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19410 - I want to watch a woman have sex with her own son. Nothing sounds hotter than a woman spreading her legs for her own son. Every time I imagine a gorgeous woman sucking her son off before she guides him into her soaking wet pussy gets me so hard. I want to see this in real life. Any suggestions?


23850 - How do i know if my son in law is want to have sex with me... And i want it too. Please i want some advice.thanks..


23818 - Incest has been a going on in my family for over a hundred years.

My great great grandparent were brother and sister and they used my great grandmother like a sex slave. Her mother and father started on her at 5 with oral sex and by 9 ,she’d have to go down on her mother as her father fucked her doggie style, finally she got knocked up and had two sons by her father at 12 and at 15.

Then at 26, her first son who was 13 knocked her up with a twin girls.

Then the inter-family sex exploded and by 14, the twins were both pregnant by their father.

This has been going on now for over a hundred in the family.
My mother and was knocked up with me by her son.

My oldest daughter is from me and mom, she was 40 at the time and I was 15. And I have kids with each of my sisters.

My oldest daughter (now 30) is expecting our first child in a few weeks.


24066 - My son is 16 and we've been having sex together for three years, ever since his father left me for a much younger woman. I needed it so badly and my son was available. I don't think I'll ever want any other cock up me. Incest certainly is the ultimate in sexual freedom. Are there other mothers like me. I would love to hear from them. - Marge


14853 - I am a single mother with an 11yr old son
I was in my room getting undressed
and me being the dumb blond that i am, I forgot to lock my room door my son walked in my room to ask me if i knew where the Tv remote was but there i was standing naked

I froze on the spot and was so shocked i couldnt even move
My son looked me up and down and said mum you look so sexy

Some part of me liked this side of my son becouse i just smiled

I found myself looking at his crotch
and licking my lips
I could not hold back my urge any longer and i said to him son if u want to have sex then your best removing your clothing

And with that he just stood and said i love you mum

We had sex that night and we are still at it today ;-)