Latest Slut Confessions:


25522 - Back in High school I was never very popular, having gotten pegged as the "weird girl" way back in grade school. I only dated a couple of times and never really went very far. My first two years in college weren't any better romance wise as I was too focused on my grades.
I decided that I needed to do something about this when I got an apartment by myself. I was getting tired of relying on masturbation, but I really didn't want anything that would take away from my studies. So I took out an add on craigslist.
After several emails and the back and forth of finding one who appealed to me, I invited the first guy over. He was in his 30's, a factory worker who was almost certainly cheating on his wife (not that I cared, that made it kind of hotter.) He was actually quite patient with me, given my clumsiness and taught me a good bit about how to give a BJ. I'd used my vibrator enough times that it wasn't hard to have him inside me. He fucked me for a while, using his fingers to help get me off, then withdrew, took off the condom and asked me if I'd swallow him. I agreed and got my first taste of cum. I'm not sure what I'd expected but i really liked it. He thanked me several times before he left.
That was the start of what's become a regular habit of mine. Every week I put up an ad and see who responds. I have couple of regulars, but I'm always looking for a stranger. Some days I do a few guys in the same afternoon, once I even had a pair of brothers fuck me at the same time.
I'm not an escort but I do love this kind of sex. I have a few fantasies I want to try, like being in a gang bang, or going to a book store and seeing if anyone wants me to blow them.
I guess you could say I'ma slut, but you know what? that doesn't bother me at all.


25509 - I love craigslist, I posted that I was horny and within two hours a guy had picked me up from my house, bought me a couple more drinks, and was groping my tits and fucking owning my pussy in his car. His cock was fucking awesome too, I sucked him off a bunch before he fucked me and after he fucked me he came all over my face and tits, probably one of the best shags I've ever had, I love getting used


25447 - I was a stewardess in the 80's and 90's and I took full advantage of my job to lead a life of sex and parties. I was single, uninhibited and always horny.
I'd scout out people on the last flight of the day. Between businessmen looking for some fun, young servicemen and the odd vacationing student there were always someone who would catch my eye. I'd make sure to pay them lost of attention, be quick to check up on how they were doing and flirt every chance I got. On some of the emptier flights, when there was less demands on my time (and less prying eyes) I'd unbutton my uniform a little extra, let my skirt ride up some, give them a nice show. By the time we'd landed my choice of the night was usually well hooked. I'd usually find them waiting in the baggage claim area. we'd head for the hotel and have a great time.
Eventually I got bolder, and well perhaps a bit more jaded. I'd take out ads in swinger magazines (this was a long time before craig's list) and arrange for hook ups in each town I'd be visiting. I was soon setting up threesomes, orgies, gang bangs. I was a ful on sex addict but I didn't care.
I eventually got a job on overseas flights and then things really took off. I now had a whole world of people to sample and I quickly learned America has nothing on Europe for kinky. I learned a great deal on those trips, extreme bondage, watersports, enema play, and even in one very wild night what it was like to be ridden by a German Shepard.
I finally left the job and became a kept woman of a man I met in the UK. He was a very cultured older banker, with tastes as wild as my own. We were very happy with each other and the many extra partners we brought to our bed. Sadly he passed away after several years.
I moved back to the states and eventually settled down, marrying a really nice guy and having some kids. My daughters think it must have been wonderful traveling like I did. They're right but not for the reasons they think of.
I do miss my wild days and nights.


25444 - Of the five places we've lived so far, I've had eight affairs and all have been with much younger men. My husband works night shifts and has done pretty much all his working life. At first I didn't mind as our sex life was good, but as we got older (We're both in our mid 30's) his libido slowed down and now is almost non existant.

Each of my affairs have been with young men ranging from 19 to 23. All of them have been nearby neighbours and everyone of them so far, have been reasonably well endowed. With each move I make sure I get to know the people in our neighbourhood, contact them through social media aftr initially chatting to them, and offer the good looking interested guys anything they want sexually.

It's been easy to attract them as I keep myself looking good and fit from my job in a leisure centre. I also make sure they know I'll do just about anything sexually being their slut, just to make sure they give me one hell of a good fucking.

The latest affair is with a young man who actually works at the same place as my husband, but works the day shift. He often sees my husband when their shifts cross over in the morning. Little does my husband know, the young man he's saying hello to has just fucked his wifes mouth, pussy and asshole.

Young hard cock to me is the reason I get out of bed in the morning, and the reason I want to get back into it when my husband leaves for work.