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25617 - My name is umar I was always fantasizing about fucking my 12 year old sis well it finally happen after showing her pornographic movies she was sweet amd I fucked her four times but I dont use to last more than 2 minutes and now she is not allowing me to fuck her anymore any body with suggestions onn what to do to get her to fuck me n


25556 - I was in a short relationship with this crazy bitch I met while I was on that site called POF. The sex was pretty hot and I fucked her a lot. Towards the end I started fucking my exgirlfriend too.

lol, I remember I was trying to bottom my exgirlfriend out while she was moaning and I heard my text alert chime from my girlfriend. When that happened I thought, you stupid bitch, look what you made me do.

I didn't cheat because I was horny, I cheated because I was so sick and tired of my crazy, hot and cold acting, PMSing bitch of a girlfriend. After a week of cheating I got into a fight with the girlfriend and I never spoke to her again.

My question is, although it's been over a year, should I tell my then girlfriend. I don't feel guilty about it. Some people are big about people coming forward about stuff.


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25371 - I use to have sex with my niece. We use to fuck a lot when we were kids. I miss having sex with her. I wish I could have one more day with her.