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26530 - When I was 20 and fresh out of the service I would visit my uncle and his 2nd wife. She was a very attractive blonde, 33 years old, with a figure any woman would be envious of. I secretly lusted after her on many occasions, eeven though I had a steady girlfriend who was quite the looker in her own right. Elaine loved to screw but she thought giving head was something only slutty girls did. Eventually, my uncle and his wife decided to separate. I remember him making me promise to check up on her after he moved out. I was more than happy to honor his request and would try to spend time with her when Elaine was out of town.
One evening while I was visiting her we drank a couple of bottles of wine and smoked some herb. After she put the little one to bed she convinced me to stay and sleep on the couch because of the wine. Eventually, she said she was going to take a shower and get ready for bed. At this point I was still just trying to be a good nephew and make sure she was ok being alone without a man in the house. When she came out of her bedroom I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She was wearing a long cream colored night gown that was almost sheer. Her breasts and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric and when she stood with the light from the kitchen behind her I could see the outline of her very full bush. We drank some more wine and talked and she even told me how horny she was before calling it a night. She went to her bed and I stripped down to my boxers and fell asleep on the couch.
Around midnight I awoke to her calling my name softly. When I opened my eyes she was standing next to me and asked me if I would mind sleeping with her because she was lonely. I guess I was a bit naïve in thinking she just needed someone close. I followed her to her bedroom and she pulled back the covers on the bed as we both climbed in. Within a few minutes we were on our sides spooning. I brought my arm around her and held her C cup breasts in my hand. My cock was hard, pressing against the fabric covered cheeks of her ass and within a few minutes she was shaking all over as if she was cold. I thought I was in heaven. I slowly lowered my hand to her belly and when I did she opened her legs slightly as if inviting me to explore further. By the time I got to her mound I couldn’t believe how wet she was! Her hairy pussy was matted with her juices as I eagerly explored her slit and slid a finger inside her. She let out a low moan and started shaking harder with the first waves of an intense orgasm. Before I knew it she was on top of me and our tongues were dancing together in a passionate kiss. She sat up and removed her night gown exposing her beautiful tits and hairy pussy to me for the first time. Without a word between us she pulled my boxers down and off and started to kiss and lick my throbbing cock. Soon she had my shaft deep in her mouth and was sliding it in and out slowly. I had never had a woman suck my cock before and before long my hips were involuntarily thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth. I mumbled that I was going to explode and she just moaned and kept sucking. I held her head in my hands as I felt the cum rising in my balls and I soon released a massive load into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed every drop of seed from my cock as she continued to moan and then licked and sucked my throbbing cock until it was clean. After she stopped, she moved up to my face and started kissing me again. The taste of my cum on her tongue was driving me crazy and I laid her on her back and crawled between her legs. I had never seen a pussy so beautiful and so wet. By the time I got between her legs her juices had soaked into the bed sheets creating a wet spot where she lay. I licked and sucked her lips and clit for a very long time and her body shook uncontrollably with each orgasm she had. Soon my cock was rack hard again and I pushed her legs further apart and slid my cock in her hot cunt. With her legs wrapped around me and her tits bouncing from side to side, I fucked my aunt like I’d never fucked a woman before. The feeling of my cock buried deep in her hot cunt as our pelvises ground together was all it took to send me over the edge and I unloaded my seed deep in her womb as her body quivered beneath me. Our bodies were covered in sweat and the room had that sweet smell of sex as I collapsed next to her. We soon drifted off to sleep without saying a word to each other.
The next morning I woke early and jumped in her shower while she was still sleeping. She must have heard the water running because soon she was in the shower with me and we thoroughly scrubbed each other down until we were squeaky clean. She taught me more about pleasing a woman than any other lover I’ve ever had. Even 35 years later I still think of her fondly and would be happy to keep her company again…


26487 - When i was a high school senior 2yrs ago (I was 18). I had a english teacher who was extremely hot for her old age. One morning before school started i went to her class to use her computer. She was sitting at her desk while i was standing next to her to see what she was doing.

As i stood there i could see those big healthy tits down her shirt. I told her she had a great rack. Instead of getting mad she told me i could touch them if i wanted to.
Next thing i know i had my cock in her mouth. She ended up sucking me off for a few minutes before i busted in her mouth. Lets say i often visited her class before school started.


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