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17447 - I am 27 male and moved in with a 42 year old fox, a mother of two that live here with us. Ive lived here 2 months and she often walks around with no bra on or a dress with no bra or panties. I see her breast always falling out when she bends over and her son is always telling her to cover up. Often, at night, she will wear a thin tee and only panties, usually thongs so everything shows....sometimes no panties at all. Its kinda awkward. When we have sex, she moans so loud and I know her son hears. She will often pull my shorts down and jerk and or suck me even if hes in the room next door and all the doors are open...I have to stop her. She told me her password to her computer a few weeks ago and its "sexymama"...hmmmm. Just two days ago, her son and I were playing his xbox in the living room. the son was near the tv and i was on the couch behind him, like 10 feet behind him. For almost 5 matches, she would jerk me under my shorts while we played and when the match was over and her son would turn around, she'd stop and act like nothing happened. After like 5 matches, i was about to cum. she pulled my dick out and sucked it until all of my load was in her mouth and the son never saw but im sure he saw me running into wall in the game. She walked out of the room, but not before kissing her son on the cheek and im, this is all screwed up but very taboo.


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22441 - My name’s Gwen and I’m thirty-four years old. I had my son when I was just turned sixteen. His father was forty-two years older than me and left the town when he discovered that I was pregnant.
From the time that my son was born I had always given his little cock kisses, and sometimes I played with myself afterwards. I had never kissed his cock for more than a few seconds at any one time. However that changed when he was almost twelve years old. On that day, my son gave out a little wimper as I kissed him, and bucked his hips to get further into my mouth. I don’t know why, but I began to actually suck on his rigid penis, which naturally was small and thin but as hard as a rock.
I found myself rubbing his cock as I sucked on it. Within minutes, my preteen son was writhing and pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Then, suddenly, it happened. With little warning, his cock spurted its warm, thick, salty cum; jets of it hit the back of my throat, and I swallowed hard, not wanting to lose a drop. It was the first spunk that I’d tasted since his father had left me, and it drove me wild.
Releasing my son’s cock, I slipped off my nightie and panties. Then, holding my son to me, I began explaining to him what exactly had happened between us, at the same time encouraging him to suck on my aching nipples. I was too far gone to stop at that stage to think of anythying except sex, and was masturbating his little cock between my fingers.
It took less than ten minutes for him to have a second erection, and he gasped as I lifted byself over him and guided his rigid cock between my pussy lips and into my soaking cunt. My son lay still as I slowly fucked him, the walls of my cunt gripping and releasing his cock to give both of us maximum sensations. The knowledge that I was committing incest with my son added to my sexual frenzy. I know now that incest is the ultimate sexual activity that two people can indulge in, but for me that first time was a revelation.
After what seemed an age, my son’s young balls erupted and his spunk flooded my cunt, the first it had had in eleven years. Unbelievably, I got pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. After the birth I went on the pill. My son is eighteen now, and has a wonderful eight-inch plus cock, thick and always ready. We fuck every day, at least once, even when I’m having my periods.