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25989 - I'm about to place my first ad on craigslist. I've been married for twenty-five wonderful years, but for the last several years... Well, we have become more friends than anything else. We still sleep together but haven't made love in many weeks and then, it wasn't fantastic.
Girls have always called me a tender lover.. They love the way I sooth their skin with just brushing touches. I have always been good with my tongue which drives women wild. I think the reason women have viewed me as gentle and loving is because with women I lovingly caress, touch, nuzzle and suck but with men I'm a submissive bottom.

I haven't been with a man in twenty-seven years and I'm not sure I really want... IDK.. Well, I was thinking about placing an ad something like this..

Submissive bottom seeks same for mutual enjoyment.
I'm active, so my height and weight are proportional. I'm tanned, have green eyes and shorter brown grey hair. I'm shaved smooth except for a little patch under my tanning trunks...
I like sexy movies, lotions, toys and hopefully mutual masturbation and fun. I've been out of circulation for awhile so lets just play it by fun and see where we go.
Message me back and we can meet somewhere for a drink and introduction. We can hang out and get to know one another and If all goes well, maybe I'll show you my little patch..

So, like I said, I haven't posted this yet. I'm hoping someone gives me some advice and tells me what they think..


25964 - I'm a sissy cuckold husband. My wife has a boyfriend she thinks I know nothing about. She will come say goodbye with a kiss and tell me she's going to see our grown kids and stop at Walmart but I know what she is really up to.

I know when her boyfriend fucks her cause after she comes home from " Walmarts" she won't let me give her head, and you have to know my wife, she'll drop tro on a dime and ride my tongue till her pussy squirts. But on those occasions, no dice. I always have a plan tho.

I wait till she is sound asleep and facing away from me then carefully and quietly I maneuver my pointer finger to the opening of her hole and slowly, so not to wake her, I probe her pussy for cum.
The first time I found it, I was so turned on by the thoughts of her fucking our friend who she says she " doesn't think is hot" but does think he would be "good in bed" after I found the cum, I started rubbing my cock and lasted about 15 seconds before I messed the sheets.
Now when I know she is going out to screw, I have fun too.

Remember I told you I was a sissy cuckold? Well I am, but here's the catch, see she doesn't know That I know I'm a sissy cuckold and that's whats fun !!
When I know she's off on her escapade, I head to the bathroom, I shower, douche and being a swimmer, I've been shaved for years, but I touch up my pubic line.
Toweled dry, I enter our candle lit bedroom. In the center of the bed I spread a dry towel and with soft music in the background, the room lit by candles, I lay back on our big cozy bed.
I close my eyes,imagining the face of my wife, a mask of passion, groaning out her orgasm and making a noise a woman only makes when cuming hard on her lovers cock.

In my mind, I become my wife, and it's my lover pounding my hole making me cum while confessing in his ear things that should never be spoken outside of the bedroom.
I frantically pound my ass with my favorite ten inch toy and suddenly it's me who's cuming. Ropes and ropes shoot out of my cock as my tight hole clinches so violently in orgasm that with a "PoP" the toy shoots out of my hole and I collapse completely satisfied and exhausted.

When my wife comes home, I'm cleaned up and pretending to be asleep. She will climb in bed and laying her head on my shoulder, soon she's sound asleep.

I like being the cuckold that she doesn't know that I know I am..


25945 - I'm a closet sissy. While my wife is at work I shower and douche. I'm a swimmer so I've been shaved for years. After drying, I put on my wives red crotchless panties, a pair of red stockings and a matching corset. Tonight while dressed and watching cuckold porn I did a little 420 and played with my little cock and tight hole. I posted a video of my new dildo making my cock flow. Had loads of fun


25942 - When I was sixteen, my parents and I went to Orlando on vacation. We had been gone about six days and a friend who I met and staying a couple rooms from ours spent the evening away while his and my parents hung out.
We did a little 420, and smuggled some drinks from the rents and goofed off in the pool. by the time the pool closed, I was feeling pretty twisted and didn't want mom and dad to find out I was smoking again, so I returned to our empty room and climbed into bed.

From the time I was little, I have always loved playing with my cock. Each night, I would lay in bed and make my my tiny hairless cock hard, rubbing it until my legs would shake. I remember one day while mowing lawns for the school district I found a magazine called Hustler. I'm kinda freaky I guess cause I find women with hairy arms extremely sexy. I lay in bed that night with my eyes tightly shut, I slurped lotion all over my cock and as I rubbed, I played over and over in my mind the pictures of this Mexican girl with a curly hair all over her pussy and deliciously hairy arms.
I rubbed harder and harder thinking of how I would love to bury my face in her hairy pussy when with a squirt, and a throb, clear liquid shot out of my hole and all over the sheet. OMG that felt so freaking good !! I was hooked and with that squirt, new hobby was born.

So, as I lay in bed that night at the Disney hotel rubbing my cock, I fantasied about earlier in the day being in the park and all the hundreds of girls,with all types of hair on their arms, when I heard a click and then, the door quietly open.
I imminently became completely still, and thankfully and just by luck was on my right side with my naked butt under the covers and facing away from the door and their bed. I heard whispering and my mom gave out a cute little giggle. Footsteps came closer. "I think he's asleep" I heard my dad say, then the footsteps backed away.

I remained completely still. Wondering what would happen next. I didn't have to wait long for the answer. Kissing? The sound was unmistakable. Just feet from my bed my parents were kissing. The sound broke and an instant later I heard my mother say " Jesus, kissing me there gives me the chills" her voice quivering. I heard my dads deep voice say something, like he was whispering in her hear and my mom gave a tiny giggle followed seconds later by a low moan.
From behind me I heard the bedsprings sag, the sound of my mom kissing and gasping was driving my wild.

With only my thumb and pointer finger I silently rubbed just the head of my penis. I was leaking cum like crazy. As my moms whispering and muffled groans became more intense I envisioned my mother being ravished, breasts exposed, nipples hard, I heard her heavy breathing and imagined her chest heaving, her breasts rising and falling, her head tilted off to the side with her face a mask of passion.
I almost came. My cock throbbed as precum flowed from my hole onto the bedsheet.

A couple years before, I accidentally walked into the bathroom while mom was in the tub. My mom is Scandinavian in descent. She didn't splash around trying to cover up. She just looked at me. Her dark blonde hair framing the light pale skin of her face. Her dark eyes danced with a mischievous light. My eyes roamed down her slender neck to her beautiful pear shaped titties and then to the dark bush surrounding her pussy. Now all this transpired in seconds and with an embarrassed " sorry mom" I turned around and left the bathroom shutting the door and running to my room to masturbate remembering what I just saw. Now that woman to who's memory I came to many many times was moaning feet from my bed.
I heard rustling as what I assumed were cloths coming off, the bedsprings squeaked as I heard my mom and dad quietly laughing. Next came something that made my heart stop.

The bedsprings gave a slow squeak and my mom gave a breathless gasp that I still hear in my dreams twenty years later. The bedsprings gave a low, then a high pitched squeak followed by deep moan from my mom . Shussh... I heard my dad whispered but the springs kept their deep squeaks.
My mom groaned my dads name " Oh My God ^%#* " !! Shuush my dad whispered, but mom was beyond reason as she made a sound a woman only makes when cuming all over her lovers cock.

I came then and there. Ropes and ropes of cum shot from my throbbing cock. I know I was shaking but my ecstasy was lost as what sounded like my dad giving mom a creampie.

Occasionally over the next couple years I would be lucky enough to hear them as they would fuck but soon I wasn't interested in listening to them as I did making my girlfriends cum.
My wife and I have been married 20 years and have a great sex life. Occasionally we will go out and let her pick a guy for the night. I have the time of my life licking her clit as she is pounded doggie style.

I'm a lucky guy