Latest Pedo Confessions:


24370 - My great uncle was in his 70s a raging alcoholic with epeleptic fits and urinating over himself, came back from the ww2 a mess and bad skin and diseases...

i dont find it funny that someone actually got this man to abuse me sexually from the age of 4 or 5 til i was 15 in 1986...

i felt a prisoner to this dirty old man who hit me and groped at me, forcing orgasm on me at the age of 5 and causing me to collapse.

no young man ever gave me any love. i felt so dirty and ugly hating my body and i still do today with my allergies

i might have HPV or Lupus and i could get cervical cancer from this, already had skin cancer and a ugly rash that makes me uglier still.

i have never really had a sex life or love life other then being raped as a virgin when i was 29... have not had sex since then so that is now 14 years ago... i hate sperm and have a phobia about sperm and have always hated the feeling of men orgasming on me... rape just made it worse. it sickens me. i want a relationship but men never treat me nice. i am sick of being bashed up for love.

abused by another uncle as well and i am tired of being told i have no right to expect love and respect from a young man.

i dont want an old man that reminds me of the old pedo.

signed catherine graham


24345 - I am not interested in being around filipinos or pr andrew (he is too old for he is over 50) i dont like old men they remind me of the old pedo who abused me as a child.

i would rather have no one and make the people who abused me feel as guilty as the sin they are...


24056 - He wants to leave her for me. I know i make him cry. when i told them I masturbated the vacuum cleaner for the pedo, I masturbated everything for the pedo when i was a kid. he shoved his hands or sausage knobs at my pussy or the vacumm cleaner nossle at my pussy when i was a kid.

telling all this is so embarrassing.

how the old pedo bought dirty magazines and had me looking at porn and talking dirty when i was a child of 5 or getting me to draw tits and hairy cunts on women in magazines when i was 5 years old.

it makes me sick and dirty and makes me wonder what people must think of me.


23825 - I went to live with my grandmother after my parents died in an accident. She had been living alone since my grandfather left her for a younger woman. She gave me my first fuck when I was just 13. She hadn't had cock in over 5 years and she was desperate for it. I'm 21 now and we fuck almost every night. At weekends we often fuck on the sofa in the daytime. She has never denied me anything I wanted, and happily gives me blowjobs. She also enjoys 69ers, something my grandfather would never do for he. - James