Latest Molested Confessions:


25033 - My girlfriend confessed to me that she was molested by her uncle. It's sad for me to her and I know it has made her life difficult but it turned me on and when she was sucking my cock last night I told her " good girl " do you like sucking my cock ? And I made her say " yes sir " I came so hard.afterwards I told her I was sorry to say that to her and she said it's ok if it bothered me I would tell you to stop. I want her to tell me all the details of what happened and role play that with her.


24456 - When I was age 5-8 I would stay with my gma during the days I didn't have school. There was a house down the street that I would go and play with kids two girls a few years older than I was at the time. They also had a young brother that was still in diapers. We would play "house". Which for some reason I always ended up being the baby They would take my clothes off and put me in diapers. They loved it when it was changing time they would spend a lot of time cleaning my penis and balls Once they "took" my temperature with a fake thermometer which they stuck up my butt I miss those days!


22514 - I think my father molested me as a child. I get random flash backs of him on top of me, or me laying in my back on his stomach with his penis resting on my vagina in the bath. I'm 25 now and I get turned on thinking back to those flash backs but at the same time I'm horribly worried these things happened to me! Why would I get turned on over that! Is there something wrong with me?


20742 - I was molested when I was 9yo by my older brother who was 16 at the time. I'm not into incest but when I see him or think about what he did, I get so wet and horny. Even talking with him on the phone gets me like that. I did love the feeling of his tongue on my clit and his cock inside me but I felt ashamed and too embarrassed to tell anyone what my brother was doing to me. He denies it when I mention it to him now. Im 19 now almost 20 and I sometimes wish i knew what was going on so then I could change things to maybe make it alittle hotter lol