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26407 - Me, my boyfriend, an one of his friends were sitting down watching television just as we normally do. My boyfriend Josh got up to go pee. Me and his friend Griffin were alone at the time. He got up and sat next to me. Then quickly he pulled me close and kissed me out of nowhere. I was so confused but yet so aroused at the same time. Josh came back just in time to see us kissing. That wasn't going to stop me and we pulled in closer putting our tongues into each other's mouths. After we stopped Josh told me that kissing another guy was okay.

"It's not like it's really cheating" he assured me.

"I guess not" I said.

Josh put his large comforter over the three of us to stay warm. Little did he know how wet I was from kissing his best friend. I reached over and put my hand on Griffin's lap. I slowly unzipped his pants so Josh didn't hear and took out his enormous member. I was in awe of how big he was. Just then I got an amazing idea.

"Be quiet" I whispered in Josh's ear.

I then unzipped his pants and took his out as well. It was only half the size but still big. I took one of them in each hand and began stroking them. Griffin put his hands into my panties and began rubbing my clit. He felt so good I couldn't hold in the moan. Josh must have noticed as his fingers too traveled to my soaked pussy. There both of their hands met and Josh pulled the comforter off of us exposing what I was doing. I began to stroke both of them as fast as I could and Josh was so hard I could tell not only was he enjoying my hand running up and down his cock but also the fact that I was doing the same to his friend. I leaned to my side and put Griffin's huge tool into my mouth. I began sucking on him like a mad woman. Just as he hit the back of my throat a warm splash hit it and I swallowed the delicious liquid. I got up and told my boyfriend to sit in the chair next to the couch and he followed order. Then I tied him to it.

"You're going to watch your best friend fuck me" I told him.

Griffin wasted no time taking my clothes off. I laid on the bed and spread my legs for him. He pushed his enormous head into me as Josh watched tied up in a chair behind him. I screamed in pleasure as he shoved his cock all the way inside of me.

"Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Faster! Fuck me in front of my boyfriend! Show him how much I love fucking big cocks!" I screamed.

I decided Josh should join in a bit. I wrapped my legs around Griffin's waist and ran my foot up the length of my boyfriend's hard dick. I positioned his dick between my feet and stroked him. Soon he came all over my feet and I lifted them to his mouth to lick clean. Griffin soon also began to cum.

"Yes! Cum inside me! Make me your cum slut! Show me what a real man's cum feels like!" I yelled.

He finished inside of me leaving me panting. We soon got dressed and I walked him to the door. We kissed and he left.

"It's finally over" Josh said

I lifted my cell phone to my ear and began to make a phone call.

"Who are you calling babe?" he asked.

"Your friends. I think I want you to watch me get gangbanged by multiple men"


26400 - I am a filthy whore and i am proud. I am 18 and have been fucking my family members for three years now without any of them finding out about the others. I lured my dad in first by wearing skimpy shorts with nothing under and tank tops you could see my nipples through and flashed him my pussy three different times before he gave in and started fingering me and eating me out. Then i talked my mom into buying me a vibrating dildo and asked her to teach me how to play with myself . She can make me cum like no other! Then my brother, he was the hardest. I had to catch him wanking before coming in and sucking his big dick and sitting on it, he is addicted.


26220 - Do any daddies out there want to trade fantasies over email?


26219 - I've been so horny the last couple of months and it's driving me crazy. I'm now 18 so I've been able to act on this. I'm acting like such a twisted slut. I don't have a credit card so I found this man who lives near me online and I told him if he bought me a vibrator online I would go to his house and give him a blow job. I got to pick out the vibrator and when I went there to pick it up, I blew him and he asked if he could watch me use it. I was horny anyway so I used it right there in his living room. I don't even know the guys name. I've been pimping myself out online to earn some cash and get what I want. I just want a cock banging my pussy 24/7. I don't even care who it is or what they look like as long as they got a cock to pound me with. Most of the men that I hook up with online are middle aged and ugly anyway. This weekend I let a 62 year old guy lick my pussy all he wanted and he paid me a lot for just that. I found this guy online who said he would pay me 5k to have me for a weekend. He said he wanted to use all my holes and invite friends over to do the same, and he wanted to be really rough and call me names and degrade and humiliate me. Honestly I would have done it for a lot cheaper cause this is a huge fantasy of mine. I guess this is prostitution but I don't care because I love being used like a toy and that's what most of them want. Someday I wanna be passed around at a party while I'm blindfolded.