My step-dad asked me last week if he could fuck me. I agreed and we sneaked out Friday night and did it in the car. I screwed for the first time about a year ago and have done it with seven boys since. I turned eighteen three weeks ago, so I'm kind of a late bloomer, I guess you'd say. But I really love it and can't seem to get enough of it. I especially like to suck a hard cock, so there's my step-dad, who's a great-looking guy and I notice he gets hard sometimes when he looks at me. He tried to hide it but I saw. So, when he asked to fuck me, I didn't see why not.

His dick is really thick and long and it filled me up better than any of the boys. We both watched as he slid it in and out of me. It was so exciting to see it and feel it at the same time! He likes to talk dirty, too, like I do, which none of the boys liked. He told me he wants to fuck me up the ass and I think I might like it. I know I'm going to try it. He made me swallow his cum when he was finished fucking me, too, and I had heard about that but never done it. It tasted so good and I drank every drop, both times he shot off in my mouth.

It was so exciting, the way he just kinda used my body, I loved being dominated like that. He flipped me over and yanked me up onto my hands and knees (I'm only 94 pounds, so it was easy for him) and stuck his dick right up me, without even asking. I got so turned on that I cummed about four times before he shot off. After he put his cum in my mouth, he laid me on my back on the seat and pushed behind my knees until my calves were touching my ears and then he ate my pussy. He did that sooooo good! I had three cums. And I sucked him off, too. That was my favorite part.

I asked him if he wanted to fuck me some more and he said of course and said I'm his fuck toy now. That makes me hot every time I think about it. He really knows how to fuck good and I want to keep doing it with him. The boys just don't seem as interesting, anymore.

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1. You are either really skinny or really short to only weigh 94lbs.

2. Yeah, or maybe she's anorexic...

3. I too fucked my step dad, it was wonderful. All the stupid boys at school, they could only last 2 min.I would hear my mom and him doing it for an hour or more, it always made me wet. Then one day I saw them, through the door. My step dad has these huge balls that smack you right on your asshole, or clit if your on all fours. That's when I decided, I had to touch them. The rest is history how things got going.

4. Too bad all the little slutty stepdaughters don't think the same way and get their old men to cum in their tight little pussies.

5. Thts hot as ..... Get you some adult cock baby arse face pussy doesnt have to be in tht order shit doesnt even have to be one at a time just get some big boy cock baby !!!!

6. I havent got a girlfriend so i go around to my sisters on a night. And she lets me sleep with her and last night we fucked for the first time together. Im going to move in with her soon and fuck her every night. She loves being fucked by my cock.

7. All you stepdaughters out there - you know your stepfather wants to fuck you so bad - he wants to fill your tight hot pussy with his cum. So be a good girl and show him that you want to get fucked too. It's the gift only you can give!

8. Lovely story, but a few basic gramatical errors ruined it for me. I'm afraid I stopped being wet after that :-

9. My step daughter and I have been fucking for 5-6 years. As a matter of fact, I was her first. She is such a Hot blonde with blue eyes, a beautiful heart shaped ass and the tightest most beautiful pussy I've ever seen, tasted, touched and fucked in my life. I don't plan on changing a thing here anytime soon. Oh BTW, her mom is an even hotter nymphomaniac! All in all, I feel like a pretty luvky guy...

10. My stepdaughter is 41 and I'm 58...divorced..we get together and she gives the best blowjobs and gets wroked up and begs to get fucked...we have been at it for 4 years sex ever

11. I've got a stepdaughter. How come she doesn't want me to get it in her pants? All you stepdaughters out there - come on - give it up to your old man - he's dying to fuck you hard.

12. I took a shower at my cousin lauras house with all my family playing cards and she came in her bathroom with just a towel on and asked my for soap and my cock was hard when I opened the door and she sucked it and I came on her face and tits ;)

13. I have to call BS on this one. If I went up to my stepdaughter and told her that I wanted to fuck her hot little pussy, she would run off crying to her mother so fast my head would spin. Is there more to the story? Had you been coming on to him so he knew you wanted it? Damm I wold like to fuck the ass off my stepdaughter, the little bitch.

14. Gotta be fake. The author used punctuation and almost correct grammar. Her school must be one of the few where students actually learn.

15. Number 12, that is really neat about getting sucked off by your cousin! Really erotic!

16. #13, the fact that this girl is different from your stepdaughter doesn't prove that it's BS. It may be hard for you to believe, but not all people in the world are exactly the same. Some people like spicy food and some don't. And some girls are horny for their stepfathers and some aren't.

17. I fucked my step-dad after my mom died. It was nal only, but we did that quite a bit. I also used to give him blow jobs.

18. I don't know, I mean my step dad is like 38 and I'm 16 and he looks at me sometimes like he wants to fuck my brains out, the other day I acted to be sleep on the couch and I felt him rub his dick on my thigh, I was really nervous and kept my eyes shut but I don't know how I should feel. He's drunk right now and keeps saying how he wants to suck my pussy dry, should I let him? I don't wanna hurt my mom he's the best thing that's ever happened to her..

19. Number 18, I am proud thatm you show concern and respect for your mother, not wanting to hurt her by having a sexual fling with your step dad. Many girls would just give in to their own selfish lust and not care what their mother might feel. You get top marks with me for your decency and morality. God bless you.

20. You and your step dog ar animals . the world is full of mans you should not betray your mom . she will never do that to you . you are sick you need to see Psychology DR.

21. 20 you need the help if you don't like this kind of thing then get out and leave the ones who do alone and the one who do it alone . I think you are just a lonely guy or gal who can't get anything but his-her hand and some lube.

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