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14266 - I live in iran . unfortunately my mom is a moslim and because of that she never even hug me ( SHIT fake islam). but we have strong lust for one another. i secretely masturbate with my mom and i flow it in my mom s underwear and i don t wash. my mom is always angry of me. but i want to fuck her. what should i do.


23127 - Last night my mom and dad got me off when i got out of the shower. Tonight my mom is taking me to buy a dildo, i hope they use it on me.


22751 - I'm male,16 years old.i used to masturbate as everyone of my age day i was masturbating under shower i had forgotten to lock the mom came and i was caught mom went crazy seeing me masturbating.she dragged me out of the bathroom and slapped punishment she made me to stand naked all the day.then she called my 2 best friends to wittness my punishment.i was forced to masturbate in front them,without any choice i did.from that day onwards i'm not allowed to lock doors,not even bathroom mom keeps checking when i'm in bathroom.


16074 - Hi i m a 21 student and my sin is that i would love to watch my mom getting fucked by some of my friends who has huge cock(i saw them)!sometimes i let one of my friend come at my house to see my mom fully naked while she's showering and let him masturbates! The problem is that my mom is very puritan and will NEVER even thinl of it!it is my only fantasm because my mom have real huge pair of natural breasts at witch every one of my friend masturbated while fantasming on them! They all told me that my mom is very sexy and they are all ready to fuck her like an animal all night,one after another!!! I wish i could arrange a gangbang for them!


22175 - I set up a hidden camera in my mom's bedroom.

I set it up when she was in the bath as I knew she comes into her room naked.

I just watched the footage and saw her naked and I was turned on so much I masturbated to it.

Please let me know your thoughts.