Latest Daughter Confessions:


25133 - This is the first time I have every written this down anywhere.

45, years ago my wife died in a car crash. About two months later, I woke up at 2am to find my 14 year old daughter Traci sucking my cock. I tried to push her way and but she had her arms wrapped around me, and it felt so go I gave in and let her finish.

I dropped my load in her mouth she gagged but somehow swallowed it all. That was something my wife would never do even if I begged her.

Traci move up to my face and kissed me I could taste my cum but didn’t care.

She said, she was the woman of the house now and she would like wife to me in every way.

Two nights later I took her virginity and the rest is history. When Traci graduated from high school at 17 we move across the country and lived like husband and wife. It was 1973 and in California no one questioned the age difference.

She is still unbelievable in bed and I maybe 80 but I still get rock hard when see her nude.

Traci is a great mother and grandmother to our five children and 20 grandkids.


25095 - I met a mother and daughter who offered to have a threesome with me for $300. For proof they showed me several pictures of them together, some of them were at least a decade old.

When I asked why, the daughter said that they had been fooling around together for years, so why not invite guys to join us and make some money.

The Mom is 42, the daughter is 23. They have been doing it for 10 years!

When I asked how it started, the mother said that after she found porn on her computer, she wanted to teach her daughter about sex and masturbation. She bought her a small vibrator and showed her how to use it. From the way they tell it, they got naked together and the daughter just copied her Mom. They didn't touch each other.

Months later I guess, the daughter admitted to her Mom that the first time together was more fun than it had been alone. So they started masturbating together on a regular basis.

Eventually they started playing with each other's tits, and then fingering each other. When I asked about pussy eating, the mom said she was fingering her daughter and just couldn't help but go for it.

I didn't have the money for the threesome, but I've been jerking off to it ever since!


25077 - Last night I came home after work and got into bed, next to my wife, everyone in the house slept, exept for me and my daughter. She heard me come in, and soon after I went to bed, she came in and laid down between her mother and me. She didn't wear anything but a t-shirt and suddenly I knew what she was up to. She has been trying to get me to have sex with her for months, my wife has told me several times to "teach her" but I've been reluctant.
My daughter started playing with my cock and it stiffend really fast, then she moved on top of me, and slowly eased her way down  on my cock. Suddenly her hymen broke and she cried a little because it did hurt but she continued riding my dick after a while. I came like a vulcano but she kept on going... She climbed off after a while and asked me if I enjoyed it. I told her I did, and suddenly I realised that my wife was watchng us and smiled. She told our daughter to go back to her bed, and then she sucked my dick clean...
... what a night...


25040 - I want so badly to get my wife pregnant so we can have a little girl that we can teach to love my cum even more than her mom. I want her to grow up playing with her mom's pussy and bathing in my cum. Eventually once she's older I want her to have her own sister and we continue the cycle. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of me cumming in my daughter while she eats out her mom.