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26358 - One day I was cutting up with the neighbors' dog, when he just took me. It was very exciting and pleasurable! I wish it had happened some more!


26353 - HI. Who on here would love to have sex with a dog or a horse or some other animal? Who has actually done that? I admit that I have done this one time with a doberman dog and I really enjoyed that. Wonder why it is considered so taboo and wrong? Who does it hurt anyhow? IF you want to know more about my experience, I will tell you. And I would love it if you would share your experiences with animals, male or female. I like to collect bestiality pictures too. I copy them from bing.


25678 - Ok so I can't believe I let me freinds dog eat my pussy.

So I'm at my freinds place 90% of the time I stay over most nights. Most nights a sleeo naked to tease my freind. One morning the dog was licking me and started licking my add hole. It felt so good but I pushed her away. The next day my freind put the dog in my room with me to sleep. I took every thing off but my panties. The started sniffing around. She would lick me but then stop. So I dipped my finger in my pussy and let her smell and taste my pussy. She loved it . I keep patina my pussy and trying to get her to not stop. I stoped after a few minutes. right after I stopped my freind cans in the room. My heart was beating like crazy.

The next day it was just me and her at my freinds house. I was super horny so I pulled down my pants abd let her eat my pussy it was amazing she loved my pussy. Thank god I stoped cause my freind came home. A few hours after that my freind left again and I knew how I was going to get her to not stop licking my pussy. I stuck my finger in some jam and spread it all over my clit and right at the inside of my pussy it was amazing i came a couple of times.

But now you won't stop sniffing and trying to lick my pussy I feel so nasty but it felt do good.


25547 - I let a dog fuck me once. It started out with him sniffing me, which got us both aroused. Then he mounted me and began to humping. It felt so good with him bumping against me through my clothes, that in a little bit I pushed my pants and underwear down so we could really fuck. I really had a great orgasm when that dog pumped his sperm into me! But I felt pretty weird about it, so I never did that again. Sometimes I wish I had have.