Latest Kinky Confessions:


26896 - A few years ago I met a rare complete sub. Any order, any time, in any place, and she obeyed willingly. She shared pictures of gangbangs, bondage, public sex and fucking coworkers, and even tried incest and bestiality and found that she enjoyed both. We still keep in touch, and her husband has the same control but doesn't put her gifts to their full uses. I miss having such a good slut obeying my whims. Any volunteers?


26817 - I'm slightly overweight and I'm ashamed of it. But I have a secret fetish - would love to be someone's fuck pig. I want to be humiliated, I want to be called pig, cunt, dog, slut, bitch, fat ass. I want to people mock and humiliate me and mine fat body. I want to be on all fours, pee outside, get pee on me... I just want to be a oinking pig and sex toy.
This is my secret confession because I'm 18, pretty and smart girl but kind of fat and it's just my huge secret.
Please, tell me how would you humiliate me.


26773 - I am a 22 year old female. I like to unpeel bananas, break them up into smaller pieces and put them up my mutt. I hold them in as long as I can. The longer I hold them in, the harder I get off when they come out.


26768 - I have a desire to have a long term with a hot guy who wants his women full of cock dog, horse or random guys he wants to have fuck my well used cunt. I want him to help ruin my pussy, being a total cock whore makes my pussy scream for kinky cummy pleasures