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26881 - I was at my mates parents house for a BBQ their was only about 10 people all having a great time, most people we're outside, I went for a pee and as I was peeing someone opened the door, that someone was his 15 year old sister, still peeing I pulled the door closed as the door closed she pulled it open again this time opening it to far for me to grab it, she tilted her head to oneside to see my cock, I finished peeing and she said make it go bigger, I said don't be stupid your parents will kill me, no they won't she said they are in the garden drunk make it go bigger she said again, I can't I said it doesn't happen just like that, I zipped up and went back outside, for the next hour she kept on asking me to go into the toilet and make my cock bigger, I had a few drinks in me by this time so I was up for it, told her to give me 5 minutes and let me know it's you at the door, went to the toilet and started to get myself hard, knock on the door it's me, I opened it and she said wow, she watched me wank and told me to go faster, I told her I was getting close to cumming, do it she said, I step back and finished myself off, I had 4 really good streams of cum fly out followed by many little ones, she said cool shut the door and left, it took more time to clear up as most the cum had missed the toilet.
No one knows about this but I have a feeling her friends might find out, 15 year olds tend to talk a lot, just hope my mate and his parents don't find out.


26880 - I gave my house mate a blow job while I was on the toilet and he was in the shower, I was bursting for a wee and he was using the shower, I shouted hurry up and he said just come in and go, while I was weeing he pulled back the shower curtain waving his cock in his hand laughing, I couldn't do anything I was still weeing, when I had finished he held his cock out towards me, I took it in my hand and started sucking on it, I couldn't believe the size it grow, it was really hard and thick, as I sat there sucking him off he started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, we got a good rhythm going, I could have only been sucking him for 2 minutes and he cum I tried to swallow what I could but most of it was coming out my mouth, when he had finished he bent down lick around my mouth.
We both have partners and and we've never mentioned it to anyone.


26827 - I am a piss drinking guy that just loves t drink hot piss from a pussy and swallow it down, every drop. if you are a woman living in Neath south wales and want to live out your fantasy pissing in a mans mouth send me an email..or if you want to send me photos or videos of you pissing I would love to get just write and tell me what you want to do and force me to drink your piss...please ladies write or send to me and I will drink you dry


26825 - I am a 59 yr old man living alone in wales with a fetish for drinking piss from a pussy. I got this from my 1st wife who loved to piss in my mouth and make me drink it. I have not had a woman since who wants to willingly do this for me and enjoy it. if there is any women living in Neath reading this and wants to get together with me just for this please leave your email in a comment