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25347 - To my step daughter Amanda: I never told anyone what a slut you are! you would let me jerk off in your panties just to borrow my car!


25298 - My school friends used to take me to theaters to see adult films. In the dim light there, they used to make me sit in the middle with one sitting on my either side. They used to select a row where others could watch us. Slowly they used to touch me, fondle my young boobies and kiss me. They would slowly pull out my young boobies and play with them. One fondling each of my boobs.They would deliberately move in such a manner that others would watch us.
They invariably gave their young hard cocks in my hands and made me stroke them.
As days went, they became more and more bolder. They would deliberately fondle me for others to watch. Slowly a few guys and some times even some gals used to come and sit in the nearby seats and watch us. I could see their cocks getting hard. Sometimes they too became bolder and used to touch me. Some kissed me, some fondled my boobs and touched my wet pussy.
I started enjoying this. I got almost addicted to getting exposed and fondled while others watched. It would give me more pleasure and make me all horny and wet. And the school friends started inviting their friends and sometimes the onlookers to sit by my side and allowed them to play with my exposed body, kiss me, fondle me and make me milk their hard stiff cocks.
The sessions would invariably end with me milking a few cocks.And after marriage I got an hubby who loved watching me fondled by others. He would invite some of his close friends--guys and gals- and then I was shared by them while he watched...I am addicted to this life now...


25290 - I want to fuck my wife's sister so bad! I've been with my wife since we were 18, her sister was 12 at the time and kinda lanky and awkward. Anyway I'm 28 now and my sister in law is 22 and she is one of the hottest girls I know! She has pretty small tits but her ass makes up for it.

She has a boyfriend and me and him are pretty good buddies and everything is normal most of the time. The thing is when we all party together and she starts getting a little tipsy she will flirt with me and shake her ass at me and has even sat on my lap and rubbed her ass on my dick til it gets hard!

The only problem is she only does it when no one is paying attention, and me and her are never alone together long enough for anything else to happen when we're drunk. When we're sober everything is normal. It's only when she's drunk that she gets touchy feely. I wanna know how to find out if she really wants to fuck or if she's just slutty when she's drunk. How do I come on to her without being to obvious?


25200 - I'm a 20 year old attractive female (still virgin) who perceives a perfect image to others with no reputation of being a sluty whore.

Only if everyone knew that I dream of men forcefully pushing my head down on their cocks all the way gagging to breathe, having my pussy brutally pounded making me scream in ecstasy and having my hair pulled and ass spanked for being a naughty girl.

One day I will be someone's submissive little fuck slut.