Latest Masturbation Confessions:


25142 - I caught my mother fucking her dog and I jacked off while watching them. I had the best damn cum of my entire life that day! Man that damn dog was really giving it to her cunt good and hard! I could hear juicy sounds coming from their locked private parts. The dog was making her holler too. Now I often think of them screwing and masturbate. I would love to catch them in the perverted acted again!


25055 - My sister once caught me playing with my dick and later threatened to tell my parents. Apart from embarrassed, I was terrified about my parents finding out and she used it against me. Told me she wouldn't say anything if I did it in front of her and her two girlfriends. Still remember hiding in the basement laundry room naked, stroking my hard dick while they all sat giggling and terrified them telling other girls in school. An embarrassing price to pay just to keep my parent from finding out.


25009 - When I was thirteen, I was obsessed with my penis. I got my first wet dream. It happened as I slept, I woke up very hard and thought I had to pee but I shot my load into my bed before I could get out. I thought I wet the bed but the stuff that came out was different. My dad explained what had happened the next day. I felt better knowing I didn't wet the bed.
After my wet dream, I was just beginning to see girls differently. I noticed that when I got aroused I got hard. Which led to masturbation, lots of masturbation. I would wrap my penis in a bed sheet and rub till I ejaculated. I never thought that anyone would notice my sheets but my mom did. My dad had to have a talk about masturbation. He just told me not to do it too much.
I was fascinated with masturbation. It felt so good during the rubbing, trying to hold it in as long as I could and see how far I could shoot my cum. I fantasized about girls I knew while masturbating made it very stimulating. One time I was rubbing very fast and accidentally shot a little cum into my mouth. It was a little sweet.
I started trying to aim for my mouth when I masturbated. Sometimes I hit but most of the time missed. If I missed in would lick my fingers off and scoop any cum on my body.
I got more interested in try to suck myself. At first I barely could lick my tip. I needed to be more flexible. I started stretching every day. It took months till to get flexible enough and perfect the technique. I found that if I pressed up against a wall and then throw my legs over my head I could get my penis into my mouth. I needed my hands out to my sides from tipping over. It was exciting to suck myself and knowing when I was going to cum in my mouth. I choked a few times but got better at swallowing in no time. Plus there was no mess, so my mom wouldn't find out.
I started to prefer sucking myself over rubbing but still did both often. Then one evening my folks went out of town for the night. They had a girl, from our church, stay with me. She was seventeen and lived just up the street from us.
I went to bed and waited till I didn't hear her to suck myself. I took my clothes off,lay on my bedroom floor, and threw my legs over my head. I started to suck myself. I was close to ejaculating into my mouth when I heard her go to the bathroom. I was at a point of no return and shot into my mouth. I wasn't focused enough and gagged. The babysitter rushed in asking what was the matter. What she saw was me lying naked on my side spitting out cum into my shirt. She was speechless and it was just a few seconds but felt like a minute I realized I was naked and jumped into bed. I pulled the covers over and told her to leave my room. I was so scared that she would tell my parents or friends. My heart was racing.
Finally,I calmed down. I got up and tried to open my door quietly to wash up in the bathroom. The babysitter was in a chair in the living room curled up in a blanket staring right at me. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in. I sat on the toilet wondering what to do.
Then the babysitter knocked on the door, her voice was shaky. She asked if I was OK and said I wasn't in trouble. I told her I was fine. She asked me to unlock the door. I did and she asked me to sit and talk in the living room.
She admitted that it was the initial shock seeing me naked and noticing spitting up that scared her. She needed to think it through before talking to me. Then she asked that I don't try that again until she left. She promised me that she never would tell anyone. I went to bed and fell asleep.
When my folks came home, she told them everything went great. As far as I know she never told anyone. That was pretty cool of her.


25004 - Before I hit puberty, my sister, brother and I were playing in moms king size bed before we went to sleep. My sister had on her nightgown and I was just in my whitey tighties. My brother had shown me a few adult magazines before and I liked what I saw. I played under the covers while my sister only had her bottom half under the covers. I managed to get my head in her nightgown and just layed there staring. I acted like I fell asleep and she didn't mind. I let my hand fall to her crotch. she started thrusting her hips until she came on my hand. I just played dead. I wonder if she remembers doing that. I would like to take it a step further now that I'm 35 years old. Any suggestions?