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23119 - Hi. I get so turned on reading about dads fucking their daughters (prefer over 18). Ive been on this site for the past hour or so just reading story after story about incest and my pussy is so wet. Does anyone have any stories they want to share with me?


21697 - One night the wife and I were drunk we were in bed, when we started confessing things that happened when we were younger,

I confessed to jerking off with my sister's used panties, she confessed to giving her cousin a blow job, that sort of thing then she started to tell me something the stopped. I kept at her till she told me.

When she was younger she shared a room with her mom and dad and would listen to them fucking pretending to be asleep. she told me she would rub her pussy listening to them fucking in the dark.

Till one night as they were fucking her dad reached over and put his hand on her belly and rubbed it as he fucked her mother this started to happen every night for a while she told me her pussy would be dripping.

Any way one night as this was happening he slid his hand down onto the crotch of her panties and rubbed her pussy as he had sex with his wife, she had an orgasm that was so intense she bit her lip real hard.

This went on for a while till the wife got brave and got into bed without panties on she told me she was shaking with nerves, then the parents started to fuck his hand slid to her pussy his finger reached the wet spot then she said he froze and pulled his hand away, after that night she got her own room.

We were so turned on by this that we would talk about this nearly every time we made love. Her Father was a religious nut, He lives near by, I said she should make him pay for what happened she agreed with me, but that's another story.


23783 - More of the same true story

Hi my name is Amanda and I am 19 years old and I bang my Dad and he bangs me almost nightly, sometimes two or three times a day especially on the week ends when we watch PORN.

Dad first got me on my 18th birthday at a drive inn theater and we're lovers ever since and will be forever.

Dad now works swing shift and when he comes home I'm waiting for him, he's tired and I let him be but when we awake in the mornings that's a different story. He usually wakes before I do and he starts in playing with me and if you're a girl you know it's a 3wonderful feeling to be woak up being played with and I love it.

Dad knows how to arouse me to no end and I'm ready for him when he's 5ready to take me with his hard cock. Dad is well endowed, a good 8 1/2 inches long 2 1/2 inches wide and to this day he fills me good and the amount of cum he gives me is a good 1/2 cup full no lie. No I wont share Dad.

Dad is the best lover I ever have had and I've had a few but not over 12. 3 guys took me at my 18th birthday to and neither dad or I knew them, dad had to go to the bathroom and when he returned they were having me to their satisfaction. On the way home I remembered what happened and I let out a bit sc5rream in fact it scared Dad. and he pulled over and stopped the car. He turned to me and asked what happened and I told him about waking and this guy was fucking me and he cum on my belly and the second guy took over and he shot his load up my ass and then the third guy took over but he wanted my ass and it was well lubricated from the other guys cum and he went feverishly at me and god it felt good but he had a skinny cock but it was kinda long and he was giving me every inch he had and then he went as deep as he could raised my legs up and shoved even more into me and dumped his load. I could feel every squirt and god did it feel good time and time again and he didn't move his cock one bit just held it there and slowly he started in again and yes I started in raising my hips to meet him and that's all it took he went after me wildly and I kept up and we both cum together him in my ass and me by myself or I thought so but someone's hand was fucking me as well. The first guys hand was playing with my pussy and the third guy just shot his second load up my ass he pulled out oh no the first guy now wanted my ass he had a bigger cock and much thicker than #3 but oh my god he's in me deep oh god I almost screamed but I held it in me and I r5aised my hips to him and he gave me all 7 inches he had right to the base I met every single stroke he gave me and I was about to cum and he went as deep as he could and gave me his seed as well. he held himself in me for the longest time then all of a sudden they all were gone. A minute later Dad appeared and said I saw what was going on and you loved it up your ass huh? I couldn't lie I said yes and Dad I want you8 to. I figured being I was alr3eady reamed out he might as well have me to
Dad obliged me and started in rubbing my pussy getting him self wet and rubbing my bum hole at the same time almost and then he started going in me a inch at a time till I almost had all of his 8 1/2 inches in me but not all of it and he started in moving slow letting me get use to him and then all of a sudden he shoved all he had into me and I screamed and I buried my face into a pillow to muffle my screams and dad showed me no mercy and god I was loving every bit of him. I held him tight and he raised my hips even higher now baby girl I can give all of me to you and he did and pulled himself tight against me and held himself there for a few minutes and god I felt Dad cumming in my ass too oh god I screamed Daddy I love you over and over and then I heard the clapping. The three guys. Fuck. Dad removed himself put my legs in the car & closed the door and we went home but he had to stop a few times for me to get rid of a bunch of cum in both holes. and me a bit sick.
Once w4e got home Dad carried me in the house straight to his bed and told me I am to sleep here for bow on, I said yes Daddy and got undressed and took a shower and flushed myself out. Taking the shower the water running down across my clit started in arousing me all over again and I had to turn it off to keep from cumming. I dried myself off and crawled into bed along side of Dad against his back and pressed myself tightly against him wrapped my arm around him and felt for his cock, took it into my hand and as small as my hands are my fingers didn't quite go all the way around and he was semi soft but not for long and Dad said lets sleep on it baby girl and we'll talk about it in the morning, we both drifted off to sleep & I awoke with Dad behind me and he had his rock hard cock between my legs sound asle4ep yet and I thought should I??? Ya I did and he awoke and called me a nymph and I said for you only and I fucked him wid4e awake and then he fucked me in the bum and god I love it. see 3


23495 - My daughter is 19 and had just finished her first year in college and came home for the summer and i remember her coming home in the gorgeously sexy way to short white and blue dress. and she really came into her womanly body that year. so one night i had come out of the shower thinking i had the house to myself so i sat out on our couch naked for a second and she happened to walk out on me. shocked to see her i covered as much as i could but she was in just her bottoms no top which she never does and seeing her instantly made me rock hard instantly and she noticed. long story short her curiosity and my lack of self control... basically i ended up picking her up and setting her on our counter kissing her and playing with her barely touched pussy. once i had slid my dick up into her. she collapsed forward into my chest grabbing my neck. it felt a little wrong to be inside my daughters overly tight 19 year old body. after feeling a pussy that tight and wet again tho i made love to her right there on the counter and all over the floor. while i was getting close to getting off i was going to pull out of her. well the closer i came to cumming the hotter the idea of filling my own little girl with my cum and putting a baby inside my own baby girl became! well i didnt pull out of her and so you can get an idea i am over six feet tall and my wife is 5'"2 so my daughter is just a little bit shorter than her right now. i am a big man and a big cummer so when i got off inside my daughters pussy i could feel her body fill up and finally it started to squirt out from between my dick and her pussy lips. and now she is pregnant with my son and my wife thinks its hers. although i will say this. i made her, so i dont really feel bad about taking her for my own sexually in any way as long as she enjoys herself and she does!! we had sex all summer long almost every day and when she went back to school before she startd to get big she would send me quick videos of her fucking guys at her school. i cant wait to see her on thanks giving. any other dads like me out there??? i hope im not alone because fucking your daughter is absolutely amazing


17694 - I started having sex with my dad sometime ago. At one point, I was feeling ashamed about it because I just felt like I couldn't get enough. Until I met Jill that is. I didn't know that her and her brother messed around with each other till one day when I went over there. Jill went to get us drinks and munchies and I was laying on her bed looking at a map for social studies, suddenly, her brother yanks the map away, clearly expecting to see his sister, and he is naked, with a hard on. At the same time he says " your fuck toy is here at your service". Then he sees its me and runs, yelling "oh my god - oh my god". Jill seen his ass going down the hall, she came in and shut the door and started crying, begging me not to tell anyone what just happened. I told her it was no big deal, and really kind of funny. That's when she starts telling me about her and her brother, and to top it off, her mom knows.

To make her feel better, I told her my dad and I have sex a lot too.That eased her mind a lot and she wanted to know details, I told her the details and finally at one point she stopped me and told me she was getting hornier than she could stand. She asked me if I would mind just hanging out while she got relief from her brother. I asked her if I could watch, she asked her brother and he agreed if I took my clothes off.

Long story short, this went on for a few months, me watching them and masturbating to it. Till one day when Jill brought up wanting to watch my dad and me. Hell, she had met him and said he could fuck her too. I asked my dad, he was pissed to say the least. Besides the legal ramifications all the way around, he was mad because I promised not to say anything to anyone that day sometime ago, when I was so horny and I was just dying to feel him slide into me, he caught me watching him jack off from the pool deck. My bikini bottoms were around my ankles and I didn't even notice till he looked right at me.

So now I had to come up with a plan to prove to Jill that I wasn't lying all this time.because to her, that's what it looked like. So the plan came to be that come the next weekend I would spend the night at Jills, she would drive me home in her mothers van to get my things, she would come in to see for herself that my dad was there alone, then go wait in the van while I got it on with my dad in a quicky because I wouldn't be home for a couple of days. Than we would go straight to her place where I would drop my pants and show her the sperm leaking out of me.

Well it almost went like that. She couldn't wait to get back to her place, so she stopped behind a 7/11 where she told me to get in the back where she pulled be to the edge of the seat, raised my legs, and pulled my shorts up to my knees, then pushed my legs back further and pulled my shorts down over my head. She then opened up my pussy, and I heard a "oh my god, its true" and she proceeded to eat my fathers cum from my pussy. Moaning and muttering that it tasted so good.

I told my dad the whole story and what was going on, and how she loved the taste of him sperm. He still wasn't swayed to give in. Not even after another year and a half and the legal issues were no more. He explained that while it maybe perverted to some, what he did with me was making love. It wasn't something to share or let someone watch. Two days later I found out that just him and I were going away for the weekend. No mom...nobody but him and I at a hotel on the beach.