Am a 21 a year old guy. Live with my mom and go to school. Next door is this divorced woman who is mid to late 30's and hot. I have been attracted to her for quite awhile but due to age difference didn't think I stood a chance. She is a flirt and a tease. Several months ago I was at her house and she started the teasing and flirting bit. Her ex had the kids that week and we were alone. I figured what the hell, walked up to her and started unbuttoning her blouse. She made no attempt to stop me so I continued, took off her bra and started working on her titties. That was the magic pass to her bedroom. She is the oldest I have ever been with and the sex is beyond fantastic. She is a redhead and that is the first red bush I have ever seen up close and personal. A real turn on. We have done more since then and she now seems to be getting more at ease about our age difference. My mom would freak if she ever found out and I would undoubtedly be out in the street. I guess as long as we are careful things will be ok.

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1. You have just discovered what some of us guys have known for a long time. Redheads are the horniest hottest fuck you will ever experience. I have done 5 in my life and all were awesome. My present wife is a redhead and after 18 years of marriage we are still going strong in bed. For me, at least, by comarison, other non-redheaded women just don't sexually measure up to a red.

2. Your right, I can't measure up to a red head. I've tried to get those incredibly ugly freckles all over my body and face like a red-head, but no such luck. Damn!

3. Yeah, go do her again. i would.

4. So the carpets match the curtains!!

5. The older women get, the sluttier they get.

6. Hey #5, not true when they are married.

7. That's for damn sure #6. :( However, I can concur that some of the horniest ladies I have had the pleasure to know have been true red heads. Love the fire crotch.

8. I had a lady friend color her hair to red for me when she found out how I felt about redheads. What a great fuck she was. stanroberts6969 yah00

9. Red head come from the fire within. No other woman can match the ability of a red head when it comes to love making. Them Irish lasses are definately it.

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