Latest Beastiality Confessions:


26434 - Back when I was in highschool I was talked into a really dumb bet with a cheerleader from a rival school over which team would win the football game. Whoever's team lost would have to go to a party, say a cheer made up by the other cheerleading squad, strip naked, get on all fours, and do it with a dog. I was sure our team would win since we were so much better than them but as the game got closer I started wanting to back out. I almost did and wish I walked away but I got talked back into it.

During the game it was really nerve racking because each team remained close to tied. During the last 5 minutes our team was ahead by 10 points and I walked over to the girl I made a bet with to rub her nose in it. Of course, this backfired and her team scored 2 touchdowns. Suddenly I felt a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach knowing what I'd have to do.

They drove me to wear the after party would be. I asked how a dog would fuck me anyway since that seemed like something that couldn't happen. I was hoping I'd still save myself some embarrassment but they told me their friend was a dog breeder and he definantly would.

Later that night the party was packed. What made it worse was that friends from my school and my cheerleading squad showed up too. They set up some lights outside and I had to do it out there. I was in my cheerleading uniform and softly spoke out the cheer they wanted but they made me say it again louder like a cheerleader.

Then I felt a strange anxiety and took off my cheerleading outfit and got on all fours. They brought out the dog and at first nothing happened. Then they coaxed him some more and he mounted. They held me in place and made sure he went in. Then he fucked like crazy. I'm embarrassed to admit but I came from it. It got scary when he swelled up in me and I was stuck with him. That lasted another 20 mins. I looked over in the middle of it and saw that everyone had their cameraphones out and so I buried my head between my arms.

After it was finished I couldn't find my clothes and they made me stay at the party until it was over. I had to put up with people the whole night cracking jokes about me. Then around 4am they drove me home.

At school the next day pretty much everyone knew. I had to put up with the humiliation of what I did until I finally graduated and moved to college.


26361 - I am a young and I would say quite attractive guy and I have various sexual fetishes but none ever lead up to anything until last week when last week my mare (female horse for those who don't know) turned around and raised her tail I'd seen This before and as she was in heat I had never really thought about beastiality before but I don't know what I was thinking I just went crazy and started licking her pussy then fingering her fast and hard then I grabbed a pale stood on and fucked her hard for a good 10 minutes. Is this normal? I also want to Fuck my mother or sister but would never try anything unless they made a move as I'm a bit of a pussy


26296 - So I'll admit I'm a straight male,24, 6'4 an scrawny (I eat terrible food but can't gain )weight) and a career professional. I've owned property (it was not my thing) so I'm gonna confess something.
So about the time one becomes sexually curious (ya I was younger at the time) I would stay at my grandparent's. I'd pretend to sleep on the couch till they where asleep an than jump on their computer (it had internet an my house didn't) and search porn sites. Then one time I'd seen this gal doing her dog an I was hooked.
Now comes the confession. I maintain I'm straight (ya I can admit a male is handsome in my capacity to understand what a female may understand as attractive). But I'm fascinated by male animals. So a fly ear or so back I'm staying at my friends ( an good ol' friend from back in the day [outwardly lesbian]). She was living at her grandparents place at the time.after a night at the bar we get back an she tells me she's off to shower. So I'm in her room on my back pumping these bar weights (is that what they're called? The long two hand strong arm things?) On my back. It was the only thing to do in her room. On my back. When I see her grand parents old German shepherd siting there with the tip of his gear out. An so I calculate, my showed take 5min. So hers should take roughly the same if not more ( I lived in a military house so you kinda pick up that time thing its weird) so being a little drunk l took my shot. I rolled over an called him over. I knelt there stroking his sheath an then he laid on his back. I immediately graves phone to record my first. An then started sucking on his gear. I was trying my best an it was odd. The Need to please him. Then they're gold lab walked in. So sucking the shepherd grasped the labs sheath an started wanking him.
She stopped the shower an I didn't hear until the door opened and I had to stop an pretend that nothing was going on. I don't know if she bought it.
Then one day I found a stray in the park on my way from my night crew job. A mutt I think but gold hair. An I stopped there. I sucked him then I tried to let him in me but he never did.
Now I want to try the full nine yards with a dog or suck a horse off.
Yeah that's a bad confession.


26225 - I can't find a better confession site so these 5000 characters will have to do. I was young when my parents inherited a ranch from my uncle R.I.P. We got there and found that it was preloaded with tons of different animals. One day my sister and I decided to build a fort with the discarded hay bales. We made the entrance very small so adults wouldn't be able to get in so easily. One night, my mom and dad started arguing really heavy. I got so upset I decided to climb out my window and run to the fort to get some peace and quiet. My sister was a heavy sleeper, so I didn't even bother waking her up. My parents didn't know I left so it was perfect for me to stay out there all night. As I was crawling in, I noticed the hay bales start to move a little. I panicked which made me move them even more and collapsed on me. I wasn't hurt or anything but it was enough to get me stuck half way in. No one knew I was out there so I thought I was a goner. Then I started feeling our dog Spike start licking my toes. I got excited, thinking I was going to be saved. I started squirming trying to get him to bark or do anything to get someone's attention but all he kept doing was licking my calves and my toes. I don't know what went through my head but I thought if I could grab his head with my feet and move him closer, he would somehow be able to move the bale and set me free...big mistake. I moved him closer and sure enough his snout was under my nightshirt pressing up against my panties. I didn't notice at first, but I squealed when he started licking me. I was scared and confused and I tried to get kick him off, but every movement I made just gave him better access. At one point he was able to move my panties over. It even felt like he went in a little. I was terrified at that moment, even more so after he tried to mount me. I was old enough to know what he was trying to do. I was curious about it since I saw my cousin's computer had a search history filled with videos of girls with dogs, but I never really acted on it, nor did I want to. He never entered me (which I was so happy about.) After what felt like hours of him pressing against my butt he finally finished. When he pushed off he managed to move the bale to a position that allowed me to free myself. I got up and dusted myself off while spike was licking himself. I the reason I was happy that he didn't enter me was, I was a virgin at the time and his thing looked like my forearm! Days went by and I couldn't stop thinking about what his tongue was capable of. I was scared of his thing but when I would think about it, I'd get so excited I couldn't control myself. after months of constant urges, I started sneaking out when everyone was asleep just so he could lick me in the reinforced hay fort (I called it my fun area.) I'm 29 now and I fought tooth and nail to get this ranch off my parents after they divorced. I have a new companion now, my sister is gone to school 1000s of miles away and my mother visits me occasionally, but most of the time i'm alone with Saul (Crazy name for a dog but my first crush had that name and well, you get the picture.) I don't think I would have the courage if I was living in a rural area, here when we "Make love" I can be as loud as I want. The funny thing about this, I still use the fort, it's way better now, It's more of a hut than a fort. I sometimes think of that first night and it gets me off so bad when i'm having my fun with Saul. I think I have found my addiction, I know it can't be healthy but, when have ever good things really been good for you? I just needed to get that off my chest, it's been a secret in my like for almost 15 years now. Thanks to this site, I feel a little better about myself knowing there are people like me in this world.