Latest Daughter Confessions:


25512 - I’m a 21 year old woman and have been my parent’s sex toy all my life.

My earliest memories were of me sit naked with my parents and them touching and kissing me.

At 4, I had my first organism and learned how to give oral to both of them. From the first time I took dad cock in my mouth, I was made to shallow dad cum.

Until he died last year at 50, I gave him blow jobs twice a day. When he fuck mom I had to lick his cum from her pussy.

Mom had me between her legs anytime she wanted and often a night dad would be taking me doggie style at the same time.

We move a lot so I would not have many friends, and I would be available as their toy.

I was always kept naked and mom being obsessed with oral sex would have 69 sessions for hours.

They would constantly masturbate me but never let me cum, unless I begged them to have sex with me.

In January mom died at 40. I have no family or friends.

I have picked up at least 200 men and woman since then, but feel nothing during sex.

If only my parents were alive to abused and used me. I realize it’s the only way I can cum.

I’d give anything to taste dad cum again.


25491 - I'm looking for a mommy sister daughter or even a female cousins to fool around on kik my kik is josh_todd93 I'm male and 21 with a very hard dick I love incest it turns me on so much


25485 - Six months ago I met a 27 year old daughter I never knew I had. She is very sexy and beautiful.

She found out about me after her mother died this year.

We hit it off right away and she started visiting every weekend. We became very close quickly.

We went to DR for vacation stay at a house on the breach. After partying at the night club the first night we ended up in bed and I had the best sex of my life.

She moved in when we returned and have been fucking like dogs since. Her middle name should be hover as she sucks like a vacumn cleaner!

Last week we flew to Los Vegas and got married. It was easy as she has a different name from me.

She said knowing that I'm her father makes so wet and makes the fucking smoking hot. I agree completely.


25481 - I can't keep this secret, even if I tell it anonymously.
Two weeks ago my daughter had a friend of hers sleepover at my house. Her friend is cute and I've always wanted to fuck her. Anyway, she was flirting with me and basically letting me know that she would let me.
I told her to tell my daughter that she wasn't feeling well and she wanted to sleep by herself in the guest room instead of in my daughters room like she usually did.
That night I waited till my wife was asleep and at about 2am I crept into the guest room. It was dark and I approached the bed quietly, I could just make out her body in the bed and she had fell asleep, I pushed down the sheet from her body and she was just wearing a short white nightie. I slowly pushed it up to her tummy and bent down to kiss her moist pussy. She parted her legs slightly, half asleep, making it easy for me to slide my tongue deep inside her pussy. She mumbled and woke up. I just went Shhhh and kept licking her. Her hands moved to the back of my head and she grinded her hips against my face. I quickly got hard and moved up so I could kiss her boobs. As I kissed and sucked her tits, I felt her hand moving down to my shaft and she started masturbating me.
My cock was throbbing and rock hard, I quickly moved my hands down to her hips and lifted her slightly . She moaned yes as I pushed deep into her wet pussy.
I thrust drop and hard, feeling her muscles clench. I didn't want to cum in her, quickly withdrew and blew my load on her stomach.
I kissed her and thanked her and hurried back to bed.
Next morning my daughters friend came over to me and said sorry she hadn't been in spare room. Seemingly my daughter let her sleep in her bed and my daughter used the guest room that night.