Latest Pee Confessions:


26669 - I live in a block of flats on the ground floor with communal gardens, we have a new company maintainingthr the gardens and she is female that visits twice a month, I've only just started seeing her as the gardening work in the past has always been done when I've been at work.
The woman gardener is stunning, long blonde hair amazing figure, even my neighbour text me saying, check out the new gardener, even time she visits I'm looking though my blinds, while perving at her one day she came up to my balcony, my flat is one the end, she had a look round pulled her trousers and panties down, held on to my balcony rail, squatted down and started having a piss, I had the perfect view, I could see the piss coming from her pussy, massive turn on for me, she finished, pulled her panties and trousers up and carried on working.
Since she has started she has a piss same place, she must think it's safe! I'm not complaining for sure, I've seen her pussy bald and hairy!


25866 - 1 day i want to have a guy or girl to lick and eat my poop and drink my pee


25213 - I used to have a job that included home visits. I was in my 30s and the client was in her 50s. She was a condescending bitch. She went to take a pee and left the door cracked open. I pushed the door open and continued with our interview. She stammered but went ahead and answered my questions. She was obviously humiliated to be peeing in from of me with her pussy exposed. It really turned me on to humiliate her. She was meek as can be after that -- much more cooperative.


22886 - I like to pee in cups and in peoples sinks. I think I'm lazy cuz even at home I'll get up and pee in a glass by the bed rather than going to the bathroom