Latest Pedo Confessions:


25703 - I confess I'm a 25 yr old girl.yes I'm real. And I have sick twisted Fantasies About "nepi" incest. Since I was 4 I have touched myself to orgasm and yes girls can orgasm at that age I did it to the nude scene of Forrest Gump lol. I remember when I was 13 we got a virus on the computer and it was cp and I got turned on. It turns me on more than anything. I have no limits in my fantasies and in reality I love beastiality. But I don't think I would carry out my desires of staying an incest family since both. I'm ashamed of myself and I'm torn because it's just fantasy and I would never want to hurt anyone ever but it turns me on so much.


25677 - What's really funny is the FBI, KGB, and the CIA watch this site because of all the dumbasses who post fake stories about molesting children. Oh how I would love to arrest one of the PEDOS who post here and see him go to jail. That would be so cool.

How come the Brits don't have a secret police group? You know why, because they're a bunch of f'in sissies.


24370 - My great uncle was in his 70s a raging alcoholic with epeleptic fits and urinating over himself, came back from the ww2 a mess and bad skin and diseases...

i dont find it funny that someone actually got this man to abuse me sexually from the age of 4 or 5 til i was 15 in 1986...

i felt a prisoner to this dirty old man who hit me and groped at me, forcing orgasm on me at the age of 5 and causing me to collapse.

no young man ever gave me any love. i felt so dirty and ugly hating my body and i still do today with my allergies

i might have HPV or Lupus and i could get cervical cancer from this, already had skin cancer and a ugly rash that makes me uglier still.

i have never really had a sex life or love life other then being raped as a virgin when i was 29... have not had sex since then so that is now 14 years ago... i hate sperm and have a phobia about sperm and have always hated the feeling of men orgasming on me... rape just made it worse. it sickens me. i want a relationship but men never treat me nice. i am sick of being bashed up for love.

abused by another uncle as well and i am tired of being told i have no right to expect love and respect from a young man.

i dont want an old man that reminds me of the old pedo.

signed catherine graham


24345 - I am not interested in being around filipinos or pr andrew (he is too old for he is over 50) i dont like old men they remind me of the old pedo who abused me as a child.

i would rather have no one and make the people who abused me feel as guilty as the sin they are...