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25932 - When I was 19 years old I was doing some carpentry work at this couples house. They were in their late 30`s and very nice looking. They hired me to build them a covered patio and some other things around the house.
She was one hot ass sexy lady and I thought about fucking her all the time. I got very horny one day and took a chance on not getting caught so I looked in their bedroom and found her panty drawer and then I got the idea of looking in their dirty clothes hamper and there I found her used panties and I started to smell them and jacked off with them around my hard cock.
The next day I went back to their room and looked around and in one drawer were some of her things a small box and then I found two dildos. I got pretty excited then looked in the small box. They had pictures of them having sex in their room and several of the photos showed her and him fucking and she liked anal sex for sure.
His big dick and the dildos deep in her sexy ass. Even a photo or two with cum dripping out of her ass. Her sucking his big dick with cum in her mouth and even more hot photos of her. His dick was pretty big and at the bottom of the box was pictures that really shocked me. Pictures of him and another man in a 69 and several pictures of him fucking this guy in the ass. Pictures of her sucking both their dicks and both of them giving her a DP.
Well I had always been a bit curious and had a few experiences with boys back in my earlier years so I got pretty turned on by the pictures and jacked off all the time thinking about them and found myself wanting this guys big dick in my ass.
He started dropping by at lunch to visit with me and we got to know each other pretty good and he invited me to go fishing with him that weekend. We had a great time and drank a lot of beer and he hinted around about sex and different things. We stopped at this country bar and drank a few beers while we shot a few games of pool and talked more. I guess the beer relaxed hi enough to ask about my girlfriend and more personal things and before we left there he knew more about me than ne needed to.
Before we got back to his house he said. " I noticed some things out of place in our house" He looked at me with a smile and said "Know anything about that?" I had to be honest and started to explain myself and he never got pissed off and said he understood then he asked about the pictures and said he knew that I had looked thru them. I told him I had looked at them and they were very hot.
He then asked which ones I liked best and I said all of them. Then he asked so you like men too! I said sometimes he said really you like me? I said yes I do I couldn`t help but notice in the pictures that you like men too. He said yes I do sometimes. Then he said how about today you feel like enjoying a man today? I thought a minute and said sure why not! He seemed pleased and said well wanna go to our cabin for awhile and we went there showered and talked over a few beers and once I told him that back in school I had sex with other boys and liked oral sex OK but mostly I let them fuck me in the ass and when I saw the pictures of him fucking that guy in the ass I wanted him to fuck me.
We ended up in their room in the cabin stroking each other and got into a 69 and sucked each other off and he came way too much for me to swallow/.
He went to work on my asshole with his tongue and fingers and he was good and that afternoon he fucked me in every position he could get me in and the first time I was face down in the bed and he was on top of me fucking me good then he spoke in my ear and asked "You want me to cum in you?" Just hearing him say that turned me on so much that I said "Yes please cum in my ass shoot your hot load up my ass!" I wanted him to fuck me all day long and he fucked me several times.
We talked a lot after we fucked and he said "you know we could do that every day at lunch if you like and we made plans to do just that and for about 3 weeks every day at lunch when he came by I already had my ass lubed up and I would stop working and be naked when he got there and most of the time he left his clothes on just dropped his pants and bend me over somewhere and fuck me in the ass shoot his big load up my ass then leave.
That was fine with me and several times he fucked me two times in different rooms in the house and leave me with two huge loads up my ass. I think it was a set up but one day he had me bent over the end of the couch fucking the hell out of me just about to shoot his second load up my ass and his wife walked in and Said "Looks like I`m about to miss lunch and she went to their room came back naked and started taking pictures of her husband fucking my ass.
The rest of the day she took pictures of me getting fucked and me sucking her husbands long fat dick and I got introduced to her strap on.
We`re still friends today.


25909 - I had a friend when I was in school and we were always together and when we were about 12 or 13 it was only natural that we started playing around with each other and we started jacking each other off and would make each other cum and when we were together on weekends and spent the day together we jacked each other off several times a day for about 3 weeks.
I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later but one day I sucked his dick and let him cum in my mouth and he sucked me off right after that and let me cum in his mouth. Later on that day I told him I wanted to suck him off again but this time I wanted to swallow his cum so I did and it was great and he did the same to me that same day and we tried our first of many 69`s that same day.
One Saturday morning we were at his house and no one was there but us and I talked him into fucking me in the ass after I sucked his dick and told him that I really wanted him to fuck me He said he would and after some more conversation about it we went into the bathroom locked the door and we put some Vaseline on my asshole and as I leaned over the bathroom countertop I watched in the mirror as he stood behind me and worked his hard dick up my ass.
Just watching his face was pretty exciting and once I got used to having his dick up my ass I asked him to fuck me and his dick felt so good fucking my tight young hole and we talked the whole time he was fucking me and I told him several times that I liked getting fucked and he told me he liked fucking me and when he said he was going to cum I looked at him in the mirror and told him to cum in my ass and he did. Damn that was exciting for both of us and feeling his hot cum shooting up my ass was pretty wild and he fucked me until he came in me a second time and he was looking down at my ass when he took his dick out of me and he watched his cum drip out of my ass onto my nuts then run down my leg.
That's all it took and he wanted to fuck me all the time so we spent the rest of the day fucking all over the house and tried it in different positions and he came in my ass over a dozen times. He let me fuck him the very next day but he didn`t enjoy it as much as I did.
As we got older we tried a lot of different things and I told him one day that I really wanted him to tie me up and fuck me in the ass so we took some rope and went out to the barn while no one was home and we got naked in the saddle room and together we figured out the best way to tie me up so he could fuck my ass so I was bent over a saddle on the rack with my ankles tied spread wide apart and my hands tied to the bottom of the saddle rack and my ass was fully exposed and easy for him to get to then I asked him to slap my ass a few times and once he started he really got into it and had my ass cheeks red before he shoved his dick in me.
We were about 16 at the time and he would do anything I asked him to and the rougher he fucked me the more I liked it and he fucked me so hard that day and he couldn`t stop fucking me and came in me 4 times in less than an hour and I got him to slap my ass really hard with cum dripping down my legs
The next day I got him to strip me naked up in the hay loft and I got on my knees backed up to a barn pole and had him tie me to the pole with my hands behind my back and I let him fuck my mouth and gag me with his dick several times and shove his dick down my throat each time he came and stuff his nuts in my mouth and rub his dick all over my face.
I craved being tied up and used by him and he enjoyed it too so we did it pretty often and we liked doing it down in the woods with me tied to a tree on my knees and other positions so he could fuck my ass too.
One day down in the woods I was tied to a tree and he was fucking my mouth and told me he wished there was more guys here so he could watch me suck several dicks and watch them fuck my ass and cum in me. That really turned both of us on and we talked about it all the time and when he told me how he really wanted to watch several guys fuck me in the ass and let the all cum in me I would always get excited.
We didn`t know any other guys to even talk to so it was always just our wild fantasy but both of us really wanted for it to happen. As much as I liked taking it up the ass I could have let a dozen guys fuck me all day long.
That was years ago and it was pretty damn good.


25901 - When I was in my early 20`s I had a small construction business and was doing an addition on this couples house. They had a very nice home and I was there alone ever day working. He was a big muscular guy in his mid 30`s and she as a very sexy Lady.
One day I got so damn horny that I just had to get off so I dropped my tool pouch and since I was adding on to their bedroom and Master bathroom I just stood there in the middle of their unfinished room dropped my pants and jacked off looking at a photo of his wife. I shot my load on the plywood floor and went back to work.
Then next day I was there again and there was a different picture of he laying on the night stand and she was in a bikini. I just had to get off looking at her picture so I did. A few days later I noticed a box sticking just out from under the bed so I got curious and started looking in it and it was full of pictures of them having sex and even pictures of her with other men and couples.
I had my dick out jacking off like crazy and as I looked thru the pictures there were some of him fucking guys in the ass while they ate her pussy. This guy was hung very well and had pictures of men sucking his dick him sucking other men`s dicks cum shots and her with a strap on fucking other men in the ass while they sucked his dick. Pictures of her getting fucked in the ass cum leaking out of her you name it there were pictures of it in that box and I jacked off so many times my dick was raw.
A week later he came home at lunch and was talking to me then he said I have you on film looking thru our private pictures and jacking off in our home. Well I was shocked and couldn`t deny it so admitted to and then he asked what he should do about it. I really couldn`t answer and then he started telling me I would need to do as he asked or he would report me to the Police.
I told him whatever you like sir I just don`t want any trouble he said well OK then and he told me I would have to take good care of him or I would be in a lot of trouble Then he said I know you saw the pictures of me with other men so at least you know what I expect.
Well I had thought about it several times and had sex with other guys back in my school days and liked it so I let him do whatever he wanted to do with me and he told me to get out of my clothes and get in the shower and to wait for him there. I did as he asked and waited for him to show up. He was naked with this huge erection and once he stepped into the shower he pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his dick and for me to make sure he came really good.
Damn he got pretty rough with me and talked very nasty the whole time he fucked my mouth making me gag on his huge dick over and over then he locked his fingers behind my head forced his hard dick down my throat and started to cum as I kicked and jumped around trying to get away from his powerful grip and his dick was down my throat as his huge load shot straight down my throat as I gaged and fought to catch my breath.
I had big tears in my eyes and was about to choke to death when he took his dick out of my throat and he told me to lick his nuts and suck on them and to get him nice and hard because he was going to fuck my ass next and that the next time he came it would be deep in my young tight ass.
He told me I would do what ever he told me to do and that until he was satisfied I would be his little slave.
He took me into another bedroom threw me on the bed and took out a video camera and turned it on and said now it`s time to fuck that hot young asshole and it will all be on film when I cum in your fucking ass. He was a very large strong man and he tossed me around on the bed slapping my ass and dick pulling on my dick squeezing my nuts then spanked me until my ass cheeks were bright red.
He reached in the night stand and took out a bottle of lube and shoved the end of it into my asshole then squeezed it and oil shot up my asshole then he told me to suck his dick and get ready to get fucked. He shoved me face down on the bed holding me down he grabbed his big dick forced my legs apart with his legs and started shoving his huge dick up my ass as I screamed and yelled out in pain he fucked me so hard and so deep I almost passed out and he talked nasty as hell to me then shot a huge load of cum up my ass and continued to fuck me in the ass making me beg for his big dick. He came deep in my ass 4 times that afternoon and used his huge dick on my ass for hours then he made me lick and eat his asshole and shove my tongue in his ass then pull his dick out between his legs and suck him off with my face buried in his ass and made me swallow his cum.
He turned the camera off and said he would enjoy watching it later and said I`ll see you here again tomorrow at lunch you need to be fucked a lot more and my wife will really enjoy the videos. Before he left he took pictures of me on my knees sucking his dick with cum on my face.


25800 - When I was 10 years old my older cousin got me out behind a storage shed in their back yard and he showed me his dick and told me to watch him play with it. I did as he asked me to and watched it get nice and hard and he told me to touch it then stroke it so I did then he told me to put it in my mouth and he pushed me to my knees and pulled my head to him and while he rubbed his big dick on my lips he kept telling me to suck on it and his pre cum was on my lips.
I didn`t want to but let him stick it in my mouth and he told me what to do and I followed his directions and was sucking his dick and playing with his nuts like he told me to do.
He was 15 and had a big dick and he told me to keep sucking on it and several times he made me gag from trying to shove the whole thing in my mouth. My eyes began to water and he told me I couldn`t stop until he came and told me I had to take his cum in my mouth and then he started to cum and forced my mouth down on his big dick and most of it ran out of my mouth to the ground and he made me stay on my knees and lick his dick clean and suck on his big hairy balls.
After that he was always taking me some where so no one would catch us and I sucked his dick and after sucking his dick so many times I learned to swallow his cum. My Mom had me stay with him in the summer when school was out and that gave him plenty of time for me to suck his dick all day long and he made me stay naked all day long and had me suck his dick several times a day and he loved making me suck his dick in front of a mirror and he liked to talk dirty to me and fuck my mouth.
One day we were back in his room and he held me down and as I struggled to get away he tied me to the bed hands to the headboard and my feet wide apart to the other end of the bed and he started licking my ass spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole then started fingering me and told me he was going to fuck me.
I started crying and begging him not to but he went to the bathroom and got some Vaseline and as I cried and begged him to untie me he started fingering my asshole and getting more than one finger up my ass stretching my young tight hole getting me ready to take his big hard dick.
He said I think you might be ready now and he held his dick to my tiny asshole and as I screamed and yelled out crying and begging him to stop he stuck the head of his dick in my ass and it started to sting and it felt like it was on fire and I was yelling at him to stop but he kept going until his huge nuts were pressed tightly to mine and after he thrust his dick up my ass real hard several times he came in my ass and told me to take it.
He fucked me after that laying on top of me with my nuts covered in his cum and all over my ass he fucked me hard and shot a huge hot load up my young asshole then humped my ass until he slipped out of me and his cum ran out of my asshole.
He left me tied to the bed for hours with the door shut and would come back and fuck me in the ass when ever he got another hard on. After about two weeks of being tied to the bed and fucked in the ass several times a day I got used to it and he was fucking me one day and the door bell rang and he came in my ass then ran to answer the door.
When ne came back the door opened and there he was with two of his friends and they started to take off their clothes and said they came over to fuck my tight asshole and one of them was a black guy and his dick was a lot longer but fairly thin and went up my ass a very long ways. for hours they left me tied to the bed taking turns fucking my ass and filling me with their cum. About once a week they came over to fuck me and they didn`t have to tie me up they just liked it better that way.
That was a summer I will never forget and then we moved away and I missed them.