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23119 - Hi. I get so turned on reading about dads fucking their daughters (prefer over 18). Ive been on this site for the past hour or so just reading story after story about incest and my pussy is so wet. Does anyone have any stories they want to share with me?


17429 - I think I'm beginning to be addicted to this website. I love reading the incest stories....especially the daddy/daughter ones, since I am a girl who fantasizes about it. The stories on here turn me on so much and get me so wet. Yesterday i masturbated about 8 times because of the stories on here. No joke. Pleeeassse keep posting more of these stories, even if they are fake :)


14750 - OMG this site turns me on soooo much! keep confessing your gay/incest/straight guys stories!


13074 - The first girl I ever slept with was my sister. I say slept with to emphasize the consensual nature of what happened. We were together many times over a period of three years. Ever since then I've been stuck on incest. I love looking for stories of incest between consenting adults, and especially enjoy reading true stories. Consensual incest really does happen sometimes.


17175 - Is there a mom on here I can talk to about mommy and maybe swap stories or just talk about it more?