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25501 - Attention everyone! I am a 21 year old female. Message me for pictures. I will sell anything to feed your fetish except illegal things. I'm not talking prostitution. I'm saying if you want my underwear or socks or pantyhose bra... Whatever. Message me or send me your kik username. Let's get down to business =)


25447 - I was a stewardess in the 80's and 90's and I took full advantage of my job to lead a life of sex and parties. I was single, uninhibited and always horny.
I'd scout out people on the last flight of the day. Between businessmen looking for some fun, young servicemen and the odd vacationing student there were always someone who would catch my eye. I'd make sure to pay them lost of attention, be quick to check up on how they were doing and flirt every chance I got. On some of the emptier flights, when there was less demands on my time (and less prying eyes) I'd unbutton my uniform a little extra, let my skirt ride up some, give them a nice show. By the time we'd landed my choice of the night was usually well hooked. I'd usually find them waiting in the baggage claim area. we'd head for the hotel and have a great time.
Eventually I got bolder, and well perhaps a bit more jaded. I'd take out ads in swinger magazines (this was a long time before craig's list) and arrange for hook ups in each town I'd be visiting. I was soon setting up threesomes, orgies, gang bangs. I was a ful on sex addict but I didn't care.
I eventually got a job on overseas flights and then things really took off. I now had a whole world of people to sample and I quickly learned America has nothing on Europe for kinky. I learned a great deal on those trips, extreme bondage, watersports, enema play, and even in one very wild night what it was like to be ridden by a German Shepard.
I finally left the job and became a kept woman of a man I met in the UK. He was a very cultured older banker, with tastes as wild as my own. We were very happy with each other and the many extra partners we brought to our bed. Sadly he passed away after several years.
I moved back to the states and eventually settled down, marrying a really nice guy and having some kids. My daughters think it must have been wonderful traveling like I did. They're right but not for the reasons they think of.
I do miss my wild days and nights.


25308 - Years ago I got my super sexy ex wife very drunk and we were naked playing with sex toys and had just shared a nice thick very long double dildo and she had a big rubber cock shoved up my ass and was on he knees in the floor between my wide spread knees sucking my big hard dick.
She was backed up on two big rubber dicks stuck to the coffee table and was fucking both of them with her pussy and ass and she loved to gag on my big dick and have it forced down her throat when I came.
We were swingers and I had watched her suck and fuck a lot of men of all colors and she loved a huge cock deep in her ass. She was just cleaning my dick after I shot a very big load down her throat when I told her I wanted to watch her fuck our 125# mixed breed dog named Rocky. She was shocked at first but the more I talked about it the hotter she got and I talked her into walking down to the barn to try it.
She seemed pretty anxious and curious about it and Rocky walked to the barn with us and we went into the feed room and I told her to get naked and bend over some sacks of feed and I fucked her hard and came deep inside of her and when I pulled out cum ran out of her young tight pussy and Rocky went right over to her and started to lick her dripping wet pussy and before long he mounted her and started to hump her and his big thick long dark red dick shot out and as soon as she felt it in the crack of her ass she started asking me to stick it in her so I guided it into her slick pussy and things got very exciting after that and she kept yelling and screaming and I was on the floor behind her watching his huge dark red dick fuck her dripping wet snatch.
There was a lot of juice running out of her pussy and she was getting fucked hard fast and deep and seemed to love every minute of it until he knotted inside of her and she started screaming really loud then yelled out that he was filling her insides with hot cum and he came for a very long time as I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit until she squirted all over the place.
She said she had so much hot cum inside of her that she was about to bust. I looked between the dogs legs and saw her shaved pussy stretched out wide around his large knot and he got off of her and now they were ass to ass with his knot pulling on her pussy so I pet the dog and talked to him until he pulled out of her about 20 minutes later.
I saw what looked like a gallon of hot dog cum pour out of her wide open pussy and it ran down her thighs and Rocky started to lick her clean and before he was finished I was so fucking hot that I got behind her and shoved my dick up her ass and started to fuck her and Rocky started licking my ass and nuts and that made me fill my wife`s ass with my cum.
We fell in the floor exhausted and after we caught our breath we went to the shower and washed up together. I was pretty excited and she was also so we talked about it and dog cum was still dripping from her pussy and as we talked she said she might want to try it again later and she could tell that excited me.
Late that evening she asked if I wanted her to do it again and I was more than ready to watch it again and we let Rocky in the bedroom and she was pretty excited and got even more worked up as Rocky licked her pussy then she shocked the hell out of me when she spun around and got under Rocky and started stroking him until his huge dick came out and then she really shocked me when she started to suck his dick. I started jacking off like crazy and watching her go down on our dog.
I kept telling her to suck it and to keep going. She loved to suck dick and seemed to love sucking Rocky`s dick and she stuck her ass in the air and slapped it a couple of times and it wasn`t long before my big hard dick was fucking her ass. Things got pretty hot and then the hottest thing I ever seen as I came up her ass she was letting Rocky shoot his hot dog cum in her mouth and she held his dick and squirted it on her face and tits and in her mouth and it was all over the place and still shooting out every where. Damn it was pretty exciting and in the future Rocky became a huge part of our very private sex lives.
About a year later her brother and his wife went on vacation and we looked after their big bulldog and we had him for two weeks and she took both of them out in the back yard one night and after letting Rocky fuck her in the grass under a big full moon the big bulldog caught on and he had a bigger dick than Rocky and I watched and jacked off several times watching my hot sexy wife be a bitch for two huge big dicked dogs and we stayed outdoors most of the night and the dogs fucked he several times and for two weeks Rocky and the Bulldog got a lot of pussy.
Come to find out my wife`s sister in law was also letting their bulldog fuck her and they ended up getting together about once a week to let the dogs fuck them and they started a bi sexual relationship that was pretty hot also.


25232 - I love fucking nasty trailer trash. They are so easy. I love a nice pussy that has seen a lot of action. Ones that you can do what ever you want to. I love not so perfect bodies. Ones that will fuck you right after they fucked someone else. I don't know why or where that lust for them comes from. I don't like dating them. I just love fucking on them cumming inside them. They are great fucks.