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24969 - I'm a 40 year old mail and my niece is 26. Neither one of us are married. She is a bit chunky but not bad. lately she has been calling me and asking how I'm am and why don't i go to her place. I;m sure she wants me to fuck her, but I'm sure that its not right her being my niece and all but I don't think she has ever been laid and the thought of getting a virgin gets me excited. Wonderinguncle


24594 - Last Friday when I got a call from my new fuck buddy Dawn she asked me if I had anything planned when I told her I didn’t she asked me if I wanted to get together with her. Seeing both of us have Fridays off I told her to come over. I know that all she wants from me is a taste of my home grown marijuana but hay she’s willing to give up some pussy in exchange. That’s fine with me because of the life style I lead I really don’t want a girlfriend, instead I’ll take someone who’s willing to give up her pussy in exchange for some bud I’ll take any day.
When Dawn got here she was wearing a light weight summer style sack dress that came down to her just above her knees’s. I could easily tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra because of the way her perky nipples were imprinting against the front of her dress. When she came to me over gave me a hug I took advantage of her closeness and groped her firm petite boobs when she didn’t pull away from me kissed me I used my fingers to gently pinch her nipple. She responded to my sexual advance and slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately. Then we sat down together on the sofa and I got the hookah ready as I light up the hookah she started taking hits off of the pipe until the water bowl was full of smoke. Then we sat back and relaxed and shared the bowel of bud together. As she smoked I could tell she was getting buzzed because of her silly happy look and coy smile and the way she nestled closer to me. When she put her head on my shoulder I looked down into her cleavage and told her, “Nice boobs, I like them.” she joked with me “I know they’re small, but they’re all I have.” so I told her “I like them just the way they are, a nice mouth full,” She giggled at my sexist remark then she put her feet up on the coffee table allowing her dress to slid creep upward and expose her tanned legs and asked “what about my legs? I think they’re sort of skinny.” she knew I liked her legs but instead of telling her that again I told her “I better look!” then I pushed her dress up to her just below her crotch and could see that Dawn didn’t have any panties on. Dawn smiled flirtatious at me and got up then she sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck with her head nestled against me as she whispered in my ear “Oh, that weed of yours makes me so damn horny!” after she told me that I slipped my hand up between her legs, when Dawn felt that I was sliding my hand up on her inner thigh she spread her legs making it easy for me to have my hand on her pubic mound. I started massaged her pubic area , her body responded to my touch and her vaginal lips started spreading open as a welcoming sign for me to slid my finger into her cunt. When I started to gently finger fuck Dawn’s she liked what I was doing and spread her legs apart so all of her vaginal area was fully exposed. After finger fucking her a little switched to sliding my finger tip up and down inside of her vagina lips. When the tip of my finger brushed her clit I heard Dawn gasp and her body twitched then I knew that I had found the most sensitive area of Dawn’s body her clitoris, then as
I gently massaged Dawn’s clit with the tip of finger tracing circles around it as she swooned in sexual ecstasy. While I was rubbing Dawn’s clit she started pulling her dress up, getting undressed while sitting on my lap finally when she was naked, she whispered to me “I want you to fuck me,” then she got up and went over to the sun light area in front of the patio open door and got down on her hands and knees with her butt up, I quickly got undressed and got in position behind her, then as I grasped her bu her hips she reached between her legs and using her hand she positioned my erect cock at her vaginal opening then I took over and started having sexual intercourse with her fucking her from behind, after a few minutes of fucking her Dawn came to climax, her orgasm trigger mine so I came to climax with her, when she felt the first gush of my sperm into her Dawn sobbed aloud with sexual relief telling me how good having me fuck her. Then after we both had experienced sexual climax I seen that Dawn’s cunt was dripping with the excess fluids we had both released while having intercourse so I lead Dawn into the bathroom with me then after I had turned on the water in the shower I took her by her hand and lead her into the shower with me and we took a wonderful after sex shower together.


24555 - Last week when I sold a bike on Crags list to a woman who only lives a few blocks from me, she was buying it for her son who was with her. While she her son tried out the bike she asked to use my bathroom. As I escorted her in she seen that I had a hookah water pipe sitting out on my coffee table. When she was done in the bathroom she casually joked about my hookah, this is when it became apparent to me that she was a recreational smoker like myself then she cajoled into inviting her to over for “coffee.” later that afternoon after taking her son and his new bike home. When she came back she was by herself so we into the living room and sat down then I light up a bud for us to share, after a few toke’s she was buzzed then one thing lead to another until we ended up in my bedroom having sex. Seeing she had my phone number the next day she called me and told me that she really enjoyed our time together and sort of suggested that she’d like do it again so before hanging up with her I invited her over again then we arranged to meet the next Sunday afternoon.
On Sunday she when she got here I wasn’t sure what she had in mind then while giving me a warm welcoming hug she coyly asked me “do you have any more of amazing herb you want to share ?” then I knew what was on her agenda. Besides asking about smoking some more of my weed I could see from the way she was dressed she was prepared to engage in some special curricular activities. Because she was wearing a colorful halter topped sun dress with a full skirt the dress was made of a semitransparent material that showed off the out line of her body under it, and the halter top was cut low and accented her cleavage and her firm petite breasts. As she crossed in front of the patio door the sunlight easily revealed her well toned somewhat athletic body and I could that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that she was wearing a colorful pair of bikini cut panties. Before we started smoking I could tell she was in sensual amorous mood, after a few toke’s her sexuality became even more apparent when she came over and sat on my lap as soon as she was relaxed I slid my hand up under her skit and put it on her thigh then she whispered to me, “oh smoking always makes me so horny,” as she nuzzled into my neck. I took advantage of her amorous mood and slipped my hand up her thigh toward her crotch, when she felt my move my hand upward she spread her legs allowing me to easily slip my hand between her legs and feel her crotch. While caressing her crotch I started to slowly stroke the most intimate area of her female body as she cooed with sexual pleasure. When I could feel a warm moistness radiating from her vaginal area, I moved my hand upward to her waist then slipped my hand down inside of her panties and toyed with the tuft of pubic hair adoring her pubis, I used my finger tips to spread her clitoral hood lips apart so I could slip my finger into her vagina area and toy with her clit. Then I started gently touching the most sensitive part of her female body, using just my finger tip to trace circles around her clit as if I was playing with her nipple. Now that my finger was inside of her she moaned modestly as toyed with her clit getting her sexually aroused and her pussy wet in anticipation of sexual intercourse. Then I whispered to her “stand up I want to take your cloths off,” she did as I asked and I undressed her right there in my living room. As soon as she was naked I got undressed then I sat back down in my chair then she knelt down in front of me and got between my legs, then as she rested her arms on my thighs she smiled as she lowered her head down toward my awaiting erect cock, after using her tongue to lick the head of my cock a few times she started giving me oral sex, making wonderful sucking noises as she gave me fellatio. After a few minutes of her sucking on my cock she got up and straddled me as I sat in my chair, then while I sucked on her perky erect nipples her lowered her hips downward until she was fully impaled on my erect cock. Then with my hard cock deeply inside of her, when we looked at each other I seen the look of fiery passion deep in her eyes and she moaned “Oh fuck this feels so fucking good!” then she started moving her hips in the wanton rhythm of sexual intercourse as she whispered “Oh god I want to fuck you, I need to feel you cum in me!” as both of us advanced toward the ultimate of sexual pleasures, after fucking for a few minutes she was ready and started sobbing aloud in sexual ecstasy and her body started shaking with sexual tremors, when I came to climax inside of her and she felt my sperm spewing out of cock into her waiting vagina she muffled a scream of intense sexual rapture, finally when our climax’s abated my crotch was awash with the evidence of our sexual act, seeing that both of us needed to clean up I took her into the shower with me and we took our first shower together.


24536 - I’ve recently added another woman to my “I’ve had sex with her” list. A few days ago I after I listed a bike for sale on Crags List I got a call about it, a woman who lived near me asked when she and her son could come over and see the bike. I told her I wasn’t busy and to come over when they got here she asked if her son could try out the bike. While he went around the block with it she asked if she could use my bathroom. When I let her in I realized that I had left my hookah sitting out on the coffee table. When she had seen my pipe she said nonchalantly “well that looks like interesting.” I told her “well its kinda fun,” then a few minutes later her son returned and said he liked it. She asked me “Can I gave you a check?” seeing that I was only asking $25.00 for the bike I told her I’d take her check then as she was writing out her check she smiled and said “I’ll put my cell number on it, maybe we could have some, Ah, coffee together sometime if you want to.” so I asked her “when would be a good time to call?”she smiled coyly and replied suggestively “anytime, even today is good for me, I’ve got a open schedule” I told her “well I’ve got a open day also,” she smiled at me suggestion and replied “I could be back in a ½ hour or so, all I have to do is take him and his new bike home then I could be back.” I teased her referring to my hookah “well I’ll get a little of my best ‘coffee’ ready see you in a ½ hour.”
She was right on time and a ½ hour later she was back at my door as soon as I let her in she gave me a warm welcoming hug. Then we went into my living room and I sat down in my chair and she sat across from me on the sofa. I got a nice bud out for my hookah and filled the water bowl. When she seen the nice bud I had out for us she grinned and said “oh my, are you going share that with me?” I nodded yes and put the bud in the bowel and she took one of the hookah stems in her mouth. As soon as my hookah was fired up the two of us sat back and relaxed, after she had a few hits in her she started getting the giggles and said “oh this is some of the best weed I’ve had in months, you better watch out sometimes I get kinda you know kind of excited when I smoke.”I teased her saying “Oh, you mean horny?” She giggled at my openly sexiest remark and said “well I’ve been know to get a little frisky when I’m buzzed.” I teased her back “Oh that’s OK, I like frisky women.” then she jokingly said “I only wish my boobs would grow as big as my desires, all I’ve got is small boobies.” Then she stood up and posed by pulling her sun dress tight against her midriff accenting her smallish boobs. I told her “they look fine, what more could a man ask for?” She giggled at my openly sexist remark then she sat back down and took a few more toke’s and said “I know my boobs are small, but I think I’ve got nice legs,” then she stood up again and raised the hem of her sun dress up above her knees and slowly turned around showing off her legs. I commented “Nice, and you have such a cute butt!” When she heard that she turned so her back was toward me then she pulled her skirt tight so I could see her butt, then as she looked over shoulder at me she asked “do you really think so?” I put my hands on her hips then I squeezed her butt and said, “Oh you have a nice butt!” after she heard my latest remark she came over and sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck and kissed me then she whispered “I warned you about me,” I told her “I like it,” as I put my hand on her thigh. Then I kissed her on her lips and she slipped the tip of her tongue into my lips and kissed me passionately. While I was kissing her she moved my hand up until it on her right breast then she whispered “Oh, my boobs are so small,” I told her “let me make sure,” as I started unbuttoning the front of her sun dress. When her dress partly unbuttoned then I seen she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her breasts were a little small but her amazing hard erect nipples made up for them. I didn’t stop unbuttoning her dress until all of the buttons on the front of her dress were undone and I could see her panties. After pushing her dress wide open I started kissing her nipples and slid my hand up between her legs to the crotch of her pretty panties and feeling how her pussy was warm and moist. I liked her choice of underpants because of the way a small tuft of her pubic hair was peeking out over the waist band of them. Then I asked her “want to see my bed room?’ then she murmured breathlessly “Yes.” then we went into my bedroom and she finished undressing. Then we got in bed and started with some sensual sexual foreplay. When she was ready she got into the doggie position with her cute butt up and her head down so I could fuck her from behind. Before screwing her I put a condom on before fucking her. She was so horny a few minutes later she started to come to climax. After a few minutes of screwing she experienced a huge sexual climax and screamed aloud in sexual rapture.