Latest Sniffing Sisters Knickers Confessions:


23530 - Im a 26 year old male when i was 11 i was drawn to my sisters lace gstring on the radiator so i took it to my room and started sniffing the knickers getting all aroused my sister came in and asked what i was doing i said nothing she seen me with her underwear so she came over put the gstring round my cock and wanked me into it. after that she always left a pair under my pillow no i own 300 pairs of knickers 35 chemises and 20 babydolls. ive got a 12 inch rampant rabbitt that i use when i wear my lingerie the feeling of cumming in silk knickers is amazing i have a number for people wanting to txt and chat about it 07586057769 x


13306 - Years ago when I was 12, a mate broke his ankle playing footie at my place & was rushed to Hospital. I promised to ride his bike back to his place. I took it over on Saturday. His back gate to the garden was always open so i left it in the garden. I thought to tell his Mum I'd returned it, so let myself in thru the back door, the house was empty, then I heard a voice. It was Beverly, his Sister who was upstairs. Bev was gorgeous, three years older than us @ 15, with huge breasts, & big bum. Nice. She was talking to the family pet dog, Ben a Border Collie. I was about to call out, when I heard what she was saying, so I silently climbed the stairs till my eyes were level with the landing floor, & a clear view into her bedroom. She was sat on her bed, stroking the dogs head, with a pair of knickers in her hand. The dog was wagging his tail as Bev held the knicker crutch to his nose. "Ooh you like the smell of these don't you boy? You are a dirty doggie, do you like the taste of this?"
I had a side view of her, as she offered Ben her fingers, & pulled his furry face up in between her parted legs, the mini skirt she had on was rucked up around her waist. Ben was getting the idea, as Bev let out a very deep moan. His long tongue had found her pussy as she laid back on the bed, pulling the skirt even higher, i could only see the top of her left leg & the dogs ears as he ate her. I was so horny, I got my hard cock out & ejaculated on the stairs, as bev reached under the lucky dog, presumably for his cock. Having come, I was scared of being caught now, so I quietly crept back the way I'd come. On reflection, what would she have done if she had caught me? My 12 year old brain was not very fast, & I just went. Whenever I went back to see my mate John, I'd always say that I needed the toilet, & go into Bevs room for some dirty panties from her laundry basket, & wank as I sniffed & licked her wet stains, I'm hard now just writing about it! Dirty panties, & girls with dogs & horses have always turned me on since then. Nothing like the smell & taste of a hot girls wet pussy!