Latest Dog Mount Me Confessions:


15828 - I am a male and I have let male dogs mount with me. One night I had the chance to let six dogs mount me in one night.


15189 - I crave dog dick,i cant stop thinking about letting a dog mount me.i am a girl and i know its wrong,bu nothing makes me more exited


14557 - So i'm 25 and don't have a dog but will admite i have jacked off a friends dog and licked it's red pertruding member but have never been mounted myself...i would love to have a dog mount me though even if it was to try and everytime i think about it i masterbate in fustration...maybe someday i'll be lucky and get a pet


16791 - I've tried to have sex with two different dogs and not been able to get them to mount me, though both seemed interested. I was able to suck off one of them and got plenty of licks from them. Now I can't stop thinking about it and I really want to find a dog to mount me. However, I'm scared to ask the kind of pervs who would train their dogs to have sex with random women. So I guess I'm out of luck.


21601 - For over 10 years now I have had a obsession with beastiality. Im a 25 year old guy who found beastiality threw a website. I was turned on so much. Watching these huge dogs and horses have sex with girls gave me a instant hard on. I wanted to get mounted just like those girls. Im fully straight but for some reason the thought of a huge dog knotting my butt turned me on. So for the past 10 years I have been having anal sex with myself stretching my butt open thinking it was a dog. I hope one day I can get my hands on a dog to have mount me and knot me. I want to taste their cum. I fantasize about me coming home to my girlfriend getting screwed by a dog and after he knots her and pulls out she makes me eat all the dog cum out. As im eating all that cum out the dog comes behind me and mounts me and as hes screwing me my girl continues to make me eat her dog cum filled vagina out. She then gets up and opens the back door and lets in a ton of other male dogs. Then they all continue to have their way with me. Getting gangbanged by so many dogs I lose count. Sucking on dog off while another is screwing my butt. Getting screwed for hours by all these dogs till they all pump their seed in my butt. I never had a real life beastiality experience. But I will one day. and it will share.