Latest Masturbation Confessions:


26921 - I have been masturbating to my mother for a long time. I have jerked off with her panties and spied on her showering. I have been thinking about letting her walk in on me naked or masturbating. Should I do it? Any advice?


26894 - I love sticking my vibrating bullet toy inside me and turning it on. I leave it in for several minutes at a time while I walk around my house naked. Most times I'll lay on the couh and hump a pillow with it inside me. It feels so great and makes me come hard everytime. After I come I stick it in my mouth and suck off all my cum, it tastes amazing


26841 - I love to sit back in my chair smoke a little while watching porn. I've been watching a beautiful mature woman have orgasm after grunting orgasm on a bbc.. I'm going to shoot all over my belly...


26805 - My mom bought me a vibrator and a rather large vibrating dildo a few months ago. I just turned 16 and she caught m she said it was natural and healthy and safer than sex.(Although I have done it a few times.) I can't stop using the toys. My dad caught me. He was going to leave, but I asked if he wanted to watch.We masturbated together for hours.I just called him and asked if we could do it again tonight. I am going to let him fuck me. I am using my toys right now.