Latest Daughter Confessions:


26424 - I'm 36, my Dad Is 66 and I have a 40 year old broy. Dad is still married to Mom, although she nags constantly. My brother's wife is grossly overweight. My Dad loves me a lot, he told me when I was a teen I was his favorite. I wish I would have tried to tempt him long ago. He wants to start visiting me weekly and I'm going to let him. I want to see if I can get him aroused bc I know Mom hasn't fucked him in 20 years. Also, I would like to to maybe put my brother in a position where he can't say no. Just not sure how. I helped my ex with my daughter, wish someone would have helped me then. Hopefully I get help with my fantasy now.


26422 - My son impregnated my and his twin sister two months ago during a wild threesome that last for week while we were on vacation.

Neither of us told him we had gone off the pill. It so great we are knocked up together.


26413 - I want to fuck my dad. My REAL dad. I have been fantasizing about him since I was 10. Im 30 now and married. I told my husband that I have a daddy fetish and he plays into that as best as he can, but its not the same. My dad has been married for over 20 years to a woman who never wants sex. He is always complaining about how they havent fucked in years. Im pretty sure he tells me these things because he wants to fuck me too. Im afraid he will reject me and tell everyone about it. I love my dad a lot and dont want out relationship to change. I just want to feel his tongue lapping up my pussy juices as I feverishly ride his face. Then I want him to fuck me like the slut I am and spill his seed deep in the pussy he created. Any ideas on how I can make this fantasy a reality? How do I do it so its not so awkward afterwards?


26404 - I'm 19 years old 5' 2" feet tall, have dark brown hair, a pretty face and good body.

Three years ago my mother died, and in that time my father who is a 6 feet tall and a George Clooney look alike, but with a better body and far sexier, have gotten very very close.

Well four weeks ago during spring break, we went to Aruba for a week in a very private beach bungalow. We lived on the beach from the moment we got there.

On the second day were drinking and I took off by bikini top. Dad looked at me and smiled. We spent the rest of the day flirting. That night we went clubbing and drinking. On the dance floor I was grinding against him and I could feel his junk getting hard.

By midnight we were in a dark corner kissing, and he was fingering me. I whispered let get to the house. By the time the taxi got to the house my I was just in my thong.

We got in the bungalow and we went at it like animals. We were on the floor and I pulled dad pants and boxers down and gasped. Dad cock was huge, I know now it 11 inches. At that moment I understood why I would hear mom at night screaming "it to big it to big"!

I was on it in a second, my pussy was wet from dad's fingering me and I mounted him.

I'm not a virgin, but his cock felt like it was splitting me in two. I rode him and rode him. Dad was a machine and even drunk lasted 20 minutes, I came so hard it hurt. Finally, he came and flooded me.

We collapsed on the floor catching our breath. I felt his cum dripping from my pussy.

For the rest of the week end we fuck like dogs in heat. And since we came home it is still going on.

I also realized I am madly in love with my father and want no other man.

I'm also a week late for my period and I hope I'm pregnant.