Latest Daughter Confessions:


25592 - Two weeks ago I came home drunk at 2am. The cab driver brought me to the door as I could barely stand and my 18 year old daughter Jena got me to my bedroom.

She undressed me and when pulling my pants off my boxers went with it. I was horny and hard from the little cock teaser who was flirting with me, but then blew me off for a college dude.

Jena, just stood there looking at my cock. I’m not huge but am 7 ¼ inches when hard.

I don’t know what came over me, but reached up and stroked her long brown hair and gently tugged it forward and let go. Jena closed her eyes and moved forward and her mouth took in my cock.

She suck a few minutes and I pulled her in 69 position, pushed aside her sleep shorts and started to eat her. I came quickly she swallowed and I just kept eating her until she came several time.

After she caught a few minutes, she got up and kissed me. And went to bed room and I passed out.
I woke up several hours later with a hangover and took a shower. When I went back to my bedroom, I found Jena, naked and waiting for me.

Since then we sleep together and make love or 69 many times a day. On Monday night she confessed I had taken her virginity and she had wanted this to happen since she was 14.


25585 - My daughter Abbie and I started having a sexual relation she was 17.

At 20 we had a baby daughter Gloria. I was only 40 and we moved out west and lived as husband wife for 20 years.

We had a great life and no one knew out secret.

One night last month our daughter came to us in her robe.
“Mom, Dad, she said I found 20 years of mom’s old diaries in the attic last week and read them all.

I know mom's your daughter. Gloria open her robe and took it off she was naked.

We tried to stop her but she climbed into bed with us and started to kiss us both. We should have stopped ourselves but didn’t and we made three way love.

Gloria who is now 20 is with us every night now. We all take turns reads the old diaries. Abbie a get visibly turned on by them, she will push Gloria face to her pussy. Gloria eats her mother willingly.

It is an incredible feeling have then both sucking me at the sometime, then passing my cum back and forth to each other until one shallows it.


25512 - I’m a 21 year old woman and have been my parent’s sex toy all my life.

My earliest memories were of me sit naked with my parents and them touching and kissing me.

At 4, I had my first organism and learned how to give oral to both of them. From the first time I took dad cock in my mouth, I was made to shallow dad cum.

Until he died last year at 50, I gave him blow jobs twice a day. When he fuck mom I had to lick his cum from her pussy.

Mom had me between her legs anytime she wanted and often a night dad would be taking me doggie style at the same time.

We move a lot so I would not have many friends, and I would be available as their toy.

I was always kept naked and mom being obsessed with oral sex would have 69 sessions for hours.

They would constantly masturbate me but never let me cum, unless I begged them to have sex with me.

In January mom died at 40. I have no family or friends.

I have picked up at least 200 men and woman since then, but feel nothing during sex.

If only my parents were alive to abused and used me. I realize it’s the only way I can cum.

I’d give anything to taste dad cum again.


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