Latest Pee Confessions:


22886 - I like to pee in cups and in peoples sinks. I think I'm lazy cuz even at home I'll get up and pee in a glass by the bed rather than going to the bathroom


21449 - I have a pee fetish aside from drinking it, egh. Anyway, however, it's really only present when I am really horny. Few times a year, I will just be so incredibly horny that I just go crazy with my pee fetish. I'll wet myself, go in bed, pee all over myself until I finally have the biggest orgasm of my life.

It is only then I feel so disgusted with myself. It's really a pain to have a fetish that you aren't fond of regularly until you get unusually too aroused.


21188 - I love to have women pee on me. Is there any women out there that like peeing on Guys.


20867 - I have this urge to pee in public where supposedly it is safe and private, but where i can be seen as well-like behind a tree in the park. While pretending not to notice some onlooker,who obviously glimpses in my direction, pretend to shake the last drops off my cock head and simultaneously starting to get a hard on. I then pretend to strugle getting it back into my pants,obviously embarressed. But sometimes a young curious girl cant stop staring. I once caught a young lady watching me through her camera at coastal picnic spot, and then i stepped back from the tree to reveal all, pretending not to notice her. After a while i turned to show her a full frontal view
It was then that she realised my game, and hurriedly turned away. As we were all in the same picnic group,i could not directly ask her if she had taken some nice shots
I lost contact with her, but would surely love to pose more for her!