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26658 - I just wanted to know if anyone can help me. My 21yr old cousin is hot and leaving for Tennessee in two weeks how can I get her wet and horny where she wants to fuck me?


26652 - Im 21 and I am a girl. This one day a man came up to me and covered my mouth. He put me in the back of his van and started to take all my clothes off. Then he took his mask off. It was my boyfriend and i said WTF what? he hushed me and started to suck my boobs. Next he started to lick my pussy. Next my butt hole. then he took all of his clothes off and he started to fuck me. I moaned with pleasure.He then put his cock in my ass and fucked me again. then he took his cock out and started fisting me. A while later he made me deep throat his cock. then he let me out of the van. I never told anyone but I liked it. now we do it every week


26377 - Several years ago I was invited to a cook out with some guys that work for me. It was mostly Mexicans and I had a great time they all work hard for me and I like all of them.
We drank a lot and I went out behind this building several times to piss instead of going in the house. It got very late and every one was leaving and I was helping carry things in the house so since I was in the house already I went to look for the bathroom.
I opened several doors and when I opened this one door there was 3 Mexican men naked in the bed and one was getting fucked in the ass with a huge dick and was sucking on the other huge dick. They never saw me and I backed up a little and watched.
I have had a few great sexual experiences with men and my dick was getting very hard just watching and the guy getting fucked had cum running down his legs and he was getting fucked really hard and he was taking the dick in his mouth almost to the nuts. It was the hottest thing I ever saw and I found myself wanting to get in on it myself.
I never noticed this younger Mexican guy walking up on me and he said you like watching and scared the hell out of me and said you got a hard on? and he put his hand on my crotch and before I knew it he had my dick out on his knees sucking me and I shot my big load in his mouth and he swallowed every drop then stood up and took me into the room where the guys were fucking and he took my clothes off and pushed me on the bed and the guys never stopped fucking. He turned me over bent over the bed and was trying to fuck me in the ass and I never stopped him and wanted it bad. For a young guy he had a huge dick and he shoved it up my ass and fucked the hell out of me and shot a huge load up my ass.
He took me to another room and was trying to fuck me again when one of the other men came in and shoved his dick in my mouth as the other one shoved his dick up my ass and they fucked me from both ends with their big dicks as I gaged several times on the one in my mouth and before they finished with me the other two men came in and for the next couple of hours they all fucked my ass and came over and over in my ass then left me on the bed with cum running out of my ass.
When I could get up I got dressed and left as they sat around naked drinking beer. The next day my ass was still leaking and two weeks later I went back to get some more of their huge dicks in my ass and for 6 months I went back every two weeks or so to get my ass fucked.
I loved it and when the job was over I was working on I left and went to the next one but really missed those big dick men in my ass.


26029 - When I was 16 I was at a friends house while his parents were gone for the weekend and we got drunk as hell on his Dads Whiskey and watched some hot porn together.
I don`t really remember how it all got started but remember talking about sex and taking our clothes off. we ended up drunk as hell naked in his bed in a 69 and were so drunk we came in each others mouths and nearly choked trying to swallow it and then laid there in his bed laughing about being gay. You know we were drunk laughing about it.
I fell asleep and when I woke up I was tied spread eagle to his bed with sox he had tied together to make them long enough to tie me up. There was two pillows underneath me and my ass was sticking up and he was between my legs on his knees leaning forward. He had my ass spread open wide with both his hands and was eating my asshole licking and sucking on my asshole sticking his tongue up my ass.
I was still drunk and out of my mind going crazy getting my asshole worked on like that then he stuck his finger up my ass and started to fuck me with it then two fingers and he reached in under me and pulled my dick out between my legs and started pulling on it and jacking me off and then with his fingers still up my asshole he put the head of my dick in his mouth and sucked me off and I never came so much in my life.
Next thing I know he lets my cum drip out on my asshole and pushes it up my ass with his fingers while he starts to tell me how he`s going to fuck me with his big dick and then said he was going to shoot his cum up my ass.
Well that's just what he did and it hurt like hell and his dick was balls deep in my ass and I was kicking and screaming at him to take it out and I told him over and over it hurt and to please take it out of my ass and he just left it in me talking about how he was going to fuck my drunk asshole and cum in me.
The whole time he fucked me I was screaming and yelling and telling him to stop but he kept fucking me and shot a huge load as far up my ass as possible then laid on top of me shoving his dick up my ass really hard over and over telling me I knew you wouldn`t let me fuck you so I had to tie you up.
He finally took his big dick out of my ass and I started screaming again. He rubbed his dick on my ass slapped my ass cheeks real hard a few times and said I`ll be right back. I heard him in the bathroom taking a piss and then in the kitchen doing something then I heard the porn movie on the TV.
He came back in about 45 minutes and shoved his dick back in my ass and fucked me hard and talked dirty to me and I felt the cum he shot up my ass earlier all over my nuts as he fucked me hard and shot more cum up my ass. And before he untied me he fucked me again and by that time I got used to his big dick in my ass and actually had started to enjoy getting fucked and having his cum inside me and all over my nuts and ass and was pretty anxious to feel him cum in m e again which he did.
He waited awhile to untie me and made me promise we wouldn`t get in a fight because of what he did. Earlier I had it in mind to beat the fuck out of him over it but now I had second thoughts and hoped he would fuck me again some day.
We went to sleep after a shower together and I asked him if he was ever going to fuck me again. He said you want me to? I said I did and told him I didn`t enjoy it all at first because his dick was too big but once I got used to it now I liked it and really liked the way it felt when he came in me.
I got woke up the next morning with him trying to stick his dick in my ass and he fucked me good and shot a big load up my ass to start the day off right.