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19751 - My 1st sex experience was with my sister and this went on until we were adults. Since then I had incest fantasies for years and now I would love to have a 'daughter-daddy' online role play with a like minded lady, antone wanna play ? email me at I promise to share loads of true stories XXX


18623 - I have to confess, i have wanted my dad for a long time now, i watched daddy daughter porn and read stories but it wasn't the same, I'm 17, he's 60.

Yesterday it happened, he was spanking me to punish me, and his hand brushed my pussy. I let out an involuntary moan, so to punish me further he stuck his fingers in me. So it went from there, he finger F*cked me, pushing all four fingers in, then f*cked me hard in 3 different positions and came inside me.

He also plans on F*cking me more often, and in many different ways, i can't wait


15934 - Okay, this is sort of a confession. But I have a question as well. I would appreciate some comments. I really hope I can trust this site...
Okay, I think I have some problems. Some serious problems. I'm the type of person that just about blushes every time someone talks about masturbation. Or even says the word. I don't like talking about it at all.
Yet, I like it. I like doing it, I enjoy it. I read some sort of erotic story, and get off.
And here's where the question comes in.
Most of the stories I like to read are Incest stories. I like the ones that include a dad and daughter, or a mom and son. Sometimes brother and sister. But mostly the dad and daughter.
And here's the kicker. I don't have a dad. (I'm a girl by the way.) But, reading about a dad having sex with his daughter, sometimes raping (don't judge) just really gets me. I like it sometimes when the dads are rough, or the brother is rough. That always ends satisfyingly for me.
So, am I sick or just mental? For getting off on a dad having sex with his daughter when I despise my own dad very very much? Or do I just have daddy issues?
Well, I'd rather it not be the latter. I think I'd rather someone say I was mental.
So, if you have an opinion I'd kinda like to hear it.


22499 - True story here,my dad and I have been in a consensual sexual relationship since I was 18. I'm only 20 now but I've never had better sex with anyone else but him. I never actually thought it would ever happen, but Ive been attracted to that man since I was a little girl. I remember being like 5 or 6 and I would say I wish I could marry you daddy that's how much I love you. Always been a daddy's girl too, not necessarily spoiled, but still his little princess. And when puberty hit, it hit hard. I was already blessed with good genes anyway (long thick dark hair, dark eyes, tall and thin frame). My boobs came in overnight it felt like and once they did I made it a mission to show off as much cleavage as possible, like most skanky teen girls do lol. He always looked uncomfortable whenever I'd be around him in something not so appropriate, I liked seeing how nervous I made him. Cutting to the good part of my story, the first time we FINALLY had sex, we were at his car garage while replaced a part in my car. I sat by watching him, getting turned on by how well he knows cars and how focused he gets. We were talking about all kinds of stuff when the topic of sex came up. My dads a pervasive when it comes to sex jokes, like a teenager lol and we started having a real good laugh when he said and I bet all the guys want to fuck you. I myself was surprised at that but I said I don't really care, guys my age suck anyway. And he started going on about how I better not marry some 60 yr old just for money and I had said the only man i need in my life to take care of me is you daddy. He smiled and came over to give me a hug. Forgetting how dirty he was with all the grease he had on himself from working o. The car, we pulled back and my white tank top had black marks. He told me he was sorry and I just took off my shirt there in front of him. Nervous again, he starts going back to working on my car, but I just laughed and told him to wait. He kept trying to tell me I was being inappropriate and I shot back so was he for all the raunchy sex jokes. I told him I loved him and we hugged again, me in my bra. We held on longer this time and he buried his face in my neck and said he thought I was so beautiful. At that point i was so damn horny I grabbed him by the back of his neck and kissed him hard. He pushed me back Looking all offended but I walked right back up to him and this time he didn't resist. I made out with my own dad for a good 5 minutes the entire time both running ouur hands all over each other. I was the first to go for his pants and he shoved my mouth on his cock making me take all of him down my throat. I was gagging and I actually almost threw up that's how hard he was face fucking me. He told me to bend over by my bar, almost ripping my jeans in the process. He kneeled down and immediately started eating my pussy. He moaned and groaned while sucking my pussy and told me how good I tasted. I came almost as soon as he started ramming his fingers in my cunt while he tongued my ass a little. I started screaming daddy fuck me please, now daddy. He loved when I squealed daddy like that and finally put his cock in my pussy. He had the thickest and longest cock I've ever experienced. Never felt tighter and I came again when he started fucking me hard and deep. He only lasted 5 minutes before I felt his cum shooting up into my pussy. And while he was cumming he told me take daddy's cum baby girl, that's it. I will never forget the way he said it, it still gives me the chills. We ended up staying at that garage for the rest of the day making love, watching him work on my car, making out a little, and listening to his perky sex jokes lol. This happened last week. We haven't gotten a chance to fuck again but I know we definitely will when I go home this weekend. It's so bad I know but that's why I share here anonymously (:


18347 - I promised another story so here it is.. The other night I finally went through with sex with my step dad..
Well, last night I came home from hanging out with my friends and my mom had left for work already. My stepdad was in the kitchen and I walked in to say hello. He was mixing redbull and vodka and asked if I wanted one. I'm only 17 but I drink occasionally. I took a drink from him and asked what his plans were for the night. He said he was thinking about just going upstairs and watching a movie and asked if I wanted to join him. I told him I would after I took a shower and got ready for bed.
About 20 minutes later I knocked on his door and walked in. He was sitting up in bed and patted the spot next to him. He turned on the tv and we began watching a movie. The vodka was really loosening me up and I asked him if he would mind rubbing my back. He said sure and I lifted my shirt to let him to my back. I kept drinking and the more I drank the better I felt. I asked him if I could get some lotion for him and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed a bottle of baby oil that I use for tanning and jumped back in bed.. I took off my shirt and unhooked my bra. He began rubbing my back. I was feeling more than tipsy by then. I asked if he would rub my legs too and took off my pants. He continued to rub my body and I moaned. I spread my legs a little and told him to rub everything. Soon I felt his fingers graze my bare pussy. I was very wet by then. "Keep going" I told him. Soon his fingers were working their way into my pussy and I was dripping my juices onto them. I rolled over and he started to rub my tits. I arched my back and moaned. He moved me towards the foot of the bed and went down on me. I started to come and begged him to fuck me. He teased me for a few more minutes before asking me what I wanted. I told him "I want my daddy to fuck me." He pressed his dick up to my pussy and asked me what I wanted again.. I was so wet! "I want my daddy to fuck me!" I cried. He pushed his dick deep into my pussy and pumped his cock in and out. "You like it when daddy fucks you dont you?" I came right then.. He held my tits and pounded into me.. I could feel him getting bigger and I yelled out, "Come in me daddy! Come in my pussy!" and he moaned and released his spunk deep into me. After a few minutes he slid out of me and I sucked our juices off his limp dick. I have the best daddy!