Latest Daughter Confessions:


25806 - I have a friend (like me, in his 50s) who is clearly obsessed with my 23 year old daughter's 36D tits. She's always been proud of them, and often wears low-cut or tight tops to emphasise how big they are. Sometimes the three of us go out for a drink or a meal, and he always ends up talking to her tits rather than her face (not that she minds, she quite likes him). He's happily married and isn't the type to cheat on his wife, but I'd really love to watch him fuck my daughter long and hard. Just wish I could find a way to make it happen!


25767 - Like to find a young lady to chat with a bit, maybe a dad - step daughter thing doesn't have to be,not that I have a big ego but being 40 I think I am good looking and a nice body,find someone to IM on yahoo,leave a contact information so I can talk to you


25759 - I think i did the most stupid thing two weeks ago,my wife was not feeling well and went to bed, my daughter was lying next to me watching tv .i dont know what came over me ,i put my hand on her stomarch and asked her if she wanted to go to bed ,she said no.i dont know why i did it but i slid my hand inbetween her legs.i started rubbing her through her pj s,she did not resist, i pushed her pj s down and and felt her she lifted her bum and slid her panties off.i rubbed her pussy slowely.she let me put my finger in and finger her ,i lay there and fingered her for about about half an hour ,we have not done it again ,but when she heard her mother is going away for 4 days she started acting different,like giving me a cheeky smile.i dont know what to do when my wife goes away,the thing is my daughter is only 12.


25753 - My 11 year old daughter and me started to do mountain biking,it was her idea. we bought keep pace i let her always ride in front. from the first day i could not help looking at her cute the third time looking at her in the tight riding pants made me horny.the forth time when we put the bikes in the back of the van and clossed the doors i pulled her towards me and cuddled her ,i told her how i enjoyed our time together she said she enjoyed it very much.i slipped my hands down to her bottoms and squeezed them,i told her how hot she looks in the pants.all she said was ,DADDY,but with a smile.the next weekend she came up to me and her mother and asked if we could go riding , the look she gave me , i said yes at the woods after the ride as before we put the bikes in and closed the door.luckily the front windows are tinted.she stood in front of me, i knew i was going to get a cuddle before i put my hands on her bums,she kept her hands around my neck,i carressed her beautifull ass.i new she had no panties on under.i slipped my hands inside her pants,she did not refuse.after a while i slipped them off and rubbed her sexy bum.she turned and sat on my one leg,i oppened her legs and saw the most sexiest pussy i rubbed and stroked it for about 5 min. i took my finger and slipped it gently into her i could not believe how wet she was ,for the next 15 min my little girl let me finger her after she climaxed we cuddled i pulled her pants on and we went home.from that day on i always wait till she asks me to go riding,because i know what she wants after .she does not want to have full sex ,i accept. but i dont worry,i love it when i sit and finger her.these days she stands in all positions and lets me finger her.all i want to try is to lick her pussy.