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23038 - My wife caught my mom getting fucked by a dog in a recliner chair. Later on, that same dog got into my wife's tail a few times. She would be upstairs watching porn films and masturbating, so the dog would push the door open and take advantage of her. She had had some sex experience with dogs when she was young, but had never went all the way with one before. When we lived at an apartment building, she looked out the window and saw our neighbor being humped by her big dog! At another apartment, in another town, my wife was sitting out on the back steps, and a doberman just came up to her and mated with her! She also saw that dog mate with his owner when they were out sunbathing.


10927 - This happened when I was in highschool. It was a school day and my older sister said she was sick and so mom said she could stay home instead of going to school. I came home early that day. I went thru the house looking for them. I heard some strange noises coming from my moms room. The door was open a little. What I saw was my mom helping our family dog fuck my sister. My sis was on all fours and the dog seemed to be having problems finding the right hole/place. I was so freaked out yet I could not stop watching. I got a raging boner as watched. After my sister had a cpl orgasms they switched places and the dog fucked my mom. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
I krept back out of the house and then came back at my usual time. They acted totally normal. I have never said a word about what I saw but everytime I masturbate I visualize my mom and sis getting plowed by that dog and all the cum leaking out of their pussy's. Am I sick? My sis lives by her self now but she has a big dog so I am pretty sure she is still into it. I want to tell her that I know about it and would like to join her. What does everyone think? Should I keep it to myself or confront her?


23066 - One day I was cutting up with a large male dog, then he got me excited by nosing at my crotch. So the next thing I knew, we were having sex! Gosh that was so good! I had a tremendous orgasm when he came in me! It is a wonder that I never did that again.

Years later, I did play with a dog's cock, but my mom caught me at it, so that is as far as it went, unfortunately.


23679 - I used to fuck my mother's pussy. My wife used to fuck and suck her brothers. I let a dog fuck me when I was 13. My wife too had some fun with dogs when she was young. She was bi and had quite a few sexual experiences with other girls. When we were dating, we would fuck and suck each other lots, even tho we met at church. Later on, after we were married, we used to have sex in a church sometimes. Once while we were down there, a big dog grabbed us both and hunched on us. We saw a neighbor girl across the street being hunched on my her Irish setter. Another time, we say a bratty neighbor kid get mounted by the same dog, which really tickled us. I looked out our upstairs window one night to see a young boy fucking his mom or older sister, not sure which, and that was really an interesting site to see. One Xmas, my wife had sexual intercourse with her nephew and he was very well-hung, so she said. This was all many years ago. Now I am old and impotent, unfortunately!!!


21663 - I posted a confession a couple of weeks ago about how my best friend, skylee, her mom Leslie, and her dad Kevin gang raped me.
Well I had skylee over for a Christmas sleep over. My parents were in bed and we were in my room. She asked me if I was ready for her present and we both stripped. We facetimed her mom on my iPad. Skylee began making out with me while her mom called Kevin to come into the room. I began biting her nipples and dry humping her. Leslie began fingering herself as Kevin jerked off. Skylee began licking my pussy. Then we did a hot 69. We watched Leslie suck Kevin's dick when my dog walked in. I grinned and went into the kitchen and got some peanut butter. I sat by my dog and began jerking him off. I spread the peanut butter throughout my pussy and he licked it clean. Then I put his dick inside of me and began thrusting. Pretty soon he took over for me and it felt amazing. Skylee fingered herself as she watched her parents fucking. I stopped fucking my dog and skylee began fisting me. Then my mom walked in and got horny instantly. SHe tried to hide it so skylee walked over took off my moms pants. We took turns sucking and fisting her sweet pussy. Then we fell asleep.