Latest Molested My Daughter Confessions:


23649 - My first marriage lasted only one year and for a very good reason. My father-in-law who was in his forties liked watching me eat out his daughter's pussy. The problem was the daughter I was eating wasn't my wife. It was his youngest kid who was just seven. All of this happened many many years ago when I was twenty and my wife was eighteen. The whole time I was dating my soon-to-be wife I was molesting her kid sister. Right after the wedding the kid told her dad about me and of course daddy confronted me. I thought I was dead meat but learned daddy was doing her too. So he gave me a choice let him watch or go to jail. Not a hard choice for me. For a year he watched me eat the little one's puss while she sucked me off.


16604 - When i was about 12/13/14 my dad molested me. i only have vivid memories but i remember how he would eat my pussy out and how big his cock is. i finally told my mother what was happening and it stopped. but now that im 26 i often fantasize about what it would have felt like if he ever fucked me. my pussy gets really wet and i play with myself until i cum just thinking about him touching me and eating my pussy.


20676 - I caught my boyfriend sniffing my daughters panties.I noticed he would always make excuses to be at my house when we were gone .I now know he was seeking my daughters panties! He always sniffs mine i didnt think much about it I was always worried he might accidently pick up one of thiers he assured me he knew the difference!! He sure did he goes sifting through her dirty clothes.I sat up a camera and caught the sicko ( he says he loves my girls) He is sick my girls love him like a father but that is about to change they are adults 22,24,and26 he is 64 this man needs help!! he is no better than a child molester this was my biggest fear of being a single mother with 3 daughters.... I want to vomit thinking this has been happening in my own house!Ihope somday he faces his sick fettish and gets help !


17632 - I used to go by Mr.Berry.Was married to this 30-ish Nympho (Karen),of N.CA..We met at an orgy and fell into sex.I chased away her beater of an "X".We totally burned this old f%#ker into believing I was his son,stole all his doe & his property and sold it.I ended up killing the old geezer years later,(another story).Anyway,Karen had a buetiful daughter that our marriage helped get out of foster-care,she became my step-daughter.I began flurting with her and then even porked her a few times while her mom was out.She gave me head,too.She was about half retarded.One day we put-up this poor family at our place,Karen felt sorry for them and I had an eye-out on their girls.Nearly as soon as they moved in I could tell that the fat-assed step-daddy was molesting one of the littlest girls. I confronted him on it one day,scared him away and got him pack'n on down the road.The girl thanked me by letting me get her high and have sex with her.I took her to bed with Karen,(as she was a lesbian amongst other nymph-things)too.I had hopes that they would lesbian it up,but instead this was the only time she actually said no.She would'nt have sex with her daughter,either...go figure ? Anyway,it ended up that about a year later the mother in that other family started going out with that fake dad of mine,(while he was still alive) and she gave me permission to be with her just 15 YO daughter.I divorced the nympho,(Karen was all tore-up look'n anyway by then).I married the girl and we lied of her age 'till she finally became of legal age.Now we got a couple of boys...they're ok,but could you imagine the nasty-ass fun I could be having if we had a daughter ? -Mr.Berry


22707 - I cannot stop thinking about my past and my dad. I'm 19 now (female) but when I was around 8 my dad started molesting me. I guess because my mom had died around then and he needed me to make up for her being gone. He started to get into drugs and things got worse. When I eas around 10 or 11 he started to trade me to other men for drugs. I have memories of being tied up and gangbanged several times. It's kind of hazy because I think they gave me drugs. My dad was eventually arrested for selling drugs and I ended up with my grandparents when I was 14. I haven't seen him since and I didn't tell anyone about what he and his friends did to me.

Lately I've been totally obsessing about what happened to me and I have to confess it gets me wet thinking about my dad and all those men using me. All I do is watch gangbang bondage porn and fantasize about being kidnapped by several men and becoming their sex slave.

Anyone else think about this?