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23947 - I am 53 and male. I wear girl's panties all the time, the more girlie they look the better, it just turns me on so much, I feel so sexy and have to masturbate from the feeling. I like to dress totally as a woman when I am at home alone. Girl's clothes are just so sexy and pretty and I love the feeling of tights against my legs and bum. I started in my teens, trying on some of my mam's things, and it felt so good and got me so hot. I had to wank off this afternoon 'cause the panties were turning me on so much and I'm still getting horny.


15416 - I often wonder if other people have even the slightest clue how incredibly horny teen girls (like me) are almost every day. I think about sex all of the time!

I masturbate practically every day. I get turned on by guys, girls and some older men.

I have used my hair brush handle to "jill-off", rubbed my pussy on my teddy bear to "get off" or actually used my car's stick shift like a dildoe. I straddled it like a real-life man. I rode it like a bucking bronco. My girl friend dared me while we were high on marijuana. She licked and sucked my nipples and she made me orgasam real fast. We were parked way-out in the woods on a week-day afternoon, smoking a joint & drinking some wine. I had a skirt on, so I just slid out of my panties.

I love to jack-off guys. I rub their balls and jack them as I lick & suck their cock head. There is something awesome about the way a guy shoots his cum. I simply love to feel his cock throb in my hand as he groans and I aim his splooge on my face or boobies or both!

My panties are very wet now. Just from thinking about my horny habits. I'm a very mature 16 year old girl. And I need to cum right away. My nipples need to be sucked and my ass slapped, because I'm a naughty little girl and I need to be punished!


20784 - When I was in my mid-teens I would sometimes dress up in my mum's underwear when she went out. I would check myelf out in the mirror and masturbate. I only did it a few times and never really thought it was a big deal to me. Many years later I moved into my first house alone (i.e. no partner or sharing). I hadn't even thought about crossdressing for years but amazingly, during the very first week I bought myself some panties and started to wear them sometimes round the house. This always ended in masturbation. Usually looking at some cross dressing porn. I really love to see a cock bulge inside some girly panties. I also got a thrill buying the panties and tried to imagine that the checkout girls all guessed that they were really for me to wear. I also would occasionally wear panties to work.
After a couple of months the novelty wore off and I haven't felt the urge to do it since. But I would like to lick and suck a big cock through a pair of lacy panties though.


17636 - .............DEEP DOWN SECRET..............;
(1)Steril since military years,years ago !
(2)Had evil molesting thoughts/temptations.
(3)Once had Oral-Sex w/ a teeni-bopper.
(4)Was raped in the ass by best friend when teen.
(5)Started masturbation when I was 10.
(6)After the Rape,had sex w/the best friends lil' brother.
(7)Told a Base General "F-U"(w/the finger) ETS'n from Army.
(8)F*%ked a maried horror in the ass in Germany.
(9)wacked-off in the fuel-room & boiler room in Service.
(10)Always had this under-lying bi sexual nymphomania.
(11)Sept w/a 16 YO horror in Kentucky.
(12)Watched several eppisodes of Craig Ferguson.
(13)Wacked off a dog once.
(14)Smelled & tasted my step-daughters panties.
(15)Am tempted to drink sperm from used teen condoms.
(16)Like licking girl ass hole.
(17)Think about licking man pussy,(?).
(18)Have had "young-Old" fantassies,but have morals.
(19)Am going to get wife a strap-on so she can do-me.
(20)Have fantassies of having sex w/ neices,etc.,etc..
(21)Wife wants a baby........... !!!!!


14130 - Being naked was almost a tradition in my youth, my parents were divorce, and us the children were living with our mom which was most of the time, working, leaving us free of real parental authority. To spare time our mom would make us bath together and sleep 2 in the same bed so from my early days up to my teen years i was used to see my brothers and sister naked and from time to time see them developed. in the summer we would walk and play around naked inside and outside the house 'cause the nearest neighbors were miles away. One day as i was in the bathtub with my brother and saw him masturbate. curious I ask him what he was doing, he gladly explain. i was so amazed by this new found way of pleasure. by the time we were done i was still horny and were he. being older and more daring he ask me if i wanted to lick his penis. arguing that if i would do it he would do the same to me after. he finally succeeded to convince me and i got down on my knee in front of him and swallowed my brother and made my first blowjob, i was 11 he was 14 when he was about to cum he pushed me away and ejaculated all over me. For years, when bed time would come, he would wait for everyone to be asleep and creep in my bed to masturbate or have blowjob. one day he invited a friend to sleep over and they ask me to dressed with our sister cloth and then they play with me pretending a was a girl it felt awkward at first but i enjoyed.