Latest Bestiality Confessions:


24705 - Once I was fixing to take a shower when my dog came up behind me and put his forepaws around my waist and humped me. That was a very interesting experience!


24657 - I have been mounted by a dog before. it was..... interesting.


24474 - My wife used to be quite a slut when she was younger. Not long after we got married, she had an affair with a big cocked teenage neighbor that lasted several months. She said the kid had a 9 or 10 inch cock! She later on fucked a couple of dogs, a poodle and a doberman. One Xmas, she had sexual intercourse at least a couple of times with a young nephew. She carried on an affair with her father-in-law for about a year. Now at the time we got married, she was pregnant, and I thought at the time it was my kid, but later on she confessed to me that her own brother had knocked her up while we were broke up. She had carried on an incestuous relationship with him on and off over the years. She had also fucked two other brothers, sometimes even in threesomes. Boy, did I ever hit the jackpot with her!

Hey, I ain't no saint myself. I used to fuck my mother when my dad was overseas. She seemed to think it was her duty to be taking care of my sexual needs. Now wasn't that sweet! In fact, I think she was also using me to satisfy her own horny sexual needs, tho she would never admit that. Now my dad and my wife both told me that they had seen her in acts of bestiality with dogs! So I came from a good family and married into a good family, righT? Well, what the hell. Besides my mom, I also once had sexual intercourse with a doberman dog once, so I too had a little experience in bestiality.

Now some may suppose that I am just making all this up and maybe accuse me of being a liar. I do not really care if anyone believes me or not. I am just confessing this to get things off my chest. If you like it, fine. If you don't, then just to heck with you. I don't give a fig. I guess it may be a tad hard to believe, but in fact is IS all true. You know what? Sometimes I wish it wasn't. I guess I have still got a bit of conscience left.


24276 - Hey. Im really into bestiality and looking for live pics or vids. If your willing to share any hit me up in kik, Deviant.Breed