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16422 - I am 25 and live next door to this 44 year old divorced woman and her 19 year old daughter. I have tried forever to get into the daughters pants with no luck. The mom is another story. She is easy. Very tall around 5'10 with nice full tits, long legs, a hot pussy and a great attitude toward sex. When her daughter goes to work in the evening, she comes over and we fuck. First older women I have ever fucked. First red bush I have ever encountered and I love the look. She confided in me her daughter is a lesbian and doesn't have anything to do with men. Well, the mom most definitely likes men Wow, does she ever.


18358 - My name is Christina, Im 18, I had my first lesbian experience with my mom 6 weeks ago. I knew she was bi, I went into her room when I was 16 one day and saw her sex toys, latex outfits, whips and pornos. I never told anyone but I pleasured myself with her dildos watching her movies often, thinking about her. How it happened is I was blunt, I told her I was bi and I wanted to have my first lesbian experience with her. I confessed to her what I used to do and said its what I wanted. I was embarrassed but being that my mom had porn ranging from extreme bondage to bestiality, I didn’t think she’d judge me even if she turned me down. She agreed, but said it was between us and she wears the strap on. Weve had sex 2-3 times a week ever since.


22141 - I'm a single mom to a wonderful, shy, beautiful 16 year old girl. She really is gorgeous, she has long blond hair, a beautiful innocent face still with some baby fat, and she looks even younger than she is.

There's a good friend of mine, who is around my age (early 40's), very good looking, very successful, and very kind, an all around good person. She is lesbian and dates very young, and she is bashful and modest about her sex life, but I've gotten the definite impression when seeing her with her girlfriends that she dominates her partners. Not at all in a mean way, I just think that she is a powerful person and that's just how her sexuality expresses itself.

So basically, I started fantasizing about her hooking up with my daughter. Or even better, her settling down with my daughter and marrying her. It makes me feel so happy, and so aroused, thinking about my daughter being a happy, wildly in love housewife to her, cleaning her house while she is at work, learning to cook just the way she likes it, and absolutely devoting herself to sexually satisfying her and making her the happiest woman in the world.

I think about visiting them on a Sunday afternoon... I find them in their bedroom, with a sweet spring breeze blowing through silken curtains. My friend is asleep on her back, with her bathrobe open, her body glowing and radiant and her face blissfully content. My daughter is also asleep, and completely nude, she is in between my friend's thighs, clutching one of them, her face nestled in my friend's bush. My daughter's face is gummy, still wet in places, her hair is damp and matted, and the smell of sex is overpowering. My daughter opens her eyes and sees me, and her face grows shocked, but I just smile at her, mouth "I love you", and gently close the door behind me.

I'm sure you can figure out that this is just a fantasy, it won't happen. If you want to comment, or even tell me I'm a horrible mom, feel free.


17632 - I used to go by Mr.Berry.Was married to this 30-ish Nympho (Karen),of N.CA..We met at an orgy and fell into sex.I chased away her beater of an "X".We totally burned this old f%#ker into believing I was his son,stole all his doe & his property and sold it.I ended up killing the old geezer years later,(another story).Anyway,Karen had a buetiful daughter that our marriage helped get out of foster-care,she became my step-daughter.I began flurting with her and then even porked her a few times while her mom was out.She gave me head,too.She was about half retarded.One day we put-up this poor family at our place,Karen felt sorry for them and I had an eye-out on their girls.Nearly as soon as they moved in I could tell that the fat-assed step-daddy was molesting one of the littlest girls. I confronted him on it one day,scared him away and got him pack'n on down the road.The girl thanked me by letting me get her high and have sex with her.I took her to bed with Karen,(as she was a lesbian amongst other nymph-things)too.I had hopes that they would lesbian it up,but instead this was the only time she actually said no.She would'nt have sex with her daughter,either...go figure ? Anyway,it ended up that about a year later the mother in that other family started going out with that fake dad of mine,(while he was still alive) and she gave me permission to be with her just 15 YO daughter.I divorced the nympho,(Karen was all tore-up look'n anyway by then).I married the girl and we lied of her age 'till she finally became of legal age.Now we got a couple of boys...they're ok,but could you imagine the nasty-ass fun I could be having if we had a daughter ? -Mr.Berry


19333 - Unusual - but true: I and my friend are old,decrepid fat guys, my friend owns some rentals in the up-town area near here.The other day he let me in on his wireless cams he's got hidden in some of those places.He just kicks back and watches some of the more sexy tenants masturbating and having sex.He's got some straight couples & singles,some lesbians & some male gays.Some he's recorded and a few he's doctored up removing identity and already uploaded to web sites where he's begun pulling in a buck or two from off loading interested pervs.He showed me a cam that is of some contiversy..;there's this middle aged couple whom have a couple of daughters-one is a tween & the other around 11 or 12.The mom watches while the two daughters are constantly being sexually molested by their dad.The thing is - it's kind of sexy to watch all the various things and my bud would get into some serious trouble if the wrong folks found out of the cams...,but we are both in awe of what to do of these two poor little girls that are being litterally screwed over by their sick ass parents,New York or know ? Gotta tell ya,the older girl looks like she's enjoying it,though...,she gives her dad's big cock a hell'a blow-job and lately has been lapping up on her mom's cunt pretty thrifty as well ! It's realy the littlest,the 11/12 year old that screams and cries when her parents get her ready for bed,that's the one my bud and I feel sorry for the most.The other folks on his tenant cams are all hell'a sexy to watch,too.Just last night we discust how we know we're not gonna score no more unless we either get super lucky,win a lottory or pay for-it,and we know it..;So,we got naked and lubed each other up and decided while watching the twink couple in action that if we keep the cams hush-hush we can at the least get together a few times per month or so,watch some of his tenants and do one another with some sexual ways,have a few laughs and a little extassy or coke...just for no other reason but to bust a blu-ball or two,ya know ?