Latest Bestiality Confessions:


25265 - Anyone else here ever had sex with a dog? It was something my bf talked me into doing and I wonder how common it is. He's always been into zoo porn and even had an old gf who used to perform for him with his dog. I think maybe I did it because I felt that I needed to compete with the ex. He has a lab named Duke and I always wondered why he was always trying to hump me. When bf told me why, I was pretty shocked. But I watched the zoo porn with him and understood his logic about why it turned him on. He says he likes to see a woman so open with her sexuality that she's willing to do anything. Ok, I see the appeal.

Started out giving Duke handjobs. Kind of gross, but bf and I had really hot sex after. It was just a matter of time before I agreed to go all the way. Did it on all fours using a step stool for support. I was scared to death, but willing to try it.

He put socks on the dog's feet to keep me from getting scratched, and when he did that, the dog started getting excited because he knew from experience what was happening. He mounted right away but couldn't quite hit the right spot. Bf helped him in and he took off like a rocket. Holy fuck --- never felt anything like it. Have done it a few times since.


25140 - I have had a dog actually try to rape me! He probably would have succeeded too, if I had been naked. As it was, he sexually excited me and his penis thrusting against my nether regions brought me to an intense orgasm! Since then, I have often been tempted to expose myself to him in the nude and see what may happen. I have had erotic dreams about me and fantasies of me and the dog going all the way and him getting his big knot up inside of me. The idea excites me very much! I have looked up pictures and films on the web of dogs and people mating and read stories about this too. I wonder if I will ever get up the nerve to actually go ahead and give this a try? Any suggestions?


24705 - Once I was fixing to take a shower when my dog came up behind me and put his forepaws around my waist and humped me. That was a very interesting experience!


24657 - I have been mounted by a dog before. it was..... interesting.