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26656 - I am a 23 year old guy and I know I am a psychological freak and pervert. My friend's sister is hot and just turned 18. She always wears the sluttiest outfits whenever she has visitors but is very spoiled and acts really arrogant and superior and smug around us. We were at her house for a party and I was in the bathroom washing my hands when I found a pack of sanitary pads, which could only be hers. I took one out and masturbated into it, let it dry (so it wouldn't stick to itself) then folded it up and put it back into its wrapper and put it back in the pack. It really gets me off, knowing that she will be rubbing my dried *** against her bare ***** the next time she uses a pad. Next time I am there I want to try and *** on her toothbrush or if I get a chance, steal a pair of panties from her room and cum in them and fold them up and put them back in and let her wear them. Yes, I know I'm a creepy freak.


26634 - I have to tell somewere. i really want to. not that i think this will lower the weight, but just need go get out.

When in child i was almost all the time (that i remember) horny. my mind was basically sex. i dont think my parents never noticed it because the never seen to bother or even demonstrate the knew. i liked to play with my stuffed animals like if they have genitals and.. well you can imagine the rest.
my first contact that i remember with actual masturbation (exect rub myself on something or on myself) was when i figered my ASS in the GARDEN of my parents farm. Anyone could see me, even because there was a road right in the direction that my ass was pointed! oh, and i was 4 years old, good to note this. imagine a 4 years old child inserting a finger in her ass in the garden of a farm house!
happly i dont think anyone ever knew this.
after this i got used to rub my ass hole and sometimes finger it regulary.
once i was rubbing a toy plastic coin in it, and has deeper it gets, the better. so it actually got in! has i count get it out, i get alot of nervous and scared, but not told my mom. i count! i was 6 i think, and was ashamed to tell her. some little time after i was in the bathroom shitting and it got out. i was so relieved!
after this i rarelly touched my butt until 11. i was masturbating regulary for over a year (started with 9 i think) and whached "nude people" every time i had a chance. Dont remember if i saw it on a movie, or just remembered that it is good, but i returned to play with my ass, but now has a person who knows write and read, i sought on internet about it, because i dont want the shit smell on my fingers. i learned about how a enema works and improvised with the toilet showerhead (that little thing that squirt water to clean the ass) and it worked!
From that time (11 years old) until today i've masturbate regulary both the normal and anal method pretty regulary.
when with 13 i started to want more than just a finger, so i started to insert my toothbrush, then my hairbrush. little before i made 15, i inserted a carrot and a banana in the ass (and i need to say, the banana feels amazing! with the peel is thicker, but without it just feels... amazinlly awesome :D)

ya know, i live in the top floor of and apartament and i love to, when my parents arent at home, go to the balcony and show my ass with a hairbrush or a banana or whatever inserted in it. sometimes i even masturbate there.

now i have 15 years old, and i'm curious to my future sex life. surely it will be awesome! :D


26600 - I want to learn how to masturbate! Someone please teach!


26597 - I have a cousin who is a year younger than me and I always thought she was very attractive. We never did anything sexual as children, although we did watch porn together once. I never tried anything with her, but reading all the confessions on here make me wish I did.

Then one day I was fortunate enough to find a video of her playing with her boobs that someone had randomly posted online. At first I wasn't sure if it was her, but I looked at a picture of her room and the bedsheets were the same as in the video. It was so hot and I used to masturbate to it all the time. Unfortunately, this video was on an old computer that we got rid of and I never backed up the file. Haven't been able to find it again either.