Latest Slut Confessions:


26833 - I was molested by my dad from eight years old and under. He use to make me orgasm under the blanket many times, sometimes I would squirm for it just waiting for him to touch me.
Now I'm grown married women that is a total whore. I cheat on my husband with whoever however I can. I'm into bdsm and want to be degraded/ humiliated controlled. I like being fisted, used, spit on, choked, slapped, ass fucked. I have fetishes with large dick and insertion play, rough, incest, interracial, gangbang, stranger sex, cheating, older men, cuckqueen, age play. I have done strangers off craigslist, in bars, etc..., my new favorite fabtasy is having black man inside me. I just want to be fucked so hard I can cry. If a man offers me dick, I will take it. I don't know how to fix it? I love the feeling of cock inside me and get so aroused by sucking on dick, especially if it's large. Is something wrong with me?


26829 - I'm married and want to fuck my my brother in law, my husbands brother. His wife told me they haven't had sex in three months, and I know he must be horny. We are really close, I just don't know how to tip him over to that point. I catch him staring at my cleavage sometimes, but he is never inappropriate outside of that. How do I keep pushing for more to happen without alarming him?
I am a really high sexed women, need lots of sex, and my husband can't keep up. I just want to sit on my brother in laws dick once to see how it feels.


26818 - I want to be someones slut. I want to be humiliated, punished - make me feel like I'm worthless.ake me walk on all fours. Make me piss outside, make me eat in the floor. I will do what ever you want. Tie me up. Humiliate me in public. Call me fat. Spank me. I want to be called slut, bitch, cunt, toy, pig - write my filthy names to my body. Spank me more. I will satisfy you. You will train me. I will, some day, obey properly.

Please tell me, how would you humiliate me?


26808 - I'm a total slut. I am 30 and married, but I sleep with people off craigslist and tinder. I had my first endowed man 2 months ago and now I want more. I also let a guy fist me. Outside my crazy sex drive, I am so normal. I just want to have a bdsm in my marriage and my husband won't. So instead I just find men to give me it rough/hard/dirty in daytime while he is gone. What's wrong with me?