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16604 - When i was about 12/13/14 my dad molested me. i only have vivid memories but i remember how he would eat my pussy out and how big his cock is. i finally told my mother what was happening and it stopped. but now that im 26 i often fantasize about what it would have felt like if he ever fucked me. my pussy gets really wet and i play with myself until i cum just thinking about him touching me and eating my pussy.


24042 - I love people to watch my dad molest me and talk dirty to me calling me his filthy cunt.

Yes I love feeling dirty and I love the look on people when they realize my dad is fucking my pussy. They usually act shocked then they start yelling along with my dads friends. It feels so good to be called a whore by strangers when they realize I love cock especially when it's my dads or brothers cocks. It's a weird feeling when u love being molested and fucked by your brothers and dad and so many people are watching. Eventually I want people who actually know me to see it too.
My uncle used to switch back and forth between me and my sister. We would watch each other get touched and suck our uncles cock.
Don't know. I just remember sucking my first cock I think I was 3 it was my brothers cock. My aunt would babysit me and my sister and her teenage sons would molest us. I can remember using the restroom and they both came in to the bathroom and carried me to their room and they both massaged my pussy sucked on my tiny tits.
Every few weeks I get so horny that I walk out to the apartment pool about 3 am and take my clothes off and leave them on one side of the pool then I touch myself in the other side. Waiting to get gang raped.
I would luv to tell u about it. Vanesssa0069 on yahooIt feels so good being touched by my dad and brothers and being treated like a whore by them. They are always trying to humiliate me in front of their friends by pulling my tits out in front of their friends and pulling on my nipples and rubbing their cocks on my face and forcing their cocks hard down my throat. Sometimes his friend freaks out and tries to help me because it's the first time they are seeing it happen. But my dad usually holds them back and says that it's ok cause it's my brother fucking my face and that I enjoy sucking cock and that my brothers are the ones who started training me to suck cock since I was 3 and that they know what they are doing. My dad will usually then ask me if it feels good and he sticks his fingers in my pussy to see if I'm wet and if course I am. I love it when he calls me names in front of his and my brothers friends he even lets them take their phones out to tape it all. He calls me his incest whore and says that my cunt and ass belong to him and my two brothers and says be a good girl for daddy and suck that cum out of your brothers cock. That's a good little cunt that's right swallow your brothers cum that's a good cumslut.


21292 - I am 17 year old gay who used tn play with girl since the early age. When i was 14 i started having feeling for dad. I never never knew he felt that way too, till one day my mom went to visit her parents. Then came a chance. I was in the bathroom taking a shower when he entered. He was naked, then he touched and sqeezed my tiny body. Suddenly i felt is cork harden. Likewise mine did. Then he told me to suck his big black cock. In no time he shited hs load in my mouth and fucked me hard for a long time i can't remember. Even now whe my mom is nt home he sleeps in my room to fuck me hard than ever.


18123 - As a kid my best friend was the next door neighbor kid and he was really sort of a girly boy. When we were both 9 his dad caught us fooling around in bed. We were naked and touching each other, it was no big deal really. Anway when his dad caught us I had my friend on his belly while I was pushing my finger in and out of his bottom. He really liked it and it was making him moan and sigh, but when I saw his dad standing there I just sort of freaked out and tried to hide. He stopped me and said it was okay, that boys did this sort of thing all the time, then he sat down on the edge of the bed and started playing with his son's butt hole just like I was.

Well after a few minutes of him talking to us both about our "experimenting" and if we wanted to try other things too, he was just as naked as we were. Now he wasn't a really big guy, he seemed big at the time but looking back I think he couldn't have been more than 5'6" or maybe 5'8", but he was sort of heavy set with a big pot belly and the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It looked huge to me then, of course it was probably only 6 maybe 6.5 inches long, but I thought it was massive and I was instantly fascinated by his cock.

He got into bed with us and started touching us both. Before long he was sucking on his son's little cock then mine, but the entire time I just focused on his fat, glistening cock head. Finally he asked me if I wanted to touch it, and I said no, I wanted to suck on it. He laughed and laid down on his side with one leg bent up so I could easily get access to his cock and balls. I didn't know what to do but he pushed my head down there and talked me through what he liked. Before long I was licking the length of his cock, sucking on his balls, wrapping my lips around his cock head, I even managed to get a couple of inches of him into my mouth while he had me jack his shaft. As I sucked on him I could tase the precum and I loved the salty flavor. I kept jacking and sucking until he was ready to cum, but when he tried to pull away I sucked harder and just grabbed his shaft with my hands. He blew his load in my mouth and I started to choke on it. I did swallow a good mouthful of it but the rest went down my chin and all over my face.

He had his son like me clean while he licked and sucked on my little cock. He asked me if I liked what I did and I was like, oh yes and I want to do it again! He laughed and said he was sure we'd do it again soon. We did. After that day I started spending as many weekends as I could over at my friend's house and for the next few years my friend's dad taught me a lot of things. When I turned 10 he got caught with his dick in some teenager's mouth behind the local Tasty Freeze, so he went to jail and my friend's family moved away. My folks became uber paranoid that he'd molested me, I convinced them he hadn't touched me but after that there just wasn't much of a chance for "fun" like that again, at least not until mom and dad divorced.


16027 - I have this major obsession with my dad. I am now 27 years old but I have been doing this since I was 14. My dad is not attractive anymore at all, but used to have a very cute face in his earlier years.

When I touched puberty - I was a late bloomer. At 14 when I come from a family where porn wasnt seen together, when my mum wasnt around at home, I used to turn on porn with two men fucking a woman in one hole etc. and purposely make my dad come out of his room by making noise. First time he objected but slowly he started watching porn with me.

I never get so hard with anyone like I do when I am feeling sexy in front of my dad.

When I confessed I was probably gay and not sure my dad did not say much. one night he slept on my bed and put my hand on his cock and pretended to be sleep when i started wanking him off, he took my cock out of my underwear and did the same. I was in a state of shock but I went ahead. Whenever I got drunk , I came back home and purposely would sleep near him put porn on sometimes he wouldnt respond. I used to rub my hard cock on his ass..he is forty years older than me. He still managed to get good erections in no time. He wouldnt be able to control and start wanking me off.

He however, never let me put my cock in his mouth. I wouldve suckd him but I never fancied sucking his cock. I am bottom however and it makes me hard thinking of putting my cock in my FATHERS mouth.

Now I stay far away and I use a software to control his computer .. he knows this. at night he calls me and i purposely put porn on his computer wth him on cam and then sometimes gay porn with ten men fucking one man and show him my asshole.. he shags on the computer while I say dad fuck my ass please ! it makes me so hard.

I am thnking of shocking him one night as I know he cannot stop watching me, by makign three four male friends of mine fuck me in my ass on cam in front of him and i scream at the top of my voice.. I want my father to enjoy seeing his son get fucked really hard. Its such turn on for me i cannot stop myself from doing this.

its funny I dont want him to actually fuck me but the thought of making him hard makes me very hard.

My mums brother who is so muscular... suspects me being gay since I was a kid and calls me names like homo , fag , eating cock etc. and is homophobic but always talks about how arabs in uae are fucking boys and men all the time. Most of the time he talks about it. I want to seduce him somehow and make him fuck me ...

WHile my dads story is totally true, my uncle is still a fantasy for me.