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24995 - Sexy thick black girl in Miami into beastiality and incest. I really want a dog to eat my twat. Please anyone in my city can host this??


24877 - When I was a girl I had my first doggie experiences. I never knew that a girl could play around with dogs. I heard of girls messing and having sex with men, but not dogs or other animals.

But as I was to find out I was sure wrong in that sense, because I was soon to started with my first pet

Now when I was young I had a pet that was name Brownie and he was a brown dog. He was one loving pet and a buddy.

Now used to when I would come home from school Brownie be there at the door waiting for me.

Later on I discover a very interesting thing. When I would be petting him I notice that his little red penis would be sticking out. So curious as a young girl was I decided to see what it would feel like to play with his penis. I then took hold of him and play with him. I did that until he came. Then I let him outside and I went to wash my hands.

Now later on another day we were in my room when I took hold of the penis and begin to playing with him and it felt kind of weird. Like the other day he shot the come all over my hands .

Then I got up and let him outside and I went to wash my hands and then I help mom with lunch.

Another day we were in my room I had just gotten home from school. So I change into my other clothes and then I sit on the bed with him. In a little bit I begin to playing with him and this time he was hard I lay back and he got on me and started to hunching on me. so I let him did that until I push him off. He then shot his come and I let him outside. I went and took me a bath and wash my hair and then I got out and help mom with supper after I dress.

Another day I was outside on a blanket getting me some sun, when brownie came up to me and so I play with him. I petted him and then I notice his cock was sticking out, so I took hold of him,begin to playing with him some more.

In a little bit I pulled my shorts down and he got on top of me and begin to rubbing up against me and I let him do that until he pulled away and I jerk him off . Then he left I lay there for the longest . Then I got up and went inside and wash my face. I had gotten too much sun and so I put some cream on my face then I went and watch t.v.

Now after that day he and i had some more fun up until to my birthday then he got hit by a car . Boy this really upset me deeply. I really love that dog.

Now the next time I had some experiences with dogs was when I was in my teens.

One day I was over to the woods for a walk. When I came upon a dog. He was a very pretty dog too. So I slowly approach him and then I put out my hand for him to sniff my hand. then he let me pet him. Well I sat on the ground and then I notice that his penis was sticking out so I took hold of him and started to jerking on him. I did that until I made him come. Then I got up and went home and wash my hands.

Another day I was sitting in my bedroom when I was daydreaming that I had went over to the woods and I came upon this dog. So I sat down on the ground and played with him and then in a little bit I lay back and the dog got on top of me and begin to fucking me. He had sex with me until he pull away and came. Then I got up and went home.

Now when I came out of my daydream I was oozing some girl cum and I masturbated until I came good.

Another day I told Mommy that I was going for a walk and she said okay. I had just finish my homework. I left and went over to the woods and then I came upon this dog. he was just laying there and I walked up to him I said to him hello and I started to walk off and he raised his head and bark at me. I then turn around and went back over to him and started to patting him when lo and behold he jump on me and he started to licking me and before I knew he was hunching on me. But of course he couldnt get in me and I was determine he was going to either. So I let him hunch on me for a little bit and then I push him off and jerk him off.Then I got up and walk off. Now before I got out of site I look back and notice he was licking his penis. I went home and took me a bath and then I help mom fixed supper.

Now my next experience with a dog wasn't to years later after I got out of high school.


24856 - I remember when I used to take showers with my daddy and he would let me touch his dick. I wanted it so bad. I also wanted doggy dick too I used to rub a doggy dick a play with it turns me on so much just thinking about it. I also used to masturbate with one of my cousins it was so much fun!!


24826 - Okay so first off I feel horrible about this whole situation. I'm a girl and I have a girlfriend, I'm a lesbian but I can't help the fact that I love bestiality. I can't imagine having sex with a human male but a male dog sure I would love that. Anyway, my girlfriend went on vacation with her family and she asked me to watch her dog so I said sure. After she left I arrived at her house and let her dog in the house. It was a few hours that a kept thinking "This could be my chance to see if i'm actually into this." So I went for it. I started by gearing up to touch his male parts, it took me a minute to find my reasoning but then I did. I started by stroking him and he didn't seem opposed to it at all. I could feel him getting hard but he never unsheathed himself. If he did I would have been on him in a second but I couldn't get his junk out. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. But I stopped and thought to myself "This is so wrong this isn't happening because he is scared." My stomach gets sick every time I think about it because it was my GIRLFRIENDS dog. Is that horrible of me? I couldn't ever tell her because she would hate me. I've tried telling her I'm into that stuff but in the end I couldn't. I would still love to try getting mounted by a dog. I wish I could do this with my girlfriend. I have so many kinks she doesn't know about. What do I do...