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22221 - I need some advice here people, I'm 23 and engaged to the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. But i want to suck a dick I wanna try it because it was always I thought about doing I guess in just curious, I just wanna suck on a nice big dick. But I don't want to cheat on my girl. Because to me cheating is cheating weather it's a guy and guy girl and girl or guy and girl. So I ask what should I do


10309 - I have been cheating on my boyfriend with this other guy for about two or three weeks. I usually just suck his dick and we make out and stuff, but last night I had my pants off and we fucked. He's got a big dick, but only lasted literally around two seconds. And came inside me. I'll get the morning after pill, so it's not a big deal, but even though it was a terrible thing to do... thinking about it turns me on so badly.


17608 - !I have a problem and need some advice. Me and my boyfriend are both 14 yo. We have been together on and off for about 10 months. We have had sex twice, and he has fingered me several times, even at movie theaters and school. Theres no doubt we love each other a lot but he wont let me suck his dick. The first 6 months of us being together I was soooo addicted to my exs big black cock that I would constintly cheat and this led my boyfriend to believe that I am a nympomaniac and rs worried if I suck his dick i will go back to my 'addiction' Anfdd if thats not enough often times he asks me if I've eaten ass or if i am gay. This sometimes hurts and I need advice I love my bf very much and I wanna know what its like to have his big brown cock in my mouth and have his cum pouring out of my mouth onto my lips!


20664 - I am a 24 year old girl. I recently started seeing this really cute 29 year old guy who bartends at the bar I work at. He has the biggest dick I've ever seen in real life! It hurts every time and I tell him that but he just forces it in when I start to complain. We have really hot sex cause I'm hot and he is too, the best part is no one at work knows, and we can still fuck whoever we want, I have a boyfriend.


17433 - My soon to be father in law and I made out. He really wanted to fuck me but I couldn't go through with it because his son was sleeping on the couch passed on. His mom was passed out too. It was only me and him in the living room. I was able to grab his big hard dick and even follow him to the bathroom and lick his precum. It was good. He sucked on my tits for a bit and rubbed my ass patiently but intensely at the same time. He told me he couldn't help himself that I was very pretty. That he had never cheated on his wife before never wanted to.... he begged to fuck me several times but it didn't feel like the right time to get down totally.... plus it was their marriage aniversary. that's why we had been there drinking with them.... it was hot I can't lie.