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20173 - I have been a big sex addict since i was teen. first guy just took me out to his apt. mom never knew and we had sex all day long. so i learned to please. i am now nearly 50 and i cannot get enough sex. i feel like a guy at times. i meet a guy online a trucker who gave me cool toys.. i love you trucker cocks. and engineer men.. wow.made me sex toys.. made some sex films with one guy. bee asked to be stripper but i never done an orgy i know would love to do a cum drinking party and my dream is to have 2 in men pounding my pussy and one in my wide spread ass and one gagging my little dirty whore mouth. all telling me what bad dirty whore i am. i totally love watching a guy cum in me and on me. and smacking my face with his cock.i want some electified nipple clamps. those look so hot!

i am a proud cumdumoster. i figure if we all have sex more no wars. i use m y pussy for peace.


16614 - I'm a 29yr old male virgin who is addicted to masturbation and porn. I have been masturbating since i was around 15yrs old. When I was a boy my cousin, who is the same age as me, used to kiss me and we used to take our dicks and rub them together. To this day I don't know why he did it but i can remember one day just told him we should stop. He is married to a beautiful wife now and doesn't seem to be affect by it, however i have. It produced in me a very strong desire for sex. I went on from that to do something very sick - letting on of my pet dogs lick my penis- but i had enough strength to stop this disgusting practice. When i got to my mid teens i found a book my uncle had with different sex stories and as i read it i was aroused and began to masturbate. From then i have had a strong addiction to masturbation and porn. I think about having sex with women constantly. I have masturbated at 3 places i have worked, once on my car,in my aunt's & grand mom's homes. I love looking for pics or vids of women masturbating, pics of penetration and ejaculation on women. I decided to follow Christianity to help me deal with this issue , it has made reduce it but i can only last for 2 weeks at a time. After that i masturbate alot for about a week. All this makes me feel like a sick person and when I like a woman i think about how all this would hurt her. I'm fearful of relationships because of the fact i'm a virgin (which i hate but have just come to accept) and my masturbation addiction. I just wanted to confess this....


19280 - *Recently went down to visit my oldest college age daughter.While there managed to get wipped-out drunk with a few of her BF's friends and him while daughter was out & about with their GF's.Daughters BF went back to their home and left me at this party which I had to bum a ride back to their place from.Having gotten very "fubard" I had a few black-outs and ended-up finding myself awakening to a mid-teen aged bi-boy sucking & licking my aroussed hardening cock & balls.As I moaned approving one of my daughter's BF's college male friends leaned in toward my head with his large uncut manhood in hand and without much of even a hesitation I surrendered my mouth,poised my lips about his warm helmet's head and began swirling my tongue hard up against it with-in.I found myself cradling his nicely large testicles with one hand as I squeezed hard at the base of his cock shaft with long strokes and got a bobbing rythm going in the serious sucking of his/a few of they're cock(s)! Well, since my little drunken party eppisode my daughter & her BF have black-mailed me for some $ with concerns of letting my wife/her mother learn of any thing.I have paid them off so far; Know I should not have let the whole thing get "out-of-control" like it did,but realizing at the time that the temptation & "knowing better" actually drug induced seduction felt like the best erotica I have had in years..,my pay-off's are my own weakness in what I now have "feelings" in starting to believe maybe will become a new & "wanting" addiction both to the intense sensual sex,giving & getting bi sex,but also an addiction to my newly found like for the sexual enhancing street drugs.Next time I go over to visit my daughter I am hopeing to hook back up with a party of their bi male friends and in that get my virgin ass fucked raw.That mid-teen kid had the largest cock I ever saw on a kid...I never knew "boys" could be so well endowed.The worry for me though is that I think my daughter's BF is also bi and as an all-out blk-mail set-up I think her & him may want if he has me give him head with her taking some pics or something ??? Hope not....


13707 - My older sisters special Christmas present was having her come over to my place, knowing that she wanted to continue our illicit sexual affair. My sister was the one who started having consensual sex with me when we in our teens, now that we are older we’re still doing it because we’re both addicted our immoral sexual activities.

I know that my sister enjoys sexual exhibitionism and she knows that I find her to be exceptionally sexually stimulating when she disrobes in front of me. Today as soon as she arrived as we were sitting in my living room when my sister went over by the patio door and stood in the bright sun light. I watched my sister start to get undressed as she slowly unbuttoning her blouse and took it off, then she pushed her pants down and stood there in her bra and pantyhose. Now I was aroused by her seduction and went over to her and unhooked her bra and she removed it, now that she was braless my sister pushed her pantyhose down and took them off and she was bare naked standing in the sunlight, as she knowingly enticed me to join her.

As I got undressed to join her my sister got down on her hands and knees on the living room floor, as I admired her naked body I seen my sisters vaginal lips opening like the petals of a forbidden flower, as her naked body invited me to enter her. I got into position behind her and put my erect penis inside of her and started screwing. Soon my sisters body was glistening with beads of sweat as we committed incest and had sexual intercourse! When I could not hold back anymore I ejaculated into my sisters tight warm pussy causing my sister to come to her sexual climax making our completely wrongful sex act turned into the most electrifying sexual phenomenon. I shoved my erect pulsating penis deep inside of my sisters quivering pussy as she pushed her ass firmly against my groin! My sister was moaning with pure sexual delight. As we finished fucking I looked down at my naked sister and seen how her inner thighs were wet and shining with a mixture of our sexual fluids! Then my sister looked up at me as she flirtatious smiled and told me “Oh fuck that was the best sex I ever had!" I told her “Thats because it was absolute sex! nothing else, just pure unadulterated sex!” then she told me “I love Sex thats why I keep coming back more!”


19118 - I have so many confessions I dont know where to start. For one, im a 28yr old male. I have had my perverted moments since I was young. Truth is, as my cousilor would joke, Im a sex addict. Here is a list of my sins.

1. Incest, I fucked one of my female cousins. It was actually not that wierd since it was the first time we met (two years ago) and the last. We got intouch on FB and after talking we decided that she stayed at my place for a night when she travelled through my part of california. I could tell she was on my jock from the get go. I felt bad for making her sleep on the floor, and I had a huge bed, so i said i would manage sharing. She kept finding reasons to touch me so I just called her right out. I said it was ok, I would let her suck my dick. We were the same age but mind you I could do alot better than her looks so I wasnt trying. But what guy turns down a bj from a any female that looks at you like you have a million bucks under your zipper!? Then once i was hot and bothered I would do anything so i agreed to putting on a condom and fucking her menstruating pussy. She was actually great at everything, and turns out shes a freak like her cousin lol!

2. Hmm, while were on the subject of incest, Ive also fucked my dads ex who we used to live with when i was a preteen and very hormonal. She was still a looker some years later so we met not only once at a bar (by chance) but twice. Both times i went back to her house afterwards and fucked the hell out of her, she could face fuck my cock and take it hard in the ass. Akward part was, her teen kids were trying to sleep in the rooms next door, and when they came out in the morning to complain they saw me getting dressed. They are youger than me but they were old enough to remember, so they know. But her daughter, who is smoking, has been nothing but very nice to me since. I wouldny mind tearing that up.

3. Also taboo, I have messed around with my very good looking little sister while she was sleeping. We have queite a few years apart but being the hot teen she is she likes to turn me on. She likes to get my mind in the gutter. Worried about that one. I dont want to fuck her just because i know it will turn her into an even bigger slut than she is becoming.

4. Okay, this will be my favorite confession. I have an on and off again gf of ten or so years. We havent had much of a relationship in the last few years because we live over a hundred miles apart and we have both been busy starting our careers and dating other people. Our outside relationships never work out so we are always "rebounding" with eachother. She get more of an emotional satisfaction out of it (typical). While I get more of a physical thing out of it. Unfortunately, she had become qiuet a drunk when we get together. So we start getting hot and heavy every time we sleep together, but since we each drink our own bottles of wine, she will pass out! and I mean blackout!! So, slowly on ive become more and more excited to use her body while she sleeps! Its even better in a way because shes pretty conservative in bed, and this way i can do what I want! I always start with getting all her clothes off, and then i start sucking on her tits, start eating the hell out of her pussy (which she isnt into), I start eating the hell out of her asshole (also not into), and i start putting my fingers in both. (that would never happen) I love feeling her tight sphincter contract around my finger, i get hard as a rock. Then I continue by rubbing my dick and balls all over her body and face and mouth. I use her hand to jack me off a little. If i can i usually take pictures and video my my viewing pleasures later. Then I get my cock all lubed up and stick in deep inside her. A sleeping womans pussy is TIGHT! She gets so blacked out I can fuck her pretty hard without her waking. She never has but I would just say "hey you starting fooling around with me and passed out, your fault lol!" Shes on birth control so i can enjoy busting a load in her all I want, wich i do a lot faster than if i were just fucking her while shes awake! Just the risk or thought of it being practically rape makes it so hot. Twice now Ive gotten my 7" dick in her ass while she sleeps, nothing has felt better than coming in her asshole. Besides those two recent times, she only let me do that once when were like 20, and i dont think she liked it so much. I dont know how she doesnt know, this happens a lot. I keep thinking that she will say something in the morning when she goes to the bathroom. but i guess i do a pretty good job with cleaning up. I always try to get all the cum out of her. after thats going to be the only time she lets me see our cream pies! Shes coming this weekend. I have a bottle of wine picked out for her. Ill let her use the new vibrator i got her for valentines day but im saving my load for her sleeping anus.

5. One more, I am secretly bi, and i have two homo friends that love my sperm.

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