Latest Molested Confessions:


22514 - I think my father molested me as a child. I get random flash backs of him on top of me, or me laying in my back on his stomach with his penis resting on my vagina in the bath. I'm 25 now and I get turned on thinking back to those flash backs but at the same time I'm horribly worried these things happened to me! Why would I get turned on over that! Is there something wrong with me?


20742 - I was molested when I was 9yo by my older brother who was 16 at the time. I'm not into incest but when I see him or think about what he did, I get so wet and horny. Even talking with him on the phone gets me like that. I did love the feeling of his tongue on my clit and his cock inside me but I felt ashamed and too embarrassed to tell anyone what my brother was doing to me. He denies it when I mention it to him now. Im 19 now almost 20 and I sometimes wish i knew what was going on so then I could change things to maybe make it alittle hotter lol


20501 - I know it's happed to other college girls, but never thought it would happen to me. I guess the things that go on in college parties can be pretty wild. I don't know what was slipped into my drink, I only know I woke up naked in a back room covered in sperm. My clothes were gone, the door wide open and guys were cuming in to have a good look. The surprising thing was, that no one really bothered to get me anything to cover myself. Like always no one knew anything about it, it was just a lot of fun having a naked female running around with no clothes on. That night I went home rapped in curtain hoping that no one that knew me would see me. I spent months scared about finding out later I was pregnant, but I guess I was lucky. So embarrassing I kept it a secret for all these years to save myself ferther embarrassment, thinking it was my fault for being so stupid.


19598 - I was molested by a babysitter when I was younger. My parents hired a young girl to stay with me when they would go out for an evening, the older lady who had watched me had moved to another town and this girl was was daughter of their friends. I was an only child and both of my parents were very protective of me.

Before putting me to bed when she sat with me, she always gave me a bath. During her washing me in the tub she played particular attention to getting my dick very clean. I would get so hard with her washing me that it actually hurt.

I would still be extremely hard when she put me in bed and she always asked me if it was hurting, and it actually was hurting. She would say she wanted to make it feel better. At first she would just rub it with baby oil and bring me to a dry ejuclation after which I would go down. Later, while sitting me when this happened and it would be hurting, she would ask me if she could kiss it and make it better. From then on she always fellated me to climax after which always relaxed me to sleep. Even though she was only a few years older older than I, she somehow made me feel embarassed to tell my parents what was happening to me because I liked it so much.

When I got older and started going out with girls I saw her once and found out from her that she was engaged to an oler guy. I would have liked very much to have dated her. After I no longer was left with a sitter, I had many masturbation fantasies about all she used to do to me.