. I waited as long as I could and came back to bed.

He was hard already, and said turn around I want to try anal sex. I said “No, No. I’ve never done that”. And Tommy said “Good then were can lose our cherry together”. I tried to get away this time but he was to strong and slapped me across the face, I did what he wanted. He lubed me with hand lotion and entered me. He only lasted a minute but it seemed like forever.

He had me 3 more times anally Monday and yesterday was back to sucking.

Today on Wednesday morning, he was going down on me; I fought the need to cum but came anyway. Then he turned around and kissed me on the lips and I kissed him back hard. I could tasted my pussy on his lips and then I lost control and took is cock and guided it into my pussy. We had sex for almost a half hour, I hated myself but the more I came the more I wanted his penis, finally he came. For the first time in 20 years I felt the bliss of a man hot seaman inside me.

We had sex four more times today, I started each time, and I am now doing it to please him.

I realized tonight as he slept and I was hugging him, my mouth on his penis that I was his sex slave. Wheather he planned this or not, what ever he wants I’d do

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1. Stop doing the guilt trip, he needs you and you definitly need him. We are all sexual animals, at your age finding a young sexually active stud is very difficult, keeping him is nigh impossible. So enjoy it while it lasts, you'll never have this level of great sex and loyalty again. And remember, life is short, so stop torturing yourself, go for it.

2. Very lucky grandson. You're lucky too. Enjoy him and fulfill your needs. At leadt you know him. Enjoy his cum and enjoy your pleasures.

3. I really want to have sex with my grandma but how?

4. I call BS. This is not anywhere near the believable level.

5. I hopping to be your grandson in the next life. Ok ?

6. Enjoy, you deserve it. Of course your grandson is grateful. Its your business and no one else's. Pleasure is needed by everyone so keep it up.

7. Granny sex? Now that is just weird!

8. It alreay happened so stopping stopping will be only for your consciousness. But by reading I think you like it too much to stop so just enjoy it!

9. Any granny out there wants a young man for a friend his bbm pin is 292ba2FC his African zambian.

10. Fuck you granny i would love to suck you throughout the day.. hell.. you are osm babe.. i would bite your tits like a hugry dog..

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