Latest Daughter Confessions:


24810 - My daughter is now 22 and I want to fuck her so bad. her best girlfriend is fucking me now. I got her drunk at a party and got her to fuck me and she loves it we have been going at it for a full year. she is 24 and so dam sexy she loves having me dominate her and make her do kinky things I am wanting her to get my daughter to submite to her and then let me fuck them both wish me luck.


24759 - Last night I ended up in bed with my partners daughter.
I had been out for a drink and went round to her house. The daughter was home and told me her mom had gone out with friends but it was ok for me to wait. We watched TV for awhile but I couldn't stop looking at her. She had this really short dress on and now and then I could see her panties. I got really hard and started rubbing the front of my pants. She noticed but didn't say anything. In fact she kinda showed more, I looked her in the eyes then, and when she looked at me I unzipped and pulled my cock out. I started stroking myself then got up and walked over to her, I grabbed her hair and guided her mouth to my cock. She protested at first but then started sucking me off. After about 10 minutes I grabbed her hand and took her to her room I made her kneel on the floor by her bed then lifting her skirt up I pulled her panties down and fucked her doggy style. She was so tight I cum straight away. We then got into bed and fooled around.
Should I tell her mom?


24714 - Im a girl, Amber, and whenever my dad passes out drunk, I try to touch his penis. I know its weird, but it feels like I should be doing it. Gonna stop soon, I dont want to escalate the situation.


24709 - I've always been a daddy's girl, but then he's always been there for me. My mom is kind of a worthless bitch, who was more interested in spending her husband's money and running around than taking care of me. My dad on the other hand showered me with attention and love. He finally got sick of her crap and divorced her when I was 7.

For the next several years we had a series of Au pairs and nannies to help him in taking care of me, though he still devoted a great deal of his time to me. I was his princess and he spoiled me. Eventually I figured out these pretty young women were also my Dad's lovers.

By the time I was teenager Dad had moved onto having "assistants" as his excuse to keep his mistresses around. He never showed any interest in long term relationships, I guess mom soured him on anything like that. I became very jealous of these women, even though he never put one of the before my needs. As I grew more aware of my own sexuality and desires I realized I wanted my Dad to touch me. I started fantasizing about it all the time.

I was sixteen when I decided to do something about it. When Dad was between "assistants" I started to talk to him about romance and such, trying to draw him out some. He admitted that he hadn't felt secure in loving anyone after mom hurt him so much. I asked him "including me?". He rushed to reassure me that of course he loved me and trusted me. As he hugged me I took my chance and said

"Then why do you need those other girls? I'm here for everything you need."

He stayed very quiet for a while then he asked if I meant what he thought I did. I answered him by kissing him. That was all it took. In a few minutes we were in his bed taking each other's clothes off. He went down on me and then I returned the favor. We cuddled for a while then he fucked me for the first time. It was everything I dreamed of. Lying there with him, feeling his cum inside me, it was heaven.

We've been lovers ever since. I share his bedroom most nights. He's taught me everything he likes and opened my eyes to all kinds of pleasures I hadn't imagined.

For my graduation gift I got breast implants, which were really a present to us both. I decided to skip college, instead staying home to make him happy. I love the idea of being akept woman.

When we go on vacations we always pretend to be a married couple. He even got me a ring to wear. I wish we could really be married, but I'll accept what we've got.