Latest Fucking Confessions:


26029 - When I was 16 I was at a friends house while his parents were gone for the weekend and we got drunk as hell on his Dads Whiskey and watched some hot porn together.
I don`t really remember how it all got started but remember talking about sex and taking our clothes off. we ended up drunk as hell naked in his bed in a 69 and were so drunk we came in each others mouths and nearly choked trying to swallow it and then laid there in his bed laughing about being gay. You know we were drunk laughing about it.
I fell asleep and when I woke up I was tied spread eagle to his bed with sox he had tied together to make them long enough to tie me up. There was two pillows underneath me and my ass was sticking up and he was between my legs on his knees leaning forward. He had my ass spread open wide with both his hands and was eating my asshole licking and sucking on my asshole sticking his tongue up my ass.
I was still drunk and out of my mind going crazy getting my asshole worked on like that then he stuck his finger up my ass and started to fuck me with it then two fingers and he reached in under me and pulled my dick out between my legs and started pulling on it and jacking me off and then with his fingers still up my asshole he put the head of my dick in his mouth and sucked me off and I never came so much in my life.
Next thing I know he lets my cum drip out on my asshole and pushes it up my ass with his fingers while he starts to tell me how he`s going to fuck me with his big dick and then said he was going to shoot his cum up my ass.
Well that's just what he did and it hurt like hell and his dick was balls deep in my ass and I was kicking and screaming at him to take it out and I told him over and over it hurt and to please take it out of my ass and he just left it in me talking about how he was going to fuck my drunk asshole and cum in me.
The whole time he fucked me I was screaming and yelling and telling him to stop but he kept fucking me and shot a huge load as far up my ass as possible then laid on top of me shoving his dick up my ass really hard over and over telling me I knew you wouldn`t let me fuck you so I had to tie you up.
He finally took his big dick out of my ass and I started screaming again. He rubbed his dick on my ass slapped my ass cheeks real hard a few times and said I`ll be right back. I heard him in the bathroom taking a piss and then in the kitchen doing something then I heard the porn movie on the TV.
He came back in about 45 minutes and shoved his dick back in my ass and fucked me hard and talked dirty to me and I felt the cum he shot up my ass earlier all over my nuts as he fucked me hard and shot more cum up my ass. And before he untied me he fucked me again and by that time I got used to his big dick in my ass and actually had started to enjoy getting fucked and having his cum inside me and all over my nuts and ass and was pretty anxious to feel him cum in m e again which he did.
He waited awhile to untie me and made me promise we wouldn`t get in a fight because of what he did. Earlier I had it in mind to beat the fuck out of him over it but now I had second thoughts and hoped he would fuck me again some day.
We went to sleep after a shower together and I asked him if he was ever going to fuck me again. He said you want me to? I said I did and told him I didn`t enjoy it all at first because his dick was too big but once I got used to it now I liked it and really liked the way it felt when he came in me.
I got woke up the next morning with him trying to stick his dick in my ass and he fucked me good and shot a big load up my ass to start the day off right.


25948 - I loved listening to my parents fucking. I would play with my pussy every night listening, I got more daring and one night crossed the hall to their room the door was slightly open, and I peeked in Dad was fucking Mom doggy style, I slid my hand down my panties and played while watching, then Dad turned around and saw me in the doorway, I froze in horror, but he said nothing and pumped Mom harder then grunted and obviously came in her then he smiled at me. I went back to my room, we never spoke about it but their door was always open after that
I watched them fuck most nights after that,till I moved away.


25922 - When I was in my early 30`s I had this strong urge to do the things I did back when I was a young boy. Back then I had a step cousin and two other friends that I let fuck me in the ass all the time. No one knew about it but ever since I was a little boy I have always enjoyed the feel of something in my ass and when they used to fuck me and cum inside me it was the best sex ever.
Over the years I have bought sex toys and dildos that I use from time to time and when I was 22 I met a guy by accident in a bar and the more we drank the more we talked and he hinted around that he was pretty open minded and since he was from out of state traveling on his job I invited him over for some more beer and we got very drunk and agreed that both of us could sure enjoy some hot sex so we showered and he had a very nice dick. Very thick cut and over 8" long with a huge mushroom head that I really wanted up my ass and I told him I did.
We went to bed and we sucked each other a little and he wanted to 69 so we did and he fingered my asshole and we both got off in each others mouth but there was no way I could swallow so much cum.
Once he got hard he was ready to fuck me and after some lube he fucked me dog style and his dick was huge and got nice and deep in my ass. Next he put me on my back raised my legs and shoved his dick in my ass then fucked me good then turned me face down shoved my legs apart with his knees and told me to spread my ass open for him so I did then he put his feet over my legs to keep my legs spread and then he shoved his all the way up my ass and told me he was going to fuck me hard and pound me good and when he said "Then fill your tight ass with my huge load" I lost it and told him to go ahead.
Damn he fucked me until I was screaming and his pre cum was all around my asshole and he was pounding my ass talking dirty to me then he forced his dick up my ass and shot the biggest load up my ass he came forever and not once but two time before he let his dick slip out of my ass and cum poured out of me like a river.
I got him to stay the night and fuck me again before he left.
Now over 10 years later I have this craving to be fucked like that again so I answered ads in swinger magazines until some one writes me back. This was over 20 years ago so magazines were about it back then.
This man and me exchanged letter photos and then phone numbers. We talked a few times and he had a huge thick 10"+ dick and the head was very large big low hanging balls and he told me he came very heavy and loved to fuck a hot man deep in the ass.
Once we agreed to meet I got a very nice expensive Hotel room and called him once I got there. When he called me back he said there was a problem and that a friend of his had came to visit and after we talked his friend was bi sexual and He was bringing him along to meet with me and once they got there we drank a few beers talked then got naked and both of them liked my firm masculine tight ass and his friend was a nice thick 9"
First thing we did was had some good three way oral sex my asshole got lubed up and the big one went in my ass and the other one was in my mouth and it took forever for them to cum and it was way more than II could hold on either end. We didn`t sleep much at all and they left around 5 the next evening and I couldn`t hardly walk and my ass hurt like hell and for two days cum leaked out of my ass.
Those two guys fucked me for hours and they seemed to never get soft or tired they were one hell of a tag team and it would be nice to meet them again.


25904 - When my cousin and I were 12 years old we gave each other the first blow job either of us ever got. I still remember talking about it and how I lost the coin toss and sucked him off first. We were outdoors. Way down in the woods. It was a cool day and we were in some thick bushes and trees and I can still remember going to my knees waiting for him to take down his jeans and just what I would do once his dick was in my face.
He was standing in front of me shoving his pants and underwear down and I was on my knees in front of him and once he had his dick out he was looking down at me waiting to watch me put my mouth on his dick and as soon as I did I licked it all over and he kept telling me to hurry up and suck it so I put it in my mouth and put my lips around it and slowly took it in my mouth until I felt his nuts on my chin then I put my hands on his naked ass and pulled him to me to really get ever bit of his dick forced into my mouth and I started sucking it.
Once I was sucking his dick I started working my mouth up and down the entire length of it and he reached for my head with both hands begging me to suck his dick. The whole scene was so fucking hot I wanted to suck his dick all day long. Two young horny boys out in the woods me on my knees sucking my first hard dick my hands on his ass his hands holding my head while he fucked my mouth and me thinking that I really wanted to suck his dick good and even thought that having him cum in my mouth just might be pretty damn exciting and by then I `ve talked my self into letting him cum in my mouth the spit it out.
He started telling me he was about to cum and things got pretty intense after that and there was no way I could stop so I sucked even harder and he got the hint and when I pulled him to me with my hands digging into his ass cheeks he pulled my head into his body as tight as he could then said "You want my cum in your mouth?" I just moaned and shook my head yes then he said "Oh shit" then started to cum like crazy in my mouth it tasted a lot like my own which I ate pretty often so I just looked up at him and started swallowing as he looked down at me.
I couldn`t stop and even put his nuts in my mouth and stroked him and licked his dick all over and sucked his nuts until he was hard again then he laid on his back in the grass and I shoved my pants down to expose my naked ass to the great outdoors and I sucked his dick again for a very long time and soon after I swallowed his second load I jacked myself off on his dick and balls then licked my cum off of him.
After that we both got naked and he returned the favor much like I had done to him and before we had to leave we figured out what a 69 was and that was by far the best ever when we both came at the same time.
Every day after that we were always some where hidden out of sight sucking each others dicks and swallowing each others hot cum and the 69`s were something we always enjoyed and my favorite was being on the bottom with his nuts smashed to my forehead when he came. Getting fucked in the mouth in a 69 with him was the best sex ever and the more experience we got the more things we tried and soon I was letting him fuck me in the ass and cum inside of me and that was very good.
I liked it when he fucked my mouth or ass and got him to tie me to a tree on my knees naked while he would stand in front of me and fuck my mouth with my hands tied around the tree and when he talked dirty to me I really enjoyed it. It was all very casual and relaxed between us so what ever he wanted to do to me was fine with me so he liked having me tied up in different positions to use my mouth and ass and the older we got things got pretty wild and kinky between us and we had to learn to deep throat each other as our dicks got bigger.
I liked having his nuts in my mouth jacking him off so I could feel his nuts jerk in my mouth when he came on me. Later on he started licking and sucking my asshole before he fucked me and shoving his tongue in my ass but he also wanted me to do the same to him but he never let me fuck him in the ass.
By the time we were 16 there were 3 other boys that were part of our private little group and nothing was ever more enjoyable than having 4 horny well hung hard young friends to fuck me in the ass.
They would all take turns on my ass for hours and I liked being watched and having all their dicks all over me and shoved up my ass getting fucked hard and filled with their hot cum and taking one hard dick after the other for hours with cum dripping out of my ass. Those were the good old days.