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25812 - Most of you need to have your face kicked in. Pathetic how shallow and much lowlifes try bringing people down. Suppose to respect elders.. shit act worse then shitass kids. Respect that?!? Hell NO


25802 - Me and my lesbian whore are nothing more than obsessed nitwits. We are such fucking dipshits we think we're cute being what every guy wouldn't want in a lady.


25801 - I visit my grandmother at least once a month , ever since grandpa died two years ago.
We would sit and chat about family or just watch TV.
Last week I went round and we talked about relatives etc. she told me she had a photo album we could look at in her bedroom. I told her I'd get it for her . She told me were it was and I went to get it. There was a chest of drawers and I opened the second one, the album wasn't in that one but it was full of lingerie, the real sexy stuff, silk sheer teddies and nighties etc, I got hard just looking at them and running my fingers over them. My grandma shouted if I had found it? I quickly closed that drawer and opened the one below finding the album.
As we sat next to each other looking at the old pics I couldn't help thinking about the lingerie, my cock was straining in my pants . I finally asked her about them. She blushed but told me she always enjoyed wearing silky nighties as it made her feel sexy but she never let anybody know. I asked her to try one on for me. After awhile she said yes but what one. I went through to her room and picked a black lace silk nightie and lay it on her bed. I walked back into the lounge and sat down. She walked into her room. After about 10 minutes she came back wearing the nightie. She looked so hot I nearly came in my pants. She gave a twirl and blushed, I told her she looked awesome, Sh smiled and went back to her room. I stood up , nervous but excited and followed her. She was standing looking in a mirror and I just walked up behind her. She watched me in the mirror as I pressed against her, my arms moving around her waist as my hands cupped her breasts. She sighed and pushed her butt back against my cock.
We fucked that night all night.


25367 - I want to find someone in arizona that has a big dog that I can fuck and get knotted by just thinking about this makes me sooo wet I'm a 40 yr old petite female look as good as girls half my age!