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25538 - I recently started taking wellbutrin for depression and I didn't know much about its side effects. All I can say is holy fuck. It gives me sex drive, stamina, and intensity unlike anything I've ever experienced. I'm a 35 year old guy in decent shape, 2-3 orgasms a day was my usual limit before lack of arousal and dehydration took their toll.

Now I can orgasm as much as 6-8times a day and each orgasm is just as powerful as the one before and I always produce cum and it shoots and spurts further than ever before. This drug has definitely put my central nervous system and libido into maximum overdrive. Some people say it does nothing for them but I'm not normal to begin with. It makes me extra aroused and my sexual confidence is such that I feel like I can read women's signals better. I have urges to fuck every day like an insatiable porn star. In fact a couple days ago I fucked a milf at her house after I fixed her computer, her two daughters were home too!! Her husband travels a lot and she said he said to just leave some for him, so I took advantage of that fine latina milf, she wanted it just as much. I came in her twice and she loved it.

God bless the chemists who invented wellbutrin and viagra!


25331 - Hello, I am a 16 year old white female.
The last time I went to my step-mom's house was 3 month ago. I used to always fantasize about doing her. she has such a sexy body with huge round 34DDD tits and I used to fondle them in the night whilst she slept. But a few week ago when i had my 26DD's pressed against her 34DDD she woke. I told her what had happened and we have been going at it ever since.
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