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21158 - Several years ago, I had a one night stand on a business trip. (I'm a man, late 30s, fit... she was early 40s, super fit and hot with large natural tits, blond hair and an amazing ass and pussy.)

We met in a bar and eventually she stumbled back to my hotel room with me.... we got so drunk that I had whiskey dick, but I couldn't get enough of eating her sweet pussy. No lie, I made her cum 5 or 6 times in the course of the night and about half way through, I tentatively slid my tongue down and touched it to her tiny creamy little asshole. She started moaning twice as loud and so I got into it, picking her thighs up and lifting her butt up for better access, licking all around her ass crack and dipping my tongue inside her asshole over and over again.

She was groaning out "that feels sooo good" and told me later no one had ever done that before.

Fantastic. It was years ago, and I wasn't up for performing, but to this day it is one of the hottest sexual memories I have.


11843 - The other night my wife had a girlfriend over for a couple of drinks and some conversation. I got tired and went to bed, and with a "look" let her know that I wanted her to get rid of her friend, and come to bed and fuck.

After lying in bed for about 30 minutes, I walked down the hallway with nothing on except a dangling dick. My wife's girlfriend was seated on the couch facing away from me in the hallway, but my wife saw everything. I gave her the "look" again, figuring it would be only a few minutes and we would be doing it.

Another 20 minutes went by, and still she and her friend were chatting away. I got a little pissed, and tired of waiting, so I fell asleep, naked and frustrated.

Sometime later, my wife came to bed and aroused me, but I wasn't going to give her what she now wanted, so I rolled onto my stomach and resisted her approaches. She began kissing the back of my neck, working her way down my spine, and to the cleft of my ass.

By now, I was having a little bit of trouble resisting, and then she gently licked up and down my ass cleavage. I exhaled deeply, and she knew I had surrendered. She placed both hands on my butt cheeks and gently parted them, a gave my anus a soft, warm breath; I parted my legs and invited her in.

Crawling between my legs and behind me, she gave another breath, and I arched my back, and raised my ass toward her face. She exhaled deeply as she pressed her wet tongue against my asshole. Lightning bolts shot through me as she encircled my hole with her tongue, occasionally dipping the tip into my butthole.

I raised my ass higher and got fully on my knees, and she grabbed my now-hard cock in one hand and began to pull on it like a cow's tit. She ran her tongue up and down my cock, balls, and ass, while stroking the head of my dick between her encircling fingers.

Each time she reached my asshole with her mouth, she opened wide, French-kissing me, and tonguing my hole. I bucked her tongue and she knew it was my time. Stroking my cock, she shoved her tongue in my ass as far as she could and gave some short, quick jerks on my cock-head.

Holding her other hand below my prick, she captured my load of cum in the palm of her hand as she continued to lick and jerk me off. When I was spent, she gave me one more long lick from prick to asshole, and then licked the cum off her hand.

I turned around and lay on my back, and she climbed on top of me and planted a wet, cum filled kiss on my lips. We French-kissed, and exchanged my cum several times before she and I each swallowed half of my load.

To my surprise, her girlfriend had not actually left at all, but was watching the whole time. She had removed her clothing and was fingering her cunt while she watched us. My wife motioned for her to get on the bed, and she assumed the same position that I had been in.

I observed with delight as my wife climbed behind her and began to perform similar magic on her girlfriend's behind. This time, however, there was no cock to tug on, so my wife reached between her girlfriend's legs and pinched her nipples as she licked her ass and pussy.

When her girlfriend was ready to cum, my wife stuck her nose deep in her ass, and licked her pussy hole and clit until she bucked and came in my wife's face.

By now, I was ready and willing again. My wife had been doing all the work up until now, and it was definitely her turn. Her girlfriend rolled my wife on her back and started to suck her tits and kiss her neck. I noticed that she had placed her hand on my wife's pussy, and one finger, then two, were in her snatch.

Her girlfriend removed her fingers, licked them off, and moved down to place her face in my wife's cunt. I watched and stroked my dick while my wife was being eaten-out. Looking for a place to put my now throbbing cock, I decided to see if my wife was ok with me fucking her girlfriend. I told her girlfriend to get in 69 position with my wife, and she did. Her pussy was just above my wife's face, and her face was buried in my wife's pussy. I approached her girlfriend from behind, and stuck my rock hard dick in her cunt. My wife watched as I slipped my member in and out of her friend.

She got so hot watching me fuck her friend, that she came with violent thrusts, wrapping her legs around her friend's head. Her girlfriend got so hot at that, that she started fucking my cock while I just held still. My wife stroked my balls while her friend stroked my cock with her pussy.

Just before I came, my wife lifted her head and placed her open mouth right on our fuck-spot, and licked us both with her tongue. We both came again. As I pulled out of her pussy, her girlfriend's pussy hole splashed my cum on my wife's face. Both of us started kissing and licking the cum off her face, and then we exchanged a cum-filled French kiss, right in front of my wife's face.

We collapsed in a heap and slept together through the night.