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25816 - Our daughter was sent home from a sleepover when she was 10 after the other girl's mother caught her showing her daughter how to masturbate. Apparently the mother went into the bedroom to tell them that it was time to go to sleep, and found both of them naked on the lower bunk bed - her daughter was sitting on the edge of the bed, our daughter was stretched out on the bed with her fingers in her cunny. The girl's mother was horrified, she told our daughter to get dressed and then drove her straight back home to us. Our daughter was incredibly embarrassed, my wife was shocked, and I was harder than I'd ever been in my life!


25663 - My older brother, then 17, and my older sister, then 11 or 12, had sex. I knew because I heard them, but could not see them. The bedroom door was blocked shut with a chair propped under the door knob. When I confronted them afterwards, they both admitted that they did it, but in a round-about way. I don't know if they really had full intercourse. They never would say anything specific enough for me to know, and I stopped asking lest they shun me completely. I was an 8-year-old boy at the time, and I knew a little about sex from my many older siblings openly discussing it with their friends when our parents were not around.

A few years later, all of our older siblings had married and moved away. I was getting pretty horny and I remembered what my sister and my much-older brother had done. I was a little schemer, that's for sure. I was 13 and my sister would have been 16 or 17. I flatly told my sister I wanted sex with her too. She apologetically refused, but took me into her bed and hugged and kissed me. My dad had just died that summer, and that was really tough on me, so maybe she felt sorry for me. I was nervous as hell and I quickly lost my erection, but I stayed there with her.

My mom was a nurse working night shift. My sister and I slept together (no sex) that night. This quickly became a habit. I always woke up first, before my mom got home because we both had to get ready for school.

My sister never let me go all the way with her but eventually, she let me masturbate her now and then, and when she did, she used to masturbate me for a little while after I did her. She coached me on how to make it feel good for her and I told her what felt best to me. When she stopped, I would continue stroking myself while she French kissed me until I got tired or sore. I don't remember her ever touching herself in a sexual way.

After about a year of this, out of the blue, I had my first orgasm and I ejaculated. She seemed pretty happy and she didn't seem to mind at all that I made a mess in her bed. She got quite wet with her own juices, but if she ever came, I didn't know it. I didn't know a girl could cum at the time.

She became more interested in fooling around after my first ejaculation, but she had rules. We had to put a towel down on the bed first. I was not allowed to cum anywhere on her body at all. It had to happen under the covers, and it had to be totally dark. No one else could ever find out or it would end immediately.

I asked often for whatever I could get, but she usually said no to everything except French kissing, hugging and sleeping entwined. When the answer was yes, she never said it. She just got naked. That was my cue to undress as well.

She let me kiss and lick her nipples, but sucking or pinching them would get me booted out. She said they were too tender for that. When she said she was done for the night, I had to stop or risk getting kicked out of bed. Messing with her when she was asleep also just got me kicked out of bed, so I learned quick not to try that.

My sister made me stop altogether when my other older brother went kinda nuts. He was not the older one who had sex with her years before. He was between her age and mine. He really creeped her out with his spying on her and exposing himself in the daylight to her. He ruined everything. I don't know how much he knew about what I was doing with our older sister, but he never said a word about it, and we were never caught red-handed as far as we knew.

A short time later, when she was still at work, her friend showed up early to stay over night. I just approached her friend in the hall and started making out with her without saying anything. She just stood there and let me do it. We moved into my sister's bedroom where I got her nearly naked and started finger-fucking her. When I gently sucked one of her nipples, she came quick and freaked out a little bit as she pushed me away. She was the first girl to whom I ever (knowingly) gave an orgasm. In hindsight, I think that may have been her first one. After she calmed down, she said it was so good that she would repay me with a blowjob someday, but she never did. She didn't ask me how I knew so much about touching girls. I just shrugged, but still, I don't think she knew about me and my sister, and I was too scared to tell her.

At age 18, I joined the Army and moved away. Decades later, (several years ago) my sister called me at home, out of the blue, and wanted to have a serious and open discussion about what we went through with our crazy brother, including the things her and I had done in bed, and she wanted my wife to be there for this little chat! I told her she must be insane and that, if she ever brought it up again, I would tell her husband what we had done. That shut her up. Sadly, she died from complications from surgery a few years later. As far as I know, our secret died with her.


25355 - Previously I posted #13992 and described how it started with me and my dad. That was 3 years ago. Lately things have changed and truthfully only gotten better.
My Mom and Dad divorce this past June its been going south for about a year constant disagreements and my mom not coming home. Oh well dad's been taken care of quite nice. He's my footboy and I'm hit hot sticky lava girl. I moved out on my own about two years ago but on Wednesday's and Sunday's I always go over to my parents home to spend some sex time with my Dad.
He loves for me to pose my feet while he strokes his cock, also he loves to kiss my soles while fucking me. I love sucking his cock and lately licking his nipples and balls. We still don't do cream pies but about a year ago I did let his fuck my ass and finish in there. Honestly I didn't shit right for a week. I have a boyfriend now but he will never know that me and my dad fuck like little rabbits. I've been pondering leaving him now that my dad and mom aren't together because sexually my dad knows and created all my hot spots. Last year around Christmas we checked off another box on our bucket list on a trip to a local Casino. We played the role of older rich guy with young horny slut and took one of the guys back to a room we rented and had a threesome. It was a cool experience except that the guy came really fast. Then it was back to me and my dad. I work at the same office as my dad too. Many lunch breaks are spent giving foot jobs, blowjobs and mutual masturbation. No one knows what goes on and I think that is what keeps it hot and fresh. I'll come back and post more full stories soon I just felt like I left you guys hanging. Diane


25316 - Last night I was feeling very horny. So I took my moms dirty stockings and panties from the hamper and brought them to bed with me and put them on. The stench of her feet was so overpowering it quickly filled the room and my nostrils. This made me instantly hard. I decided that I was so horny I was going to take out some toys. I pulled out some pretty big anal beads and one by one, put them in my butt. I got all 7 in there when my mom walks in my room and sees me on my bed in her stockings, panties, a butt stuffed with anal beads and my legs spread wide in the air. There was a long moment of silence until she shut the door and locked it. She looked at me and got undressed. She said that since I loved masturbating with all of mommy's things she had the right to use m to masturbate. Except she came sat on top of me and shoved my johnson right in her pus. All the time the anal beads were deep inside me. She rode me and would tug on the beads slowly until they came out one by one and on the last one, I exploded all inside my mom. She stayed on top of me for about another 5 minutes as she sniffed and licked my beads. She got up and laid next to me and we started to kiss passionately. She asked me to put the beads in her so I did what i was told and we slowly fell asleep. We woke up the next morning completely naked and just knew that we wanted to make love. I got on top of her and slowly slid into her as she threw her head back as we slowly started. We made love for at least an hour till I cam in her and pulled out. She told me to take the beads out and I gently took them out and sniffed them. My mom kissed me and said that she would see me downstairs. She also told me to wash the beads off and left. There was no way in hell that I was going to wash that amazing stench off. Once the door closed I put them right back in my butt and kept them there for the entire day.