Latest Swallow Confessions:


23749 - My boyfriend lets me suck off other men. I told him I wouldn't swallow and he was agreeable. However, the past 11 or 12 guys I've blown, I've swallowed their cum. I used to avoid swallowing, but as I've blown more men, I really enjoy eating their cum. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.


22215 - I love to have sex. My fiancé and I have been engaged for about 5 months, and have been together almost two years. I have never had sex with anyone like I do with him. We have sex everywhere... In his truck, on the floor, in my car, outside, on a bed... Even in the dressing room of a department store (the mirrors in dressing rooms make it so much more sexy). I have to say, he doesn't know it, but I love to suck down his cum no matter which position I am in. He thinks I do it because he likes to watch and it makes him hard again. After the first few times I ever took it in the mouth, I started doing it because I love the way it tastes. Ive eaten from his fingers out of my vag, I've licked it off my breasts...and of course, straight from the source. I've even taken to giving him surprise blow jobs without anything in return to taste it. Guess what's on the menu for tonight for me? ;) haha


20053 - On our last trip to Egypt, a native wantet to buy my wife and he offered me 10 camels for her... My wife laughed, but when I told the egyptian that I could 't take his offer because I didn't have anywhere to put the camels, she stopped laughing. I told him I would trade her for a bottle of cold Pepsi, but then he left in a hurry, and I started laughing. My wife didn't like the surgestion and she have been pissed of since.

So, if any of you want to trade a ice cold Pepsi for a nice readhed with a temper, let me know. She's got a 32" AA breast size, she's got a big but nice and firm ass, her holes are nice and tight, and she likes to suck and swallow...



19768 - I am a 19 year old female with brown eyes and hair, i LOVE pleasuring men with my feet i love feeling their cock go hard between my feet and pushing my toes against their cock rubbing my heel across their balls while rubbing up the cock with my toes, then letting them finnish in my mouth i would love to make a video so i can watch it back my feet pleasuing him then his cum firing over my tounge