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26805 - My mom bought me a vibrator and a rather large vibrating dildo a few months ago. I just turned 16 and she caught m she said it was natural and healthy and safer than sex.(Although I have done it a few times.) I can't stop using the toys. My dad caught me. He was going to leave, but I asked if he wanted to watch.We masturbated together for hours.I just called him and asked if we could do it again tonight. I am going to let him fuck me. I am using my toys right now.


26792 - I am quite young and I have been watching porn for years. One time my daddy came in on me masturbating without me knowing. Later he told me that he had seen me and I was very embarrassed. But now I think back and ask myself why he didn't announce his presence when he saw me ... He might have gotten hard. Now I really want my daddy but he has a girlfriend and she is pregnant. But I still can't help but wonder what my daddy's rock hard cock looks like. I love the idea of sex with him but it would be too hard with his girlfriend around. Please help.


26785 - Hey guys. Im 20 years old amd loveee incest, mostly daddy daughter. I would love to role pay on kik with anyone while i cum. And im willing to send a special pic so you know im real. You can message me at MaddieMils, i'd love to chat (;


26782 - I fucked my now girlfriend daughter before fucking her, when I first met my gf I would visit for cup of tea and a chat, over the first 3 weeks her 21 year old daughter would walk around the house in just panties and a vest with no bra as if it was normal, you could see she had protruding pubes from her panties, I couldn't keep my eyes off her.
The second week in my gf said she need to go see her mum in hospital and could I sit and keep Jenny company.
Again she was in her panties and vest, this vest was not so tight fitting and when she moved about you could see her breasts.
We started watching some TV Jenny was on the sofa I was sitting opposite her, she then put both feet on the sofa, knees together and pulled her vest over her knees to her feet.
She then said do you think I'm attractive, why you ask me that I said, turns out she was having bf troubles, I said your very attractive, really she said, of course, you have I lovely figure, she then stood up and said what about my boobs while pulling her vest tight to show the shape, what do you think of the shape and size, perfect I said, thank you, what about my legs, they look great to I said, as I said that she got up and put one foot on the arm of the chair I was sitting on and said what about smoothness, I had a good close up between her legs and I was really getting turned on, I like older men she said, they know what their doing, in what way I said, she said her friend had sex with an older man and said it was amazing and I would like to know what it's like, out of the blue she said, will you have sex with me, no don't be silly I said, why not come on mum won't be back for ages, she went out in the kitchen and when she came back she was naked, come on please have sex with me, I got up and touched her tits, she was making all the right noises, I picked her up and put her back on the sofa, I knelt down and opened her legs, got my cock out and put it over her pussy hole, before I even entered her she was screaming, I had a job to get the head of my cock inside her pusdy, wiped some pre cum over her pussy and pop, the head of my cock was in, I started pushing and she was pushing back saying omg omg I pulled out and went back in, each time doing this going a bit deeper, I was nuts deep by the tenth time and was in full swing of fucking her, I pulled her off the sofa and laid on my back, my cock rock hard and her pusdy tight as fuck, she was sliding her pussy from the top of my cock to the buttom, you could feel not all my cock would go in, she laid down on me and I parted her arse cheeks and thruster really fast, she was loving it, then I had her from behind making her put one foot on the sofa so I could really get deeper inside her, fuck me fuck me more she said, I flipped her over and started ducking her again on the sofa, I had her legs wide open amazing view of a hairy young pussy, I pulled out and shot stream after stream of cum over her tits tummy and pussy, she didn't cum but for the rest of the night until mum got home she kept on saying please fuck me again.
For the next 4 weeks I must of fucked her 10 times.