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25367 - I want to find someone in arizona that has a big dog that I can fuck and get knotted by just thinking about this makes me sooo wet I'm a 40 yr old petite female look as good as girls half my age!


25348 - I began an
Affair with a man young enough to be my son. I m now pregnant. I wanted to be get pregnant but only to feel his seed in me. I'm going to Abort I'm 50.
He wanted this. After fucking over 3o men and three husbands I wanted this. We fucked in side outside and we knew his father in law saw us once. Best sex ever. I've had five abortions. I used birth control but every time I stop men love to try to get me pregnant
My boobs are so big now. Wish I cloud post a pic of them.
My pussy is so tight now. I want to be Fucked too much. But I love cum.


25133 - This is the first time I have every written this down anywhere.

45, years ago my wife died in a car crash. About two months later, I woke up at 2am to find my 14 year old daughter Traci sucking my cock. I tried to push her way and but she had her arms wrapped around me, and it felt so go I gave in and let her finish.

I dropped my load in her mouth she gagged but somehow swallowed it all. That was something my wife would never do even if I begged her.

Traci move up to my face and kissed me I could taste my cum but didn’t care.

She said, she was the woman of the house now and she would like wife to me in every way.

Two nights later I took her virginity and the rest is history. When Traci graduated from high school at 17 we move across the country and lived like husband and wife. It was 1973 and in California no one questioned the age difference.

She is still unbelievable in bed and I maybe 80 but I still get rock hard when see her nude.

Traci is a great mother and grandmother to our five children and 20 grandkids.


25020 - I love to sext. 16yo female. Loves daddy/daughter
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