Latest Bestiality Confessions:


25547 - I let a dog fuck me once. It started out with him sniffing me, which got us both aroused. Then he mounted me and began to humping. It felt so good with him bumping against me through my clothes, that in a little bit I pushed my pants and underwear down so we could really fuck. I really had a great orgasm when that dog pumped his sperm into me! But I felt pretty weird about it, so I never did that again. Sometimes I wish I had have.


25482 - I am very interested in incest and bestiality. I used to fuck my mom every chance I got, whenever my dad was away, which was quite a bit being he was a serviceman. I also had a sexual encounter with a dog once that I found very exciting. It is a wonder I never did it again! I used to sleep with my mom whenever dad was away. We also took baths together. Our first fuck actually took place in the shower. Mom's was the only pussy I got until I was in my late twenties and started dating a teenage girl I met at church. After we got married, I found out that she had been having sex with her brothers. One of her uncle's had had his dick into her too, tho briefly. She also fooled around a bit with a cousin. They would have fucked, but heard someone coming. She also had some experiences with dogs, and saw some neighbors have intercourse with a horse.


25431 - I've always been interested in trying bestiality since I first accidentally stumbled upon it on a porn site when I was 17. Never got up the nerve to try it. Now I'm married and don't know how to tell my husband about my secret fantasy.


25318 - I badly want pics and videos of incest and bestiality. please send some to me on kik @ regularguy00