Latest Dog Knot Confessions:


23340 - I confess that I caught by dad when our dog knotted me


19790 - It's the weekend again
Dumd ass supid at doctor
Iam going out to fuck the dog
Last knot 38sec
This time ?
Back in a minute


14342 - I want to watch a dog fuck my girl. I want to get her drunk and let my dog lick her pussy and then mount her and knot her. I want to find pictures of this happening, but can't find any for free. Anybody know any free dog fucking sites?


16940 - I really want to try to knot up with a dog. The very thought of a dog fucking the shit out of me and making me his dirty lil bitch turns me on so much. I'm just looking for a dog near san diego and a helping hand.


23816 - I need a huge fucking dog knot stuck in my ass hole so bad it hurts.
Had a good dog named Sam. He was the best fuck ever.
Really knew how to tear my ass up.he's gone now .
Boy do I miss that dog.