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24732 - I am an (e l e v e) n year old girl and I love masturbating using the faucet method. My mum sells lingerie and sex toys so I can almost always find something to satisfy my needs. I think I have reached puberty because I have hair on my pussy and on my armpits (I shave it) but I haven't actually started my period. I am still a virgin but my hymen is broken because of when I used my hairbrush as a dildo sometimes I use bananas and put one of my 14 year old sister's condoms over it. I really wanna get my prissy looser so that I can fit a cucumber in my hole but I can't. I just want to touch myself and fun all day, is this wrong?


24611 - When I was around 16 I caught my mom watching me masturbate and I have fantasized about her ever since. I'm 35 now and she is much older but the fantasy is still there.

Being 16 I was having one of my regular daily jerking sessions...I was on my bed totally naked with a porn playing on the tv. I didn't think anyone would be home for hours and I lived out in the country so could usually hear when anyone pulled in so wasn't worried about getting caught and left my door partially cracked.

The way I was laying on my bed I was facing away from the door so I wouldn't notice anyone walk by or standing in the doorway. I was jerking away and getting close to blowing my load when I noticed in the mirror on my dresser that my mom was standing in the doorway watching me stroke my cock.

I froze at first for just a second and she pulled away from the door but I then felt a rush of excitement and started to stroke it again, slower this time as I wanted to see if she peeked in again and to my amazement she did. It was a farily small mirror I could see her in so I could easily tell that she did not know I had seen her.

I held off as long as I could but couldn't help but blow my load...It was probably the best orgasm I have ever had. I watched her kind of carress the area between her breast and neck with her hand as I came and then she left.

I shortly heard the bathroom door close and her begin to run a bath. I walked to the bathroom door and put my ear up against it to listen. She had started her normal CD she plays when taking her baths so I couldn't hear very well but I stood there for probably a good 20 minutes listening and I swear I could hear the water splashing a bit and her lightly moaning as she got herself off.

Whether she did or not I have never been sure as it was hard for me to hear but I have fantasized about it ever since. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

It was an isolated incident and nothing like it ever happend again but I have always wished I had opened that bathroom door and caught her in the act...and have fantasized about what could have happened from there.


24530 - Hello,

I am male 25 year old. And I have a girlfriend, but I like to masturbate and cum while I talking with girl by a web camera.

If anyone of girls want to masturbate together with me on camera please write to me on Skypename: tuxis.tuxis

Waiting You girls :*


24486 - When I was a young man I used to come home from school and masturbate while laying on my bed, my parents were at work as was my sister but one day she came home early and I never heard her come in. My door was open and she walked by and saw me stroking my cock right before I exploded. Back then I used to be able to shoot quite the load and she saw me an gasped and screamed at me. Scared the shit out of me because I didn't know she was there. The next day I was so turned on by the thought of her "catching" me again that I decided to set it up to have her see me again. She came in the house while I lazily pulled on my cock and she walked past my room and looked in again but kept walking to her room. A couple minutes later she came into my room and watched while I stroked, she sat next to the bed and asked me how it felt but wouldn't look me in the face but stared at my cock. It didn't take long before I came and it shot a foot in the air. She got up and walked away and never said a thing about it. She moved out and got married two months later after getting pregnant by her boss. That was 37 years ago and I still think about it.