Latest Molested Confessions:


26747 - I was molested when I was 8 and I liked it. my uncle would come in my room while I was sleeping and finger me and lick my clit. I would lie as still as could as he tasted my virgin pussy. He gave me my first orgasm.
When I went back to live with my parents, I tried to get my younger siblings to lick me, but none would. I would get them alone, take off my shorts and panties and spread my pussy lips as wide as they would go. They would look at me with such amazement at just being able to see a pussy at their age. I'd ask them if they wanted to touch it, sometimes they would sometimes they wouldnt. if they did, I ask them if they could see my hole and when they said yes, I'd tell them to stick their fingers in there. After assuring them that it wouldn't hurt me, but make me feel really good, sometimes I could get them to try it for a minute or two. If I got them to go that far, I'd ask if they wanted to taste it, but they never would. After months and months of frustration and just wanting to feel that good feeling I experienced before, I turned to the neighbors dogs. They were always coming over to play with us kids and since I was always wet, they would forever be sticking their noses in my crotch. One day while sitting on the step wearing short pajama shorts, I pulled them to the side along with my little panties to see what they would do. They licked me inside and out and tried to bite my clit at times. Eventually I had scolded them enough that they learned to only use their tongues. After that, I was hooked. Any time I needed to feel that feeling that made me feel so good, I would just call the dogs over and take my bottoms off and let them lick me till I was satisfied. When we got a dog of our own, I trained her to lick me too. I was in heaven!
Our dog went missing sometime down the line, and I was over at the neighbors houseĀ  (a different neighbor) playing with a girl around my age when her older sister suggested we watch a video she had found in her parents room. It was porn. Having never seen such a thing before, I was intrugued. We watched it almost everyday. We'd sit on their couch and I'd be dying to go home and rub my little clit. One day she suggested that we should try some of the stuff we had seen. So all 3 of us took all our clothes off and laid side by side on her bed while fingering each other. I wanted her to lick my pussy so bad, but her parents came home and we quickly got dressed and I went home. This happened several times. I think the older sister licked my pussy a few times, but she never made me get that good feeling i was always left to tend to that my self. Eventually my mom had a house built in another city and we moved away. My aunt moved next door and so did my cousin who was my age, 12 - 13 at the time. We had always played "boyfriend and girlfriend" as long as I could remember. We would take turns being the "boy." Whoever was the boy had to be on top. We would dry hump clothed at first and eventually we would get undressed and rub our pussies together and daydream about how we couldn't wait till we got boobs and how big they were going to be. I taught her how to rub her privates and get that feeling that I got. I showed her how to use the water from the faucet in the bathtub to get that feeling too. I got her to lick me, but she didn't really like to do that. So usually it was her sitting on my face. God she tasted so good! We got caught once in the swimming pool while it was filling up, we were making out and touching each others pussies. A guy on the construction crew for my grandma's house walked by, heard what we were talking about and asked us if we were "ok" we said yeah and stopped for that day. We were afraid we'd get in trouble. we continued until we were almost 14 and we started dating boys.


25033 - My girlfriend confessed to me that she was molested by her uncle. It's sad for me to her and I know it has made her life difficult but it turned me on and when she was sucking my cock last night I told her " good girl " do you like sucking my cock ? And I made her say " yes sir " I came so hard.afterwards I told her I was sorry to say that to her and she said it's ok if it bothered me I would tell you to stop. I want her to tell me all the details of what happened and role play that with her.


24456 - When I was age 5-8 I would stay with my gma during the days I didn't have school. There was a house down the street that I would go and play with kids two girls a few years older than I was at the time. They also had a young brother that was still in diapers. We would play "house". Which for some reason I always ended up being the baby They would take my clothes off and put me in diapers. They loved it when it was changing time they would spend a lot of time cleaning my penis and balls Once they "took" my temperature with a fake thermometer which they stuck up my butt I miss those days!


22514 - I think my father molested me as a child. I get random flash backs of him on top of me, or me laying in my back on his stomach with his penis resting on my vagina in the bath. I'm 25 now and I get turned on thinking back to those flash backs but at the same time I'm horribly worried these things happened to me! Why would I get turned on over that! Is there something wrong with me?