Latest Swallowing Dog Cum Confessions:


15079 - I love dog d*ck.i like to jack them off on me.suck there d*cks and swallow there c*m.and let them mount me.they always push in as far as they can and knot with feels so good cause they grab on and f*ck hard and fast.when they cum its gallons.after i help get its c*ck back in by licking it gently but sometimes it gets hard time the dog got up my * hurt so bad but i came 3 times while he was trying to seperate


23742 - When I was a teen, we had a sweet german shepard. I would take the dog for walks with me and go to hidden spots where I could take my clothes off and groom the dog. I was pretty depraved so I would find where the dog had pooped and carry around the poop in my mouth to warm it and make it soft. Where we played, I would swallow the poop then lick the dogs ass until he was ready to roll over onto his back and let me groom him. I can tell you that by this time I was really horny and so I was ready for him when he started to erect out of his sheath. I would takes his cock into my mouth and suck him happily until he came. If I timed it right, I would be able to take his cum into my mouth and hold it there. It was so hot to be able to have the combination of his shit and cum taste in my mouth. I knew it was pretty messed up to do this but the dirtiness of the experience was what drove me. Some nights, I could take the cum in my mouth and keep it there while I walked back to my house. Before I would go to sleep, I would push some cum out of my mouth and wipe my face with it so I could have the feeling of it on my lips until I awoke the next morning. A few times I was able to put a little bit in a cup so I could drink it before going to school. I loved having the taste of dog cum in my mouth to make my school day more exciting.


18905 - I think that I have one of the best wives in the world. Sheba is twenty two years of age and I am in my forties. We are both heavily into sex, but what she loves is for me to take her out on the weekends and for her to suck cocks and to get covered with their cum. We usually go to dogging car parks to meet the men and believe me, there is no shortage of them. Sheba loves to dress like the slut that she is, short skirts, see through blouses, high heels etc. We know that some of her past conquests will be there, but there is always room for others. I have known her to suck eight or nine men in a evening and watch as they cum off over her face, breasts and even over her thighs and panties. She has told me many times that the feel of a man cumming over her is one of the best feelings in the world. Sheba will happily swallow anything that is offered, but is adamant that her pussy belongs to me and her two lovers which is another story. At the end of the evening, we return home for a well deserved shower and a night of sex, but now we are looking for someone to clean her up with his tongue after a night out.


18329 - I like to spend spare time out in my work room making diverse sex toys.about a month ago i made this radiator hose piece that mounted to a latching dog style collar.i showed it to a friend whom sugested that i wear it to be funny at a party,i did.later that night after the party i had gotten way sauced and passed out in another guy i met there van.i was awakened by several guys roughly tying me up and gagging me with my own hose - forced to keep open mouth collar.each one first in there,about five and then even some more guys and a big fat chick ended up either masturbating and cumming in my wide opened mouth or peeing.i think the fat chick fucked one or two of the guys and drizled they're cum and hers,and peed in my mouth.many held my nose when they done they're thing so i swallowed quite a bit,near all.i managed to get out of there toward morning and never went near there since.never listening to funny friends again.though now and then fantassize of it happening again,thinking hard on it.


18458 - An old friend of mine had a golden lab that I would occasionally sneak off with to fool around. The first time I ever did it was a night worth I stayed over at his house when I was 14. They had a bed for me in a room in the basement, and about halfway through the night the dog came down to my room. He jumped up on the bed with me and started nosing around. I woke up when I felt his tongue go in my boxers to lick my semi hard cock. Startled, I tried to push him away but he kept coming back. Aftera few short minutes I gave in to the pleasure and started stroking my cock whilethe dog licked my balls. He came back up and began licking the head head of my dick, which sent me over the edge. I barely had time to feel my orgasm build before I blew after shot of cum on his tongue and my stomach, which he licked up quickly. After my orgasm subsided and I was licked clean, I looked down and seen his rock hard 8" dog cock hanging out of its sheath while he humped at the air. I figured after an orgasm like that, the last I could do is return the favor. Still on my back, I pulled him up so his cock was hanging right over my mouth. I grabbed his dick and began to suck it, only able to get about five inches down. I sucked and stroked his knot with my hand and felt his cock get really tight. I knew he was going to cum soon so I sucked harder and faster until I felt rope after rope of hot cum hit the back out my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, only a little bit dripped from the corner of my mouth. After he finished he jumped down and went back upstairs. That was the only time it has happened, but I, would love for it to happen again.