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24114 - Im 50 yrs old;pretty good lookin confession is that a want to fuck my sons girlfriend..were really close n she told me that if it wasnt for my son i migjt have a chance..shes 25 really cute lookin face n very sexy..nice round ass..she see me lookin at her cleavage everytime im around when she wears those low cut shirts..thing is i want to fuck her real bad but i dont want to hurt my son..should thia fantasy be acted upon? or shoild i just leave it as it is; just a fantasy..


24104 - Di asked

did you ever get to graduate from high school junior or senior? and have a pretty graduation ball gown or boy date you for the night like a homecoming queen party etc...?

no i replied i was attacked by a old perve and pedo when i was 15 and collapsed at school after eating glass and had to leave for emotional upsets and was put on anti-depressants and seeing a psychiatrist and physician for period problems

did you get to graduate for college or university?

no i lost over $8,000 when the private college i was at went into receivership twice and they would not give me my diploma, i dropped out university twice after being bashed over a guy and then after i was raped and had a stroke.

is this funny to you???

I have never gone on a nice date with a nice guy ever...

I get too afraid to dress pretty because one time i went to a job interview for a legal position and a old fat man masturbated infront of me behind the desk interviewing me, and another day at a political campaign drive some man up skirted me on the footpath down a electricity man hole.

when i was 21 my uncle sexually assaulted me shoving objects up my skirt as i walked past on 2 occasions and pushed things down my bra so i stopped dressing like a girl and got fat.


24055 - I know I could be a better lover to him then she is. I know I could be better in all ways to her or the other girls.

he has been trying to get rid of her and she wont leave yet. she is trying to hold onto a bad marriage convincing herself that he will change and not seek other girls out.

he butt fucks her and he loves mask sex with her and they have a dog.


24051 - I like to make fuck on women. I like to make hard fuck of woman and make cum on lady. Mom fuck. Sister fuck. Cool. I make fuck on all woman and make so fuck so good so hard.