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26439 - Im 18 year old girl, i love masturbating so much everytime i masturbate i fantasize all types of women gangbanging me and doing me like a toy, im so horny and im again thinking of them with big dildo and making me squirt and pressing my boobs and removing milk and sucking my pussy and making me cum every minute and every second till i beg them to stop oh yeado me im so horny


26392 - When I get stoned I get horney as hell. I love stripping down, putting on some milf cuckold porn, sitting in my chair and for three hours massage my dick. It feels sooo good !! I nearly reach orgasm several times but each time, I slowly back away and each time, my little cock throbbs and clear fluid flows all the way down the shaft. Lubrication for when I finger my ass... Finally I can't stop, I can't back down again.. Not again and my orgasm rips out of me.. My ass squeezes my finger and squirt after squirt covers my belly.. I've gotta stop typing cause I can't wait to cum !!


26314 - I'm a woman who supervises a unit with eight men. Sometimes I get an employee who acts like a macho jerk and treats me disrespectfully because I'm female. I found a great management technique. I ask the jerk to meet me in my office after working hours, after everyone else has gone home. I lock the door, tell him I'm sick of his disrespect, and that he'd better do everything I tell him or I'll fire him. I get records of internet surfing from HR and I can usually find porn or other inappropriate use that could serve as the basis for dismissal. I let him know that he doesn't have a chance of fighting it if I dismiss him, and that no one will believe his version. Then I tell him to drop his pants. He's usually shocked and argues so I need to repeat my order, quietly but sternly. Eventually he does as he's told. I look at his little wiener and laugh, and tell him that I feel sorry for his wife - that if she cums with his little things she's faking it. Then I order him to masturbate into a scarf while looking straight into my eyes. I keep his semen and tell him if he ever gives me trouble I'll turn over his "sample" to HR and say he tried to rape me. After this, they never give me any trouble. As a bonus, a lot of times they'll get involuntary erections around me because they're turned on by the humiliation. With my management skills I expect to be CEO soon. Ha, ha.


26261 - I masterbated with my girlfriend besides me she was also doing it .it was a great time