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15497 - A while a go I confessed to cheating on my sorry ass boy friend with a bunch of black guys. Well I'm still with him. He caught me with 6 guys in our room while I was getting fucked in all three hole I didn't even stop and all he did is cry like a little weenie. I still cheat on so far I've been with atleats 70 diffrent guys and all of them have stretched my pussy ass hole to its limit and my sorry ass boyfriend just preteneds nothing is worng. Fuck you brad I love big cocks and yours is little


15501 - Its my boyfriend's fault that I'm cheating on him. He became a christian and became a big pussy. I would of let him do any nasty thing that he wanted to. He won't even have sex with me anymore unless it soft and slow missionary position no forepaly oral or anal. I'm 19 now but I've been sexually active since I was 13 I gave my first blow job since I was 12 intercourse at 13 and anal at 15 and I love it I can't see myself not getting fucked rough and hard like a little slut the way it should be.well I got a hot body big breast tiny waist big round butt long legs nice full lips long hair nice skin and I shave my pussy how could you even think about saying no to me I do every nasty thing that most girls wouldn't even try. For the last 5 months that he became a christian I have cheated on him everyday of the week at least two times a day with all of his friends already 2 of his brothers 1 of cousin and ever single one has fucked me in all three holes and I sucked every cock and swallowed every load. If he does not drop bible bullshit I will continue doing what I do with anyone who wants it and eventaully leave his ass but not before I tell him how many times he came home to kiss me not knowing that I had sucked his brothers cock and swallowed just minutes before he kissed me.


14633 - I went in there for a massage. Once i saw her small Korean body I wanted her. i stripped down and was immediately hard. She started to wash my body and my c*ock. I pulled up her black skirt and there was no underwear, I licked her and she stroked me. We went back in the room on the mattress on the floor and i ate her p*ssy while she moaned and then slid my big c*ck in her p*ussy. I came inside her, she was so tight. I enjoyed it so much, I feel sorry that i broke down and cheated, but it felt so good.


19925 - My wife and I don't get along anymore. It's to the point we don't try to hide are cheating , but do it away from home.
We stay together because we have a young daughter who sleeps in same bedroom as wife since I don't sleep with her anymore in a 2 bedroom apt., unless were both desperate need for sexual relief, she may come and get in bed with me.
Last week she broke the rules. She brought a guy home with her and took him to her bedroom. I could hear their heavy breathing and bed creaking ,while he was fucking her.I decided to go in and say something about taking it elsewhere, but I was to late.
I opened the door and there he stood , his big cock dripping the last of his load and my daughter was taking it all in.I told him to leave or I'd through him out. He left without any trouble.
Next day ,daughter asked us why he was in bed with mommy ,and why his weiner was so big.We didn't have an answer for her.
What should I do ?


19928 - Thursday of last week my step mom slapped my naked ass as I walked out of the bathroom, scaring me enough to drop the small towel I was holding. She stood staring at my cock, then reached for it and squoze it tight, pulling on it at the same time. I was embarressed but she definately wasn't as she began to kneel in front of me, but my father shouted up to her and she stood up. I went into my room with an almighty hard throbbing cock and masturbated until I came all over the towel. Since Thursday it's become unbearable because I know she wants my cock, but how the fuck can I cheat on mt Dad. I'm 17 and I know I'm big in the cock department by normal standards, as I'm on the soccer team and I'm bigger than nearly all the other guys. My step mom would have a seriously major problems if my Dad knew about her wanting my cock, but now I think I want her to suck it for me.