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23226 - I'm a black dude, in my 20's and I can't help but get this long ol' dick hard when I think about a Mom sucking her own son's hard cock. I rummage through Porn sites looking for Real Mother's sucking their son's dick; not that roleplaying junk. It's so hot to watch a Mom really lust over her fully grown son's throbbing cock like a true dick hungry woman. And it seems so much better when they take their time to please their son's hard meat! My dick is growing so fucking stiff right now just thinking about it.....


17447 - I am 27 male and moved in with a 42 year old fox, a mother of two that live here with us. Ive lived here 2 months and she often walks around with no bra on or a dress with no bra or panties. I see her breast always falling out when she bends over and her son is always telling her to cover up. Often, at night, she will wear a thin tee and only panties, usually thongs so everything shows....sometimes no panties at all. Its kinda awkward. When we have sex, she moans so loud and I know her son hears. She will often pull my shorts down and jerk and or suck me even if hes in the room next door and all the doors are open...I have to stop her. She told me her password to her computer a few weeks ago and its "sexymama"...hmmmm. Just two days ago, her son and I were playing his xbox in the living room. the son was near the tv and i was on the couch behind him, like 10 feet behind him. For almost 5 matches, she would jerk me under my shorts while we played and when the match was over and her son would turn around, she'd stop and act like nothing happened. After like 5 matches, i was about to cum. she pulled my dick out and sucked it until all of my load was in her mouth and the son never saw but im sure he saw me running into wall in the game. She walked out of the room, but not before kissing her son on the cheek and im, this is all screwed up but very taboo.


22510 - I have a son that is very athletic and plays basketball. His name is Jacob. He just over 5 feet tall and thin with a very well toned body for his size. I love watching him play ball especially in the summer with his shirt off and his shorts falling down. I had an in ground pool put in a few years ago with a tall privacy fence around the back yard. Whenever he is playing ball or working in the yard and decides to go for a swim I tell him don't worry about trunks no one can see. He was shy at first but now just strips and jumps in the water. I watch him until I can't stand it anymore and then go inside and jack off. I want to fuck his tight little ass and feel his hot lips around my cock. I want to suck my own son's dick and feel his cum in my mouth. I know he is my son and I shouldn't feel this but I love him and lust after him daily. He hasn't had a girlfriend and I often hear him jacking off in his room. I need to fuck him so bad. The next time I hear him jacking off I'm going to walk into his room, get on my knees and suck his hard cock. He's my son, he should know how much I love him and that I would do anything for him. He shouldn't have to jack off since I am here to suck him. Is it wrong to do this? How could it be when I know how good it will make him feel with his cock inside of me?


20829 - It all started one night on my moms b day when she was begging sex from my friends but they took to long and when they left for a few minutes I went up to my moms room and she was saying no one wanted her she was naked at this time playing with herself she didn't stop for me she kept going to town on herself then I walked in and she said why doesn't any man want me and i started to get a hard non from her and she saw it and asked what that was and she was like no no so I whipped it out and she was in shock by her own sons cock and she asked if she could touch it and I said yes she started to stroke it next thing I know she sucking my cock and then she starts to moan as she plays with herself and then starts to beg me to fuck her so I do as as a good son would and I fuck her harder and harder and harder till she cums all over my dick then she tells me to cum so I do all over her face I still plow my mom to this day Comment for more details


17586 - This is to update. My son had wanted to have a threesome with me and his friend Trey, Trey evidently told my son he wanted to fuck me. But I was hesitant to agree to it because I wanted my son to myself and I didn’t want our relationship getting out. However, Ive been fantasizing about Trey since. I’d seen him a couple times, he flirted, I flirted back. I decided to go behind Eric’s back. Trey was over a couple days ago, Eric was in his room packing his duffel bag to go stay with his dad for a couple days. Trey came downstairs to go have a cigarette, I followed him outside after a minute. He flirted with me as usual, I smiled and made the decision. I asked him if he was busy tonight, he said not really, then I told him since Eric will be gone maybe he should stop by and keep me company. He smiled pleasantly surprised then asked me what time, I said about 7 then told him to keep it between us. Eric came down the stairs not too long after and came outside to join us. Both of us played it off as if everything was normal.

Trey showed up a bit early, he smelled really good. Im not great at play by play but we sat on the couch and talked, he told me he just broke up with his girlfriend, he used his game on me, saying something like he cant believe a fine ass woman like me is single. I told him he has a way with women, we were getting hotter, that kind of thing. It wasn’t long before I was on my knees sucking his dick. It was huge, he told me 8 inches, it looked it, 8 beautiful black inches. He ate me out until I cummed then he fucked me, giving me two more orgasms. Trey came over after I got off wrk and we fucked a couple times, wow. I have to say he’s better at pleasing a woman than my son is, and my son is great. Im sure Trey will join Eric and I, but I can never tell him that Trey is better at fucking and oral than he is. I cant wait to have both their dicks in my cunt at once,, that will be the ultimate.