Now that my older sister knows that I put the details of our sex life on line as soon as I post a new confession on this web page, my sister will call me and tell me that she read it. My sister especially savors reading the intimate details of our forbidden sex acts.

One summer my sister called me and told me she would be in town for a high school reunion and asked me to pick her up at the airport and give her a ride to her girlfriends house were she was going to stay. I meet her flight and picked my sister and she told me that her girlfriend wouldn’t be home for a while and suggested that we to my place for a while. As soon as we were inside I could tell that my sister was getting sexually aroused. First she told me that she wanted to take a quick shower and asked me “do you have any thing I can slip on?” I told her to look un my closet then she went into the bathroom and took a shower. I slipped on a tank top and a pair of shorts while my sister was in the shower, when she was showered she came into the living room with me and she was wearing one of my football jerseys that came down to just above her knees and I knew my sister didn’t have a stitch of clothing on under it. She went over to the patio door and stood there and stretched knowing that the jersey would raise up and reveal her bare butt. After she let me get a peek at her cute butt she told “Lets sit go out on the deck and enjoy the sun shine,” as soon as we were out on my deck she came over and stood by me so I put my hand on her thigh and slid my hand up her leg. My sister stood there as I felt her bare butt then she turned and faced me so I put my hand between her legs and toyed with her pubic hair, she told me “ I can’t understand it, as soon as we’re together all I want to do is have sex with you! Your like a drug to me! the more I do it with you the more I want to!” I knew she liked to had some play time before sex so I carefully pushed the front of my shorts down then I put my hands of my sister hips pulled over to me and so she could sit on my lap, as she sat down my sister put her hand between her legs and guided my semi erect penis so that I was between her thighs. My sister sat of my lap with my penis between her legs for a few minutes then I stared using my sisters most favorite sexual foreplay techniques to get her aroused. I slid my hand up under her jersey, then I squeezed her boobs while we sat on my deck, then I gently pinched my sisters nipples. Then my sister whispered the magical words in my ear “I want you, I want you to fuck me!” then she up to go inside and I pulled the back of her jersey and exposed her bare butt so i could put my hand on her butt before we went inside. Then when we were close to door before we entered I pulled my sisters jersey up over her head so my sister was bare naked while we were still out on my deck before we went into my apartment! as soon as we were inside my sister laid down on the living room floor and watched me get undressed. As soon as I was naked I laid down next to her and started some advanced sexual foreplay that I knew my sister would enjoy before we had sexual intercourse. While I was sucking on her boobs I ran my finger up and down in the crack her ass, then when I was gently nibbling on my sisters erect nipples I slipped my finger tip into my sister vaginal lips and found her clit and rubbed it until my sisters pussy was nice and wet. Then I slid my middle finger into my sisters warm wet pussy making sure to keep my hand on her pubic mound, while I felt for the special little area inside of her vagina that I knew would give her a special sexual delight. As soon as I my finger touched “her special spot” my sister took a quick deep breath and I knew I found her G spot! Then I wiggled my finger in a “come here,” motion and my sister responded in a very sexual manor, my sister grabbed my hand and held it tight against her pussy making sure that I kept my finger inside of her so I could rub her G spot, I kept masturbating for my sister until she came to a wonderful female sexual climax.

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