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24813 - Sooo if anyone has a dog and would like to watch him mount me and *uck me. I'd thoroughly enjoy it. Or if you would like to join me and my sister, or if you'd just enjoy spanking me.. I'd love it. (:

kik me. madeleine_1985


24633 - The best sex of my life is with my best friend, she is an amazing lover. When I am inside her we just connect and she is a great fuck. Confession is that we never expect to end up together. I sleep with other women but none compare to her. She will marry another man she loves and I'll end up marrying some socialite, but I think we will always be best with each other..


24560 - I live in Texas and love older men .
Big tits, wet & love getting oral. I love making vines and get
Turned on by showing others . (Vine: cunty bunny)
I wish I could meet men just to suck & finger my soaked cut .

But I keep to myself :/


24526 - I just had my ex wife over and railed on her for a good hour or so. She had been begging for my cock for a few months now that our divorce was final. More than anything I just missed her head game, have not had anyone since that could hang. So I made sure to get my fill of that. I smoked a bowl while she sucked me off, then I smashed on that pussy nice and hard from all angles till she came, and then some. Then she aggressively finished me off, draining my balls into her mouth, then showed me her swallowing it all down. This was a first, as she never let me cum in her mouth let alone swallowed my cum before. Its was a huge turn on. She came, sucked, jumped on it, came, swallowed, and went. No bullshit involved. I masterbated to cumming down her throat immediately after she left, and I may have one more go right now just to the smell and taste of her pussy juice on my hands and face.