Latest Masturbation Confessions:


24049 - I read these confessions and play with my pussy. That's my confession.


24047 - When I was a young teenager and experiencing boners every three seconds, I was driven and crazy for sexual experience. My aunt lived in an apartment complex and I'd go and visit her and my cousin on weekends and go swimming in the complex pool. Every Saturday, from noon to one, the neighbor would be in the pool. She was a 50 something divorcee with a face like a rat's ass, but a body that defied logic. She would always wear a bikini and float around on an inflatable bed, tanning.

I would slink down in the water and jack off two or three times during that hour, while my cousin swam around trying to talk to me, or splashing me, etc. This went on for weeks, until one Saturday when the woman wasn't in the pool. When we got in, my cousin laughed and straight up asked me who I was going to jack off to now. I was horrified. She eventually assured me it was fine, that she sometimes touched herself to, and eventually asked me if I would jack off for her. When I didn't want to, she threatened to tell my Aunt what I had been doing.

She put on one of those aqua masks and dove under and watched me jack off. I was nervous, but I really liked it.


23947 - I am 53 and male. I wear girl's panties all the time, the more girlie they look the better, it just turns me on so much, I feel so sexy and have to masturbate from the feeling. I like to dress totally as a woman when I am at home alone. Girl's clothes are just so sexy and pretty and I love the feeling of tights against my legs and bum. I started in my teens, trying on some of my mam's things, and it felt so good and got me so hot. I had to wank off this afternoon 'cause the panties were turning me on so much and I'm still getting horny.


23924 - I like to masturbate in my backyard. I live in your normal suburban neighborhood, where houses are literally on top of each other. My neighbor is really hot. She has great breasts and always wears yoga pants showing off her nice ass. I go in our backyard and jack off in the dark while she puts her dog out before going to bed. She cang see me, but the thought of getting caught excites me to great orgasm! And the sperm fertilizes the grass.