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26147 - Wait until I get within 3ft of some of you no good basterds. Smack your fatmouths back to which loose vagina you came from.


26144 - I grew up in a small farm town, population was 879, in the Midwest. By the time I was in high school, it seemed everyone had dated everyone by then. When prom came around, I found myself an odd man out. So I put an ad online asking if anyone wanted to be my date.
It only took a few days when I got a few responses. I wrote back to most. Over the course of a week, I was conversing with just two girls. I exchanged pictures with both girls and started talking by phone. Shortly after, I agreed to meet in person each girl.
The first girl was Susan, she lived about 50 miles away. We met in a town that was located in between us. Susan was a redhead, which was one reason for meeting her, short, average looks, with a very nice rack. She was shy and let me do most of the talking. That was easy because I talk when nervous. She eventually warmed up and I got to know her better. She asked and I told her I was meeting one other girl about being my prom date. Susan seemed to take it well. We hugged before leaving.
The second girl I met was Melissa. She was very hot. Melissa was tall, tan, thin, had long dark hair. When she responded to my ad I couldn't believe it. Melissa lived just over 70 miles away and asked if I'd drive to her town to meet. We met at a park. She showed up 30 minutes late. I was excited to see her in person. She seemed very nervous,which surprised me from talking with her. She also seemed older than me just by the way she talked and acted. I ignored it because, for lack of a better word, she was so hot!
Melissa and I took a walk through the park. We were talking when out of no where she asked if I wanted a blow job. I never expected it but I would of been foolish to turn it down. I sat on a park table and she unzipped my pants,reached in and pulled my cock out. Melissa wasted no time going to work. My head was on a swivel checking to see if anyone else was around. In my excitement, I could hold out very long and exploded into her mouth. She was surprised by how quickly my response was and choked a little. I didn't know what to say except "sorry". Melissa wiped cum from her chin and asked if was still "up" for fucking. I was very hard and just shook my head yes. Melissa pulled her jeans down and bent over the table signaling me to take her from behind. It was awesome!
I wasted no time after she guided me into her. The slapping of my pelvis into her ass was loud and echoed in the park. I wasn't paying attention that we had onlookers until I finished. It must of been quite a show for those kids watchy us. After I was done, we both pulled our pants up.
Melissa seemed to be in a hurry walking back to our cars. When we got back, I asked her if she'd go to prom with me. She smiled and touched my face then said "No!" She got in her car and raced off leaving me shocked and confused.
On the way home, Melissa called me. She explained that she was much older than she initially told me and was married. She just wanted to have a fling with no attachments. I was in that punch drunk state still and begged to see her again but she said no.
When I got home, I called Susan and asked her to prom. We had a great time at prom. We did kiss before saying goodbye. I wanted to do more but Susan wanted to wait. We stayed in close contact, meeting once a week. Eventually we went to the same college. We dated for three years before getting married.
I never told her Susan what happened with Melissa. I made up a story she stood me up.


26051 - These so called elders my generation are suppose to respect don't deserve to receive any sympathy. Act worse than teenagers. Respect is earned, never given.


26000 - I was only 13 years old when I went all the way with a girl, but she was only 11! I met her over at my best friend's house. I'll call her Mary. She was a friend of my pal's younger sister. We were listening to albums and Mary had her fiend tell me that she liked me. That got me very aroused, but nothing happened that day.

I had been trying as hard as I could to fuck my first girl, but to no avail. I thought this could be my chance, so I called her a few days later. It was in August and was just a few days after I had turned 13. She came over to my house and I led her right away to my basement bedroom. My parents were working and my two sisters were also gone.

We sat on my bed and started kissing, then soon we were full-out making out while lying on top of the bed. We both knew we were going to fuck, so we both got naked right away, and my nearly 6-inch penis was fully hard as I slipped my briefs off and hopped onto the bed and right on top of a naked, bald-pussied Mary.

I thrust my cock between her spread apart legs hoping to slide inside of her, but I didn't know what I was doing, so she put it in her pussy for me! I couldn't believe how warm and moist her young cunt was to my virginal penis. It felt much better than masturbating! I made slow thrusts until I got the hang of it, but I didn't last long before shooting my sperm inside her tight vagina.

Like I said, I don't know what I was doing, and instead of burying my cock to the hilt inside her cunt when I ejaculated, I just kept stroking inside of her like I would keep pumping my shaft while cumming during masturbation, and my dick head got super-sensitive and I had to stop. but, no matter, I had just fucked my first real pussy and it felt great!

She pretty much left soon after, as if her task was finished. I found out later that I wasn't her first fuck. She'd been screwed many times already by her 18 year old step brother, since she was 10.

Thankfully, I got to fuck her four more times before we moved to another state, and each time the sex was better. The second time I fucked her was maybe a week later while I was taking care of my friend's dog while they were away. I invited Mary over to my friend's house and I fucked her on top of the covers of his bed. After she left I went up to straighten up the bed and that's when I say that the St. Bernard had drooled all over the middle of the bed where Mary's ass would have been. It looked like cum. I cleaned it up and put another notch in my belt, so-to-speak.

The third time we screwed was the best! I went over to her house. She had the place to hersel. It was now winter and in the evening. This time we fucked under the covers of her parents' bed! I came five times without ever pulling out. After the first time I came, I kept my prick buried to the hilt up her cunt until the ejaculations stopped, then, still hard, I fucked her again, and it went like that for five times. During the last time I came inside her pussy, she also had an orgasm and confessed that she loved me. That confession sort of surprised me, but it made me feel like a real stud.

The last time I fucked her was back over at my place during that same winter in the early evening. Nobody was home and I got inder the covers of my bed and fucked her while listening to A rock album. I had shot two loads of my increasingly experienced sperm up her cunt and was working on a third climax when my older sister came home. She was making noises directly above my bedroom, as if to let me know she could hear what I was doing downstairs. I kept screwing Mary until my third and final climax inside her luscious pussy hole subsided. Then she dressed and left.

We moved away fairly soon afterwards and I never got to fuck her again, but we corresponded by letters for a short while. I'll always be grateful for her letting me know she was interested in me, so I could burst my cherry inside her more experience, young and tight cunny slit! Thanks Mary, you prepared me for future fucking adventures, but that's for another time.