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26451 - I am a 15 year teen old teenage girl who watches a lot of porn ?? and I am still a virgin....I crave to lose my v card because when ever I watch porn I just want to be that girl who gets fucked nice and hard


26362 - She said her name was Kayden. It was a little country bar, and she approached me. After few drinks she invited me back out to her van. She said it was totally private. I said okay, thinking that sex was in the picture. It was a conversion van with a nice big bench in the back. We laid down on the bench and started kissing. She was rubbing my cock as we kissed, but wouldn't let me touch her. I thought, "Okay, she wants to be in charge."

She scooted down and undid my pants, taking my cock in. It was almost hard already, so it didn't take long. "It's time for you to do me," she said. I hadn't cum yet, but that was okay. I figured it would last longer. She turned around and pulled up her skirt. When she pulled her panties down I was surprised to find a cock, not a pussy. "What the fuck?" I said. She said nothing, but just stuck her/his cock up to my lips. "Whatever," I said, and took his cock into my mouth. I had hooked up with a crossdresser. I'd only sucked one guy before, so I knew my tastes were diverse. I sucked him until he was hard. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and knelt on all fours next to me. "Fuck me," he said. I knelt behind him and shoved my cock in his asshole.

My cock was hard this whole time, so I had no trouble putting it in. I fucked his tight man-cunt until I was ready to cum. I pulled out and turned him around. as I started to cum he grabbed my cock and shoved it back in his mouth. I let out a load of cum my daddy would have been proud of.

When we were done, I got dressed and walked back into the bar. My buddies wanted to know all about it. All I could say was, "Dude, that was the tightest fuck I ever had." I left it at that, but was planning on coming back next week... by myself. :)


26320 - I was spending the night at a friends house and his Parents had gone out partying. We were laying on a sleeping bag in the living room floor in our underwear watching a movie and we were both on our stomachs with our pillows under our chests.
We were both 13 and with no one but us there I guess something was bound to happen and out of the blue he got on top of me and just laid on top of me and I asked what he was doing. He told me he didn`t know he just wanted to do it. I really didn`t care and just let him lay there. It felt pretty good and it was starting to make my dick hard and his too.
He started to slowly hump on my ass and when I didn`t object he kept going and I just let it happen and we were no longer watching the movie as he humped his hard dick on my ass and I told him it felt good and it was making me hard. I really didn`t want him to stop and started getting ideas in my head. He must have been reading my mind and he raised up enough to pull my underwear down and then pulled his down then I felt his naked dick on my naked ass and things got pretty hot after that.
He asked if I liked it and I said I did and it felt pretty good. He said it felt good to him too and he started to hump me good and I spread my legs wide apart and was even moving my naked ass around to excite both of us even more.
The longer he humped on my ass the more I liked it and I found myself wondering what would happen if he actually stuck his dick in my tight asshole.
The more I thought about it the more I wanted it to happen and when the urge got too strong I asked him if he would try sticking it in me. He couldn`t believe I said that and asked if I was serious. When I said I really wouldn`t mind to try it if he wanted to and he told me he wouldn`t mind either if I really wanted to try it.
I told him to go ahead and see if he could put it in me and he reached in to hold his dick his hand and find my asshole with the head of his dick saying I can`t believe you are letting me do this! I really wanted to do this when I got on top of you but I never dreamed that it would happen.
He tried several times to stick his dick inside me and I was getting anxious to feel him in my ass and it took both of us to get it started and by then we were both pretty worked up and excited and with just the head of his dick in my asshole he started to cum and once I felt the first shot or two go up my ass I lost it and pushed my ass up towards him and he shoved his dick into my ass and about the time he shot all his cum up my ass his nuts were touching mine and we were both moaning and make weird noises as he thrust his dick up my ass over and over telling me how good his dick felt in my ass.
We both calmed down and I asked if he would stay on top of me and just leave his dick in me as long as he could. We started to talk back and forth and he said he couldn`t believe we were doing this and how good he liked it and told me several times how good it felt when he came inside me.
Once I told him I wanted to do it again and used the word fuck to tell him to fuck me again it was hard to stop and when I started telling him to fuck me he seemed to get even more excited and the more I told him to fuck me the harder and faster he went and in the heat of the moment between breaths he asked if I wanted him to cum in me again and I said yes I want you to fuck my ass and cum inside me. The more I talked about letting him cum inside me the harder he fucked me and he started to tell me he was going to cum in my ass. It took awhile and it felt great having his dick slipping in and out of my ass and I kept telling him to fuck me and cum in my ass.
It was getting very good when he shoved his dick up my ass really hard and I knew he was about to cum so I shoved my ass up trying to get him as far up my ass as possible then he started to cum and I took all of it one warm blast after the other as he moaned and squirmed around on top of me it felt so good I came all over myself with his hard dick deep in my ass and full of his warm slick cum.
When we both calmed down I asked if he might like to fuck me again some time and he told me ever time my dick gets hard if you want me to. I told him that would be fine with me. Before his Parents got home at 3 that morning we fucked 3 more times and he came in me every time then we took a shower and fell asleep in the living room floor.
While he was asleep I pulled his shorts down enough to check out the dick that had been in my ass and I wanted it again. I wanted it so bad I leaned down and put it in my mouth. It was soft and felt good in my mouth and I sucked it and played with his balls and he got nice and hard and I was sucking my first dick and enjoying it when he woke up and never tried to stop me. He moaned and begged me not to stop and it felt so good that when he told me he was going to cum I took it in my mouth and let it run down his dick then shove it up my ass. (CONT)


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