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25800 - When I was 10 years old my older cousin got me out behind a storage shed in their back yard and he showed me his dick and told me to watch him play with it. I did as he asked me to and watched it get nice and hard and he told me to touch it then stroke it so I did then he told me to put it in my mouth and he pushed me to my knees and pulled my head to him and while he rubbed his big dick on my lips he kept telling me to suck on it and his pre cum was on my lips.
I didn`t want to but let him stick it in my mouth and he told me what to do and I followed his directions and was sucking his dick and playing with his nuts like he told me to do.
He was 15 and had a big dick and he told me to keep sucking on it and several times he made me gag from trying to shove the whole thing in my mouth. My eyes began to water and he told me I couldn`t stop until he came and told me I had to take his cum in my mouth and then he started to cum and forced my mouth down on his big dick and most of it ran out of my mouth to the ground and he made me stay on my knees and lick his dick clean and suck on his big hairy balls.
After that he was always taking me some where so no one would catch us and I sucked his dick and after sucking his dick so many times I learned to swallow his cum. My Mom had me stay with him in the summer when school was out and that gave him plenty of time for me to suck his dick all day long and he made me stay naked all day long and had me suck his dick several times a day and he loved making me suck his dick in front of a mirror and he liked to talk dirty to me and fuck my mouth.
One day we were back in his room and he held me down and as I struggled to get away he tied me to the bed hands to the headboard and my feet wide apart to the other end of the bed and he started licking my ass spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole then started fingering me and told me he was going to fuck me.
I started crying and begging him not to but he went to the bathroom and got some Vaseline and as I cried and begged him to untie me he started fingering my asshole and getting more than one finger up my ass stretching my young tight hole getting me ready to take his big hard dick.
He said I think you might be ready now and he held his dick to my tiny asshole and as I screamed and yelled out crying and begging him to stop he stuck the head of his dick in my ass and it started to sting and it felt like it was on fire and I was yelling at him to stop but he kept going until his huge nuts were pressed tightly to mine and after he thrust his dick up my ass real hard several times he came in my ass and told me to take it.
He fucked me after that laying on top of me with my nuts covered in his cum and all over my ass he fucked me hard and shot a huge hot load up my young asshole then humped my ass until he slipped out of me and his cum ran out of my asshole.
He left me tied to the bed for hours with the door shut and would come back and fuck me in the ass when ever he got another hard on. After about two weeks of being tied to the bed and fucked in the ass several times a day I got used to it and he was fucking me one day and the door bell rang and he came in my ass then ran to answer the door.
When ne came back the door opened and there he was with two of his friends and they started to take off their clothes and said they came over to fuck my tight asshole and one of them was a black guy and his dick was a lot longer but fairly thin and went up my ass a very long ways. for hours they left me tied to the bed taking turns fucking my ass and filling me with their cum. About once a week they came over to fuck me and they didn`t have to tie me up they just liked it better that way.
That was a summer I will never forget and then we moved away and I missed them.


25775 - My friend and I were 16 or 17 years old and always together doing something we shouldn1t be doing. We were very close and over the years in our friendship we knew what sex was because when we were much younger we started giving each other oral sex and jacked one another off fairly often and we both liked getting naked together just to be naked.
His Aunt and Uncle were on vacation and since he had a key to there house we went by to check on things and he said he had something to show me. They were pretty well off and had a very big nice home. He told me to follow him so I did. We went into their bedroom and he knew where this hidden storage was in their closet and when he opened it up we went in and there was all sorts of sex toys sexy underwear and videos and other things that were used for sex.
We both wanted to watch some porn so he put one in and we were both shocked when it was a video of his Aunt and Uncle and 3 other men. All the guys were hung like a horse and they fucked his Aunt in her mouth pussy and asshole and all of them came in her multiple times.
We were both pretty excited and he put in another video and it was them again but this time there was two other men and they were having sex with his Uncle while the Aunt watched and used her dildos. Both the men fucked his uncle in the mouth and ass then The Aunt and Uncle got in a 69 while both men fucked the Uncle in the ass and both guys came in his ass several times then they all butt fucked his Aunt.
While we were watching the video we were jacking each other off sucking on each other and when I saw these guys fucking his Uncle I let it slip in the heat of the moment and said damn I might try that sometime and he looked at me and said why didn`t you tell me that year ago and he said you want me to fuck that tight ass for you? I said maybe and he said think you can take it? He asked if he could cum in my ass and I said maybe.
He got some lube and we talked about it a few seconds and while watching the video he fucked my ass and came deep in my ass. It hurt a little the first time but the second time was easier and before we left he came in my ass 4 times and we spent the night there the next night and it got pretty wild and we did some things with each other that most would not believe including role play bondage and her toys got a real work out in his ass and mine and we both got a dildo up our ass while we sucked each other off.
We fucked ourselves to death and it changed our lives forever.


25501 - Attention everyone! I am a 21 year old female. Message me for pictures. I will sell anything to feed your fetish except illegal things. I'm not talking prostitution. I'm saying if you want my underwear or socks or pantyhose bra... Whatever. Message me or send me your kik username. Let's get down to business =)


25447 - I was a stewardess in the 80's and 90's and I took full advantage of my job to lead a life of sex and parties. I was single, uninhibited and always horny.
I'd scout out people on the last flight of the day. Between businessmen looking for some fun, young servicemen and the odd vacationing student there were always someone who would catch my eye. I'd make sure to pay them lost of attention, be quick to check up on how they were doing and flirt every chance I got. On some of the emptier flights, when there was less demands on my time (and less prying eyes) I'd unbutton my uniform a little extra, let my skirt ride up some, give them a nice show. By the time we'd landed my choice of the night was usually well hooked. I'd usually find them waiting in the baggage claim area. we'd head for the hotel and have a great time.
Eventually I got bolder, and well perhaps a bit more jaded. I'd take out ads in swinger magazines (this was a long time before craig's list) and arrange for hook ups in each town I'd be visiting. I was soon setting up threesomes, orgies, gang bangs. I was a ful on sex addict but I didn't care.
I eventually got a job on overseas flights and then things really took off. I now had a whole world of people to sample and I quickly learned America has nothing on Europe for kinky. I learned a great deal on those trips, extreme bondage, watersports, enema play, and even in one very wild night what it was like to be ridden by a German Shepard.
I finally left the job and became a kept woman of a man I met in the UK. He was a very cultured older banker, with tastes as wild as my own. We were very happy with each other and the many extra partners we brought to our bed. Sadly he passed away after several years.
I moved back to the states and eventually settled down, marrying a really nice guy and having some kids. My daughters think it must have been wonderful traveling like I did. They're right but not for the reasons they think of.
I do miss my wild days and nights.